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2. At the racecourse!

  • Since 1861 people have gathered at Flemington Racetrack on the first Tuesday in November to watch the Melbourne Cup.


  • The horses first start in their barriers then the machine opens the gates and the race begins.

4. Betting

  • People bet on horses at the racetrack or at the TAB. There are lots of bookmakers on the field who will take a bet if you are willing to take the risk!

5. Phar Lap

  • Phar Lap was one of the most famous Melbourne Cup winners.
  • You can see him at the new Melbourne Museum.

6. The Trophy

  • The winner of the Melbourne Cup receives a trophy and thousands of dollars!

7. About the race

  • The Melbourne Cup race is run at 3.20p.m.
  • The horses have to run 3200 metres to finish the race.
  • 24 horses run in the race.
  • The trophy is worth more than a million dollars!

8. Fashions on the field!

  • People go to the races to show off their
  • clothes.
  • Hats and fascinatorsare very popular to wear.
  • Many people dress in unusual ways at the races.

9. A Quiz!

  • When is the Melbourne Cup held?
  • Where is it held?
  • What is the prize money?
  • Who is Phar Lap ?

10. The End


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