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Manifesting, The Power of Secrecy If you have a very important goal that you are aiming for, I recommend not telling ANYBODY. Keeping it a secret will help you to create the results faster. Don't take my word for this. Test this for yourself. See if this is true. Let's say you want, more than anything, a new car. How about a Jaguar sports car, a two-door? By the way, I pronounce this JAG-gwar, with my American accent. My wife is from England and pronounces it JAG-yu-AR. The car drives the same, no matter how mistakenly you pronounce it. Okay, so let's say you want a Jag :-) And you are doing the 100-to-1 visualization technique. And you did the Magic-27 correction to make sure there was no self-sabotage getting in the way. And you are doing breathwork to clear away any remaining internal blocks. Maybe the Release Technique as well. If you do the above steps daily, you'll notice that your world changes. Funny coincidees will happen, like you see the car more often, or a car pulls up next to you and the driver asks for directions, and you notice the car is the one you want.

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By Pavlov


  • Manifesting, The Power of Secrecy

    If you have a very important goal

    that you are aiming for,

    I recommend not telling ANYBODY.

    Keeping it a secret will help you

    to create the results faster.

    Don't take my word for this. Test this

    for yourself.

    See if this is true.

    Let's say you want, more than anything,

    a new car.

    How about a Jaguar sports car, a two-door?

    By the way, I pronounce this JAG-gwar,

    with my American accent. My wife is from

    England and pronounces it JAG-yu-AR.

    The car drives the same, no matter how

    mistakenly you pronounce it.

    Okay, so let's say you want a Jag :-)

    And you are doing the 100-to-1 visualization


    And you did the Magic-27 correction to make sure

    there was no self-sabotage getting in the way.

    And you are doing breathwork to clear away

    any remaining internal blocks.

    Maybe the Release Technique as well.

    If you do the above steps daily, you'll notice

    that your world changes.

    Funny coincidees will happen, like you see the

    car more often, or a car pulls up next to you

    and the driver asks for directions, and you

    notice the car is the one you want.

  • When these little markers show up, it will

    tempt you to tell someone else about these

    coincidences. But don't.

    Not until you've reached your goal: The

    specific goal that you want, down to the

    very last detail. Not just seeing the car,

    not just touching or even driving the car,

    but owning and enjoying the car, the way you want.

    IMPORTANT: Pick your own goal. I am

    mentioning the car only as an example.

    (With fuel prices soaring, maybe you

    don't want a sports car anyway. Maybe

    you'd rather oil field.)

    Why is secrecy so effective?

    I will tell you tomorrow, along with

    a little technique to boost

    your results faster than anything

    I know of.

    Remember: If the goal matters to you,

    then don't tell anyone until the

    results show up, just the way you want.

    Talk with you soon,


    p.s. One reason why secrecy is so powerful is hinted at by

    the word itself. "Secrecy" comes from an old French term for

    "set apart." Why does this matter? I'll tell you in the next post.

  • Affirmation Success Newsletter

    This issue: Secrecy, Part 2

    Secrecy, part 2

    Here's part 2 about the value of secrecy.

    This is NOT meant to be theoretical.

    Test this notion for yourself. Instructions

    for a do-it-yourself experiment are at the

    bottom of this note...




    Secrecy is powerful, part 2

    True Story: About four years ago I was

    at my desk in Hollywood (Florida) realizing

    how utterly disorganized my website files were.

    Since I had just started a consulting business

    for online marketing, this was a problem.

    Then I remembered a workshop I attended

    in Pasadena, Maryland the year before.

    It was a Win Wenger conference on creativity,

    held in a beautiful house, and during a break

    one of the attendees borrowed a house computer

    to check on his website.

    I'd like to be organized just like that guy was,

    I thought to myself. His website files were perfectly

    set up, I remembered.

    I stopped thinking about this, got up from my desk and

    walked into my living room. I picked up a magazine that

    I had been meaning to read.

    I leafed through it and laughed outloud when

    I saw the picture.

  • In this magazine was a feature about the

    house I was JUST thinking about. The one

    where the creativity workshop was held.

    Surprise, there was even a photo of the

    workshop area where the computer was, the one

    where the guy showed his website files!

    Let's think about the coincidence factor here.

    What are the odds that a house in Pasadena,

    Maryland would be featured in a magazine

    -- with a photo of ONE particular countertop --

    and I would see this article and photo a minute

    after thinking about it?

