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Performance Music Videos


  • 1. { Performance Videos A video that focuses on the artist/band performing the track.

2. Features of a Performance Video - Performance videos often use a variety of shots and angles as well as repeated sequences/settings. - The videos will either focus on the solo artist (through camerawork) or will show band members performing/playing instruments. - They can be filmed as a live performance or inside a studio - They can show the artist in real life situations - The performance often involves dancing, multiple locations and costume changes. - They might have a particular visual style or use of clothing that is associated with the artist or band. - Sometimes performance videos have a narrative woven into them, this is called a broken narrative. Vampire Weekend Cousins Foo Fighters My Hero Slipknot Duality 3. Advantages and Disadvantages of a Performance video Advantages - Performance videos highlight the artists as performers. - Performance videos give a sense of authenticity to the artist, giving the audience the most realistic image of the band. - The cost of production for a music is relatively cheap as the producers are essentially filming a live performance with a relatively low production value. Disadvantages - The downside of performance videos is that the band has to be established for the video to be pulled off/maintain audience interest.