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  • 1. MLA Formatting

2. MLA Guidelines To be used as a guide, notread cover to cover Check on citing examples,parenthetical documentation,formatting questions, etc. 3. Formatting Margins 1 on all sides from header (on right) 12 point font, Times New Roman Double spaced throughout Indent from left margin = 5 spaces Paper clip, do not staple or bind 4. Formatting Long Quotations Indented 1 (10 sp from left margin)if over 4 lines of prose Double spaced Do not add an extra space aboveor below it Heading Left Aligned Starting 1 from top, double spaced 5. MLA Formatted Paper Examples MLA Paper Example (Bb) Sample Paper (Bb) pg 104-154A Pocket Style Manual 6. Titles of Stories Short Stories in Quotation Marks The Metamorphosis Titles of books or long works in ItalicsNorton Anthology of Short FictionHamlet by William Shakespeare 7. Quoting from Story Generally try to use a signal phrase NOT: He was thirty-five and good to look at.THIS: Fitzgerald uses direct characterizationwhen he writes He was thirty-five and good tolook at. Do not just put in quotations from the storywithout context. Tell your reader exactly whatyou mean by quoting that particular excerpt. 8. Parenthetical Documentation When quoting only from a single source story(from our textbook), all that is needed is a pagenumber (517) When quoting from an external source or morethan one source story, last name and pagenumber. Ex. (Kafka 395) Period after parentheticalNorma Jean has never complainedabout his traveling; she has nevermade hurt remarks (501). 9. Works Cited To practice, well be making a workscited bibliography list on every paperEx:Kafka, Franz. The Metamorphosis. The NortonAnthology of Short Fiction. Ed. Bausch, Richard andR. V. Cassill. 7th ed. New York: W. W. Norton, 2006.386-418. Print. On at least one formal paper, you will beusing outside sources as well as thetextbook 10. Punctuation Quotes When a quote is within a quoted text, use asingle quotation mark EX: Norma Jean was patient with Leroy as shownin this line: she has never made hurt remarks, likecalling his truck a widowmaker. punctuation goes inside the quotation marksunless followed by documentation. EX: Mason uses direct characterization when shewrites Leroy is a truckdriver, and Norma Jean isgoing to night school. EX: Mason uses direct characterization when shewrites Leroy is a truckdriver (500). 11. Commas In between two independent clausesconnected with a conjunction. Gregor woke up as a bug. He couldnt get his waving legs to cooperate. Gregor woke up as a bug, and he couldnt get hiswaving legs to cooperate 12. Ellipses Only use ellipses in the middle of a quoteis something is left out It is not necessary to use them at thebeginning or end of a truncated quote.quotequote 13. Youre Responsible Use your Handbook for grammar Use your Handbook for MLA Double check every little detail, becausethats what MLA guidelines are about CHECK YOUR EMAIL EVERY DAY,because I will likely send you an emailbetween each class after I see whatweaknesses need to be addressed. 14. BibliographyHacker, Diana. The Bedford Handbook. 8thed. New York: Bedford/St. Martins, 2010.491-620. Print.