    Have you had experiences like this?

    You think of someone and the phone rings

    and it's them. (And you haven't heard from *them*

    in 8 years!)

    You know, really WILD coincidences like that.

    (Don't worry if you haven't had those experiences.

    Just road-test the things I'll be emailing you and

    watch what happens.)

    Do you know why these 'coincidences' happen?

    My theory is this...

    This is a dream you're having.


    And your mind and attention CAN change the content

    of your 'dream.'

    Just like you can (with practice) change the content

    of a dream when you are sleeping.

    In my experience there are two conditions for this:

    1. You mustn't let this dream convince you it's real.

    Fear and greed (and greed is really just another form

  • of fear) are two ways that you get hooked into this

    dream and forget how changeable it is. This is why

    mental hygiene is so crucial -- through EFT, NLP,

    Silva Method, Sedona Method, Energy Medicine,

    SOMETHING to rinse off the fear and greed

    that gathers like dew on the outside of your mind.

    Win Wenger's Beyond OK material is ESPECIALLY good

    for staying energetically 'clean':

    By the way, if you are saying, "What is all this

    'dream' crap? There is real suffering here in this

    world, we're facing global warming, my car payment

    is late, my friend has a disease, and...."

    (That reaction is natural, but it's also what I mean

    when I say don't let the dream convince you it's real.

    You can still be aware and compassionate and let this

    be a changeable dream.)

    2. Don't ask the dream to change itself, or ask anyone

    IN your dream for permission (or cooperation) to change

    YOUR dream.

    This second part is why secrecy is so powerful.

    When you are secret about your intentions for

    changing your 'dream' you are removing yourself

    from the content of the dream.

    Stepping out, like an actor practicing a role steps

    off the stage to talk with the playwrite about changing

    a scene.

    It's not the CHARACTER talking, it's the actor.

    Last week I was on the set of the tv show CSI:Miami.

    (My brother is a stunt-double for the red-headed guy.)

    One of the fun things about being on the set of a TV show

    is how you see something so real is actually so make-believe.

    What if your life were actually a show?

  • If you never stepped out of character and got off the

    'set' you would never be able to talk with the

    writer (another part of your mind) about changing the

    content of your show.

    The word "secret" originally comes from an expression

    meaning "set apart."

    If you step out, or "set yourself apart" for a little while, to

    make changes you want to make, what would you change


    Can you imagine that change happening in a way that ONLY

    makes things better and happier for everyone else? For the other

    actors in your show?


    do it yourself experiment...

    Make a goal up in your mind, an intention that you

    REALLY want to have happen. I would recommend a

    m-o-ney goal, but you could pick anything.

    Don't tell ANYONE until the goal shows up. Not even me.

    Not anybody. No one. Not your Priest or Rabbi, or your

    "Success Coach."

    Do the 100-to-1 technique (you can find this at somewhere) and picture

    the benefit to OTHER people through your goal coming


    Watch what happens.

    Sean Collins

  • Affirmation Success Newsletter

    This issue: One Secret to faster manifesting

    Okay, say you want something.

    Let's say money. Or a new relationship.

    You COULD use techniques I've taught in previous issues of this newsletter. Those

    techniques -- 100-to-1, Aah meditation, Mantra, pink bubble, electric manifesting, to

    name a few -- really work. (Especially electric manifesting.)

    The formula for manifesting works for skeptics and it works for believers.

    The formula is this:

    1. Get specific about what you want. 2. Let go of your inner blocks to having what you want. 3. Contemplate the item from step 1 WHILE relaxing your physical body. 4. To the extent that you can do number 3 without ANY conscious or

    unconscious awareness of lack OR obstacle then the item from step 1 will

    show up.

    The above steps are of course easier said than done. And the DETAILS of each step vary

    according to your custom and belief. (Religious science, Huna, Silva Method, DynaPsyc -

    - you name it.)

    DOING the above steps of the master formula are what this newsletter is all about, so that

    your life is more enjoyable for yourself and for people you care about.

    To me the crucial step is step 2. When you can let go of your inner blocks (and EFT will

    do, as will NLP, hypnosis, self-hypnosis, Silva, Sedona Method, Release Technique, you

    name it), the results just plain show up.

    But I noticed that people who get stellar results from prayer and visualization and even

    electric manifesting -- share a certain trait, and it's one that surprised me because it's SO

    simple, and yet so easy to NOT do.

