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2. What does it mean to persuade?

  • To convince a person or group that ones belief is correct
  • Also, to convince others toact uponthat belief.

3. How can people be persuaded?

  • Through the use of:
    • Credibility
    • Logic
    • Emotions

Aristotle(384 BC-322 BC) [Rhetoric is] the ability, in each particular case, to see the available means of persuasion. - Aristotle 4. Credibility

  • Smoking can cause serious heart problems, explained Dr. Smith, one of the leading cardiologists for the Ohio Medical Board.
  • Uses a persons reputation to sway an audience

My whole family smokes, and nobody ever had a heart attack, said your neighbor, Ted. 5. Emotion

  • Appeals to the audiences feelings to persuade them.

6. Logic

  • Uses facts, statistics, studies, and historical examples to persuade.

7. What method would you use to persuade in each situation?

  • You want someone to stop smoking.
  • You want people to stop texting and driving.
  • You want cell phones to be allowed in school.
  • There should never be homework.

8. Learn your audience.

  • Adhere to their:
    • Interests
    • Values
    • Expectations
  • Be reasonable; dont talk down to them
  • Set your own emotions aside

9. FORMAT Page Setup FORMAT Page Setup MLA MLA 10. Your entire paper should:

  • Use Times New Roman, 12 pt
  • Be double-spaced
    • No extra spaces between paragraphs
  • Have 1-inch margins on all sides
  • Indent paragraphs (use the Tab key)

11. Your first page should:

  • Include four items in the upper left corner(these should be double-spaced as well):
    • Your name
    • Your instructors name
    • The course title
    • The due date
  • Have a centered title in 12 pt Times New Roman
    • No need forbold ,underline , oritalics

12. 12 pt. Times New Roman Indented paragraphs Double-spaced throughout 13. How to double-space:

  • Word 2007 and earlier:
    • Click the Format menu
    • Click Paragraph
    • In the section labeled Spacing, click the drop-down menu and choose Double.

14. Whats wrong with this formatting? Not Times New Roman Single-spaced information Bolded Title 15. Whats wrong with this formatting? Larger bold title Unnecessary Name Margins wider than 1


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