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  • 1. Folk Music Video Analysis: Ben Howard Old PineBen Howards video for Old Pine represents the Folk genre with the natural scenery of theUK. He is trying to relate his acoustic Folk music to something you associate with thecountryside and in a sense making his music as natural as his surroundings. The screenshoton the right really does portray the rural habitat Ben Howard is on, whilst the one on theleft shows the beauty of Englands coast. These shots are making it clearer for me that myvideo, should be set out doors perhaps in a forest, an agricultural area or, if I get the chanceon, a beach with cliffs to get footage from. Although the scenery and environment of thevideo do relate to Folk music this video features no instruments, like a maybe an acousticguitar, to go with the Folk genre that this song and video are in. However, Ben Howardsclothes fit in with the genre. A dark greenish brown hooded jumper blends in with thenatural background. The clothing Ben is wearing relate to the genre conventions of Folkmusic. Although this video has no real anecdote, it has the meaning of enjoying Englandsoutdoors.

2. Folk Music Video Analysis: Frank Turner The way I tend to beLike the video for Old Pine, Frank Turners video for The way I tend to be highlightsthe beauty of the rustic setting in which this video is filmed in. Throughout this videoFrank Turner carries a shovel and eventually finds a place to dig. This video doesnthave much of a story to it, but this video probably has metaphorical meaning orhidden message. The way Frank Turner looks can relate to Folk music, with his beardand his dark green jacket. Like Ben Howards hoodie, the green jacket links to the Folktheme as green is a natural colour, so therefore it fits in with Franks surroundings aswell. After viewing this video and the Old Pine video it is becoming more obvious thatmy video should be set outdoors in a natural environment, with beauty in thelandscape. Similarly to Old Pine though this video has no instruments which representFolk music. Although song features many instruments this video focuses its attentionon Frank and the undomesticated scenery around him. 3. Folk Music Video Analysis: Laura Marling SophiaUnlike the other two videos that have been analysed, Laura Marlings Sophia video issimply set in a church or a cathedral, with Laura playing the song out firstly with justher acoustic as you can see in the left sided screenshot, and with the band in thebackground, and eventually as the tempo of the song becomes more upbeat shewanders over to the band and the band come into the song. I have been constantlycommenting and the previous videos that there are no instruments to represent Folkmusic, yet Laura Marlings video includes instruments such as an acoustic guitar, achello, drums, a bass and an electric guitar which all relate to Folk music. Although thissongs lyrics have a meaning to it, the video doesnt re-enforce that meaning. Thesevideos have presented me with the idea to try and mix all three of the videos together.For example, I will create anecdote, which is set in a rural natural area, and willfrequently reverse back to the artist playing the song and singing on a acoustic guitar.