    When I use this principle, I find that MY goals happen faster and easier as well.

    I can sum up the principle in a sentence...

    That which serves the larger system thrives.

    If you can use your mind to plug YOUR want into a larger completed system, then you

    will satisfy your want even faster and easier.

  • This isn't just pollyannaish thinking, this is a law of nature. But don't take my word for it.

    Test this principle personally. I'll show you an experiment you can do.

    But first a little background...

    My old newsletters float around the internet a lot, and often wind up in sites that are

    related to two and sex. Which is good! (I think it's a great thing for people

    to have plenty of both, and if I can help make that happen, then great!)

    But these are two areas that foster more secrecy and privacy than others, and so the

    mindset around getting these goals TENDS to be private and self-serving in SOME

    people. (Not you, of course.)

    Using your mind (and/or language, which is just a tool of your mind) to MAKE others

    give you money, or attention, or to MAKE them sleep with you, or propose to you. (Who

    wants to be on the receiving end of outright manipulation?)

    Sure, these techniques of intention and language CAN work for getting you what you

    want. But only when the larger system is served by the outcome coming true. Serving the

    larger system accidentally, versus serving the larger system intentionally, makes a BIG


    Criminals serve the larger system by keeping cops and judges and prison guards

    employed. (I know firsthand about this because my father was a cop and we always had

    food when I was growing up.) Illness serves the larger system by keeping the doctors and

    pharmaceutical companies employed.

    In other words, the larger system is going to benefit in some way no matter WHAT you

    do, no matter how sleazy or life-damaging.

    So here is what I am recommending instead...

    FOCUS on the gains to the larger system in way that ONLY enriches others, and the

    POSITIVE benefit to the larger system. We already know that YOU will gain from the

    goal being true, or you wouldn't be wanting it in the first place. But who ELSE will gain?

    If you can mentally attach YOUR goal to the better interests of the larger system, then

    YOUR outcome will happen faster.

    I call this the Law of Completion, and you can test it immediately.

    Think of a goal you have right now.

    Maybe it's money. Or maybe you want a relationship with that new cutie in the office. Or

    a promotion. Or a new car. Please think of something specific.

  • Got one?

    Now play along with me for a moment. See the pattern in the following examples..

    Your heart is in your chest because it serves a useful function to other parts of

    your anatomy.

    Your refrigerator is in your kitchen because it serves a REALLY important

    function to your household.

    Your stereo is in your car (home) because it serves an important function in its


    If your goal comes true, it will come true BECAUSE it serves a larger function that is for

    the good of others.

    What is that larger function? Be specific!


    Here is an example that may help...

    I recall needing to reach an income goal to pay for a trip, and mentioned this to a friend

    of mine. She asked me how much money I needed, and how many clients that would turn

    out to be.

    I said six new clients. By the following week!

    I knew all about the Silva Method and visualization, but didn't understand this bit about

    systems and the Law of Completion.

    She and I sat and did a meditation together. We described outloud how the phone would

    ring and the new clients would call and make the appointment and would benefit SO

    much from their appointment that they were delighted. Then we pictured how they were

    SO delighted they told OTHER people about their gains, and those people were energized

    in a positive way. The gains spread outward to more and more people, inspiring

    confidence and insight to a network of people throughout the city, the region, the state,

    the country, the globe.

    The six people called and I made the income goal in time.


    Do-it-Yourself experiment...

    Don't just assume that others will benefit from your goal being true. SPECIFY in your

    mind, and visualize (describing aloud) the gains that OTHERS will have FROM your

    goal being true.

  • If you are selling something, see specifically how the customers are enriched from buying

    your product or service.

    No matter HOW selfish a goal you think you have, whether it's to have a one-night-stand,

    a spouse, a batch of new clients, a new car, a new house, a cure for an illness, there is

    ALWAYS a way to connect THAT goal to OTHERS' gain. Do that, and watch what


    Next issue...

    Manifesting with the golden ratio

  • Affirmation Success Newsletter


    Issue Three/Part one October 1998



    Prayer/how a man in New York won millions in the state lottery not

    once but twice/what science has found about prayer

    1. Success Stories:

    a. Two-Time New York Lottery Winner

    b. One-Time Lonely Newsletter Editor

    2. Do-it-yourself Techniques: Praying for a change


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    If you enjoy this newsletter and find it useful, please tell your

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    Sean Collins, Editor

    [email protected]


    Success Story...


    A man in New York won the state lottery not once but twice. The odds

    are against winning the lottery one time. Twice is close to

    statistically impossible.

    Asked by reporters how he accomplished such a thing, the man said the

    answer was simple: He prayed.

    (My first thought upon reading this was how, exactly, this man phrased

    his prayers the SECOND time he won millions of dollars. "Dear God, I

  • know I won a few million recently, and thanks, but I really need to

    win this next one.")

    You might counter that a lot of people pray to win the lottery, but

    that not everyone who prays wins.

    The question is, HOW are they praying? What are they doing when it

    DOES work?

    One of the blessings NLP has let loose on humanity is the core notion

    that if ONE person can do something with an adequate neurology, then

    anyone else with an equally adequate neurology ought to be able to

    duplicate that result.

    Southern Medical Journal published a study on the effects of prayer.

    Cardiac patients at a California hospital were randomly divided into

    two groups. One group was prayed for, and the other group was a

    control group (not prayed for). It was a double-blind study, so the patients,

    doctors, and nurses did not know which group was which. Prayer groups

    around the country did not know the patients personally, only their


    The results were startling. The group prayed for had fewer

    complications than the control group, had zero fatalities (unlike the

    control group), and fewer post-op complications over-all. They also

    left the hospital earlier, on average, than the control group.

    If there were a drug that produced results like these, people would

    line up around the block to buy the pills at their local drug store!

    Wait, though, it gets better...

    A group in Scotland did studies on the effects of prayer on rye

    seeds. Seeds placed in a petrii dish were prayed for to grow better. The dish

    of seeds was divided down the middle. One side was prayed for and the

    other side was not.

    The seeds prayed for grew better than the control group.

    Saline (salt water) was added to the soil, making growth even more of

    a challenge. The difference between the group of seeds prayed for and

    the seeds not prayed for was even more dramatic with the presence of


  • What is exciting about an experiment like the one above is that it is

    completely replicatable! Test it yourself. If you really don't want

    to experiment with rye seeds (or bacteria, as some researchers have),

    then experiment with your office. Pray for some co-workers to have

    wonderful things happen to them, and then notice what happens. Or pray

    for your sales calls on Tuesday and Thursday to go beautifully, then

    check results those days against results the rest of the week.

    Researchers also found that among those who prayed for enhanced growth

    of seeds, the results of people who had more experience praying was

    greater than with people who were less experienced. This is important

    to notice because it means the more you pray the better results you

    are likely to get! (Also consider that the people perhaps MOST experienced

    in saying prayers objected to participating in the research, objecting

    to "putting God in a laboratory" and therefore were not included in

    the studies.)

    Distance did not make a difference, nor did putting the prayed for

    item in a sealed-up safe. Something outside of space and time caused

    beneficial changes. How it works is a mystery. THAT it works is


    The question, though, is...

    What is prayer?

    You might think of it like tapping into electricity.

    If you have to iron a shirt, and you are inserting the plug of the

    iron into the electrical socket in the wall, you TRUST that the electricity

    will be available. You don't have knowledge or certainty that the

    electricity will be there. The electricity is, strictly speaking, a

    matter of faith.

    (Interestingly, your faith in the existence and power of electricity

    is so strong, that even if there were no power to your iron after you

    plugged it in and turned it on, you would sooner think that something

    was wrong with the circuitry of your iron, or the circuitry of your

    home, than wonder about the existence of the electricity! Imagine

    having THIS kind of faith with your prayers!)

    My upbringing was Catholic, and prayer for me ever since childhood had

    been of two kinds:

    1. Reciting memorized prayers (such as the Our Father, the Hail Mary,

    and Grace before meals)

  • 2. Prayers for results in the world, such as "Dear God, I have a

    soccer game this Thursday, so please help us win over the other team.

    I'll really appreciate it, God..."

    A third way of thinking about prayer I first learned from an amazing

    book called A Return to Love by Marianne Williamson.

    She is a student and teacher of something called A Course in Miracles,

    and the approach from the Course is that prayer is about changing

    troublesome ways of thinking. Prayer plugs you into a healing source

    that changes what and how you perceive your world.

    The universe is literally reflecting your beliefs and expectations

    back to you, and the function of Prayer (aligning with Infinite

    Intelligence you might say), is correcting your perceptions so that the world as it

    is reflected back to you reflects the harmony of your thoughts.

    True Story: Two friends of mine (a man and a woman) and I went to a

    bar where another friend works. We walked in and found our way to a pool

    table and weren't there more than a few minutes when our friend who

    worked there came over to the pool table. She said with a smile, "I

    have already had someone ask me about you (pointing to the woman) and

    you (pointing to the man)."

    I remembered that these two people I had come in with were always

    being flirted with when we all went out to clubs together.

    I sat there feeling like Quasimodo, wondering why no one asked about


    This wondering didn't go away either, and my brain did a good job of

    reminding me of all the times I had felt or been rejected by the

    opposite sex all the way back to Colleen Leahy in the 2nd grade.

    Feeling unattractive, undesirable, insecure, I was already having a

    crummy time.

    New to this notion of prayer as a way to heal my thinking, I got up,

    walked to the men's room, went into a stall, and said outloud in my

    mind (I may have also whispered aloud) "God, there is no area of my

    life where I am more neurotic and insecure than in feeling attractive

    to the opposite sex. I surrender all of this to you. Please heal my

    thinking about this..." I felt a little petty praying about such a

    topic, but it was a comfort nonetheless to admit in this brief prayer

    exactly what I was thinking and feeling. (Whether or not a Being was

    listening, I certainly FELT more peaceful as a result of this

    time-out.) I left the men's room, and on my way BACK to the pool

  • room, incredibly, a woman got up from the table where she was sitting, stood

    right in my way, and said, "I know you from somewhere."

    I looked at her and smiled. I didn't know her. She was attractive,

    friendly, and we spent two hours chatting and UNsuccessfully finding

    out where we knew each other from. Finally we exchanged phone numbers

    and made a date for the following night!

    Now, if I had gone to the restroom and said, "Okay God, here's what I

    want: Arrange for an attractive woman to stand in my way and insist

    that she knows me from somewhere. Also, make sure she is a brunette,

    and is free for dinner tomorrow night."

    That would have been absurd.

    A Course in Miracles is about changing your thoughts. The metaphor in the Course is that

    this experience of your life is a lucid dream you are having while asleep in God's house.

    God is not in the dream, but your mind is literally manifesting the circumstances of your


    Your beliefs and expectations are orchestrating events BEFORE YOU


    This is consistent with the "map is not the territory" basis of NLP.

    If your map is richer, so are your travels. There you are, map in

    hand, looking out at the terrain, and someone is with you, next to

    you. Your Divine Travel Guide, you might say...


    Do-it-yourself Experiment #1: Spoken Prayer

    -----> How to do it: Think of whatever is the WORST problem on your

    mind, the secret problem you don't tell others about and wish you

    could press the cosmic "delete" button and remove from your life. Whatever

    is between you and Peace of mind is worthy of attention here. (As you can

    tell from my example above, NOTHING is too vain, petty or small to

    include in the category of troublesome. If it hurts you, it needs


    Find a private place and say, even if you feel silly, some variation

    of the following:

    "Dear God, I am (frightened/bothered/upset) about X and don't know

    what to do. Please heal my thinking about this. Please guide me to learn

    through joy instead of pain. Heal my thinking, cleanse my perceptions,

    that I may resolve X and be your joyful child again. I surrender this

    to you completely. Thank you, God."

  • Affirmation Success Newsletter


    1. Success Story: My brother the stuntman, my aunt the lottery winner

    2. Do-it-yourself Technique: the 100 to 1 method.

    3. Experimental products (coming in future issues)


    Success Story....


    (Note: Some success stories I will include in this newsletter I have

    personally experienced, some I personally witnessed, and some I was

    personally told. Every story is shared not to impress or entertain but

    to invite you to explore what results you can create for yourself.

    Test the processes! You didn't know what your favorite foods were until

    you tasted them. So I invite you to taste the processes in these

    newsletters and use them to help yourself and people you care about to

    live more happily. I would like to hear YOUR success stories, and with

    your permission, include them here. -- Sean Collins)

    In 1989 a friend invited me to go to a Church carnival. There was a

    used book sale there, in the parish hall, where I bought --for 25

    cents-- a tattered little paperback called the Silva Mind Control

    Method. The book said that if you want something to happen, then you

    ought to do a specific visualization technique that would quiet your

    brainwaves down to a more creative level of mind. It made a case for

    attending the Silva Method course, but said that until you attend you

    can do the 100-to-1 visualization technique. (Described later in this


    I liked that Jose Silva presented the material as more scientific than

    metaphysical, at least it seemed so to me, since his techniques had to

    do with brainwaves and cycles per second and brain hemisphere


    So I decided that I would test this information. Once a day for two

    weeks I would do the instructions as he described and "program" an

    event to happen.

  • The funny thing was, I didn't have anything that I knew I wanted. So I

    asked my brother if he could have anything in the world, what would it

    be? He said that he wanted to be stunt coordinator of a movie coming

    to Ft. Lauderdale.

    Suddenly I had a project I could work with. I didn't tell my brother

    that he would be a part of my experiment. For the next two weeks,

    once each day, I did the 100-to-1 method and at that quieter level of mind

    pictured him wearing a shirt that said "Stunt Coordinator" on it.

    Jose Silva's instructions did not say to do this, but spontaneously I also

    pictured in the mental image my brother's heart opening and filling

    the scene with color. This aspect happened pretty much intuitively, and

    may have been my unconscious way of making sure this project was in

    line with what he would love to experience. (If you are familiar with

    the idea of "chakras" I was imagining love from his heart chakra

    filling the mental picture.)

    What I had not learned from Jose Silva was for how long I ought to

    picture the desired result. (In an upcoming issue I'll share what

    scientific research on prayer has found about how length of time

    affects the results of mentally intending something.) I decided to

    maintain the image in my mind for as long as 'felt' good to do so. It

    was never for more than a few minutes, and usually the signal I felt

    in my body that I had done enough visualizing for one session was that I

    would start laughing.

    As a routine, I did the visualizing in the bathroom, because I was

    already seated, and also I wanted to make sure I did the process on a

    daily basis, once a day for two weeks. (Jose Silva mentions this

    also. For people who say that can't get away from work or family to sit and

    visualize, do it while sitting in the bathroom.)

    At the end of the two weeks, I stopped. "Oh well, let's see what

    happens," I thought.

    Three days later my mother called my apartment. "Sean, you'll never

    guess what happened to your brother."

    "What?" I asked.

    She said that he was in a parking lot in Ft. Lauderdale, and a man

    told him that he would be perfect for a movie that is coming to town and

    would he like to audition? At the audition, Martin Scorsese and

    Robert DeNiro picked him out of 11 people to do stunt work in the film.

  • That movie, "Cape Fear", features my brother as one of three guys

    hired to beat up Robert DeNiro's character. He is the one wielding the

    motorcycle chain.

    My visualization was for him to be stunt coordinator, which he was

    not. As he had never been a movie stunt coordinator, or even a stunt man

    for a film before, then the auditions (there were two) and selection to

    appear in a stunt scene are still extraordinary. Short of the intended

    outcome, but still extraordinary!

    Another story about this 100-to-1 technique:

    My aunt is a generous, kind person but with the most astonishing

    ability to be critical and pessimistic about any topic of

    conversation. (Think Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh.) She was visiting from New York

    for many weeks and bought Florida lottery tickets every day.

    One day during her visit she mentioned that she wants more than

    anything to win the lottery. So I told her, "If you would like to

    win, all you have to do is this 100-to-1 visualization process and picture

    the result." (Again, details for your own experimenting are at the end

    of this newsletter.) "Do it once a day for two weeks and then stop,"

    I told her. (Ordinarily I recommend experimentation, but in her case I

    said it with as much certainty as I could muster.)

    She listened carefully, without criticizing, and surprised me by

    saying she would do it.

    Four weeks later she saw me at a relative's house and kiddingly

    smacked me on the arm. "I thought I was supposed to win the lottery," she


    "Did you do that visualization?" I asked. She said yes. "Oh, then

    you'll win," I said matter-of-factly. "Just put it out of your


    Three days later she won.

    Here is where it gets really interesting. The first words I heard her

    say when she verified that she had the winning numbers were, "Watch,

    the prize probably won't be that much."

    She won on a Wednesday. The jackpots on Monday, Tuesday, Thurday and

    Friday were all between 25 and 30 thousand dollars. The Wednesday

    prize, mysteriously, dipped to 5,000. "Watch, the prize probably

    won't be that much." She was right!

  • Funny follow-up to this story: When she went to the lottery office to

    redeem her winning ticket, she said that the lotto office looked just

    like what she had visualized, even though she had never been to the

    office before. Her visualization was of herself redeeming the winning

    ticket at the booth in the local lottery office. (More in future

    newsletter issues about "peeking" into the future with alpha and theta


    There was a Silva Graduate class here in South Florida not long ago

    and a young woman got up in front of the room and showed her tax returns

    because she figured no one would believe her story. She had pictured

    herself in front of the television circling each number on her lottery

    ticket until every number was circled. She said that it happened just

    as she pictured it. I don't recall the exact amount she had won.

    If you do experiment with lotteries, I want to mention that if your

    outcome is money, there are many, many easier avenues for money to

    find you than through a state lottery.

    One technique I learned from NLP/Hypnosis teacher Carolyn Deal of

    North Carolina is that your consciousness is a cash MACHINE when you picture

    your customers, clients and/or boss so delighting in your service that

    more money comes to you as a natural consequence of their increased


    I recall a few years back being in a financial pinch, and needing a

    windfall. So I pictured receiving money and trusting it would find

    its way to me. Sure enough, following a week or so of daily

    visualizations, I found an insurance check in my office from SIX years prior that I

    had never cashed. I called the insurers and they said they would write a

    new check for me if I mail them the one I found.

    This kind of picturing CAN work, but doesn't resolve the deeper issue

    of BEING attractive to money in an ongoing way.

    (More on this topic, in great detail, in a special business issue of

    this newsletter which I will call Intuitive Marketing. My research on

    this so far has AMAZED me, and I am eager to share it with you once I

    have it written and organized.)


    Do-it-yourself Technique: the 100 to 1 method.

    -----> How to do it:

    With your eyelids closed, turn your eyeballs upward slightly --about

    20 degrees up or as far as is comfortable -- and mentally see and say the

  • numbers 100 to 1. Even if you are an experienced meditator -- whether

    Silva, TM Siddhi program, or some other, give this a test run and see

    what effect it has.

    You may feel a slight tingling in your head as you do this, especially

    as you get nearer to the number 1. (Be sure to do this while sitting

    up, as lying down may cause you to go to sleep.) This process takes

    you to an alpha brainwave level, even theta territory, which is why it

    may be useful to explore even if you are an experienced meditator.

    Once you have seen and mentally said the number 1, you are at the

    level to visualize.

    Picture in your mind what you would see if the desired outcome were to

    happen. See it clearly and vividly. If what you are picturing

    involves a personal goal, see yourself in the mental picture. (If you are

    someone not too aware of your inner pictures, you may find that

    keeping your eyeballs turned upward slightly -- with your eyes closed --

    during the 100 to 1 countdown gives you even greater awareness of your inner

    pictures. Don't take my word for it though, please check for


    After some length of time picturing the desired outcome, whatever

    length of time feels appropriate to you, count yourself to waking

    consciousness from 1 to 5, mentally seeing and saying each number. At

    the count of 5, open your eyes, feeling relaxed and refreshed.

    Bonus: Before counting yourself awake, you might also repeat some of

    your personal affirmations! This is a wonderful use of this deeper

    level of mind. The best metaphor I have heard about this is that your

    mind, like cold wax, responds very little to impressions. Press a

    cold candle with your thumb and no imprint appears. But if you WARM the

    wax (WARM your mind by quieting your brainwave levels), then your thumb

    easily makes an impression that remains after the wax has cooled


    Pointers I have learned from people who get superb results:

    1. Picture something good for yourself and good for all concerned. If

    you want more profits in your business, picture increased gain to your

    customers and the fortune flowing from that. If you want a happier

    love-life, picture the increased delight for your partner (or

    prospective partner), picture both of you enjoying each other's

    company in an ever-increasing way.

  • In other words, not just win/win, but


    in/win.... with a win for everyone concerned.

    I sometimes am asked about picturing in this manner to help resolve an

    issue with someone who is causing trouble, or acting in a hostile

    way. (i.e., stalking, threatening, complaining unreasonably, hassling.)

    If someone is hassling you, or bothering you, picture them with so

    much increased joy that hassling you (in any form) is not even a viable

    option anymore. If results aren't apparent, then increase the amount

    of joy you picture for them.

    Applications of this approach are far-reaching. My father, a Police

    Detective for an organized crime unit, used a similar sort of

    picturing technique to visualize suspects cooperating with undercover

    investigators in an important operation.

    My father, not just a Police Detective but also an ex-Marine Corps

    Major, used a variation of the exact technique in this newsletter to

    see meetings with new informants going smoothly, and would even see

    accurately what an informant looked like BEFORE he met with them!

    (My father's willingness to personally explore the farther reaches of what

    a mind can do continually inspires me!)

    Now back to the pointers...

    1. Win/win/win/win/win/win/win....for the good of all concerned.

    2. Picture something you really really want, NOT something you think

    you ought to want, or are expected to want.

    3. Have expectancy, like this: Suppose you go to Sears to buy a

    dishwasher. You pick one out, pay for it, and give the salesperson

    your address. You are told that it will be delivered in three days.

    Three days later a Sears truck backs up in your driveway. What do you

    expect will come out of the back of the truck? Of course, you expect

    a dishwasher!

    Have THAT kind of expectancy for your goals.

    4. Let the universe handle the details. Carolyn Deal of North

    Carolina told me of a student of hers who did a process like the 100-to-1

    technique to buy a Mercedes. She knew exactly what she wanted, and

    even specified that she wanted to pay only $500 for it, which is a

    price that sounds absurdly low for a recent model Mercedes. One day

  • driving in her car she saw a parked Mercedes in front of a house. It

    was exactly the Mercedes she wanted, and even had a for-sale sign on


    She went to the door and a woman answered. How much for the car? The

    woman said that her husband had run off with his secretary and said to

    sell his car and that he would split with her (his wife) any amount

    received for it. "So I'll sell it for $500," the woman said.


  • Affirmation Success Newsletter

    What you think about expands.

    That is, whatever you are thinking about is not stagnant or shrinking

    in your awareness but is actually growing in your awareness UNTIL it appears

    in some obvious way in your world.

    For example, here is a true story of what happened to the husband of

    a teacher of mine:

    He was a contractor who wanted to make more money, so he put an

    oversized picture of a 1,000 dollar bill on his refrigerator. (I am not sure

    if they are still around, but the US treasury used to make $1,000 bills. It

    looks like a regular bill, but with a picture of Grover Cleveland on it,

    and the number 1,000 in the corners.)

    Whenever he went to the refrigerator he would imagine himself

    receiving money, in multiples of $1,000.

    Then he was hired to do some repair work on a person's home. The

    client paid him, no kidding, with two $1,000 bills.

    Have you ever received (or even seen) a $1,000 bill? This man was

    given two of them soon after pasting a picture of one on his refrigerator and

    imagining himself receiving multiples of $1,000!

    Recently I saw in a store a pad of oversized $1,000 bills and decided

    to experiment with this. (The above story with the contractor happened

    about three years ago.)

    I gave out the oversized $1,000 dollar bills to the secretaries and

    to other friends here in the office building, and I told them the story about

    the contractor. "Just for fun, would you like to experiment?" I asked.

    Just this past weekend I went with a friend who was selecting an

    engagement ring for his girlfriend, and there, pasted on the wall of a jewelry

    store in downtown Miami, were two $1,000 bills! (Just as some stores have a

    dollar bill pasted behind the register, this store had thousand dollar bills

    pasted right on the wall.)

    In other words, for the first time in my life I saw $1,000 bills --

    soon after pasting a picture of one on my refrigerator!

  • By the way, I hadn't done the picturing, as the contractor had done,

    of myself RECEIVING multiples of 1,000 dollars! (There's an experiment

    worth conducting!)

    But the thought of the 1,000 dollar bill had been growing so much in

    my awareness that it showed up in my world.

    What would YOU like to show up in your world?

    What would make you REALLY smile if it showed up in your world? Put

    your thoughts on that, keep your thoughts on that, and watch what happens.


  • Affirmation Success Newsletter

    This issue: How to double your reading speed in seconds...

    with BETTER comprehension

    If you feel overwhelmed with things to read, and wish

    you could read faster, and suck information into your

    brain like an industrial-strength vacuum cleaner, then

    print out and save this email.

    Actually you won't have to. It's so simple you can read

    this email ONCE and you'll always remember how to

    do this method.

    By the way, this is N-O-T a product pitch. This is the

    whole technique.

    Be skeptical enough to test it out personally.

    Email me if you any questions. (But only email

    me AFTER you do it please.)



    "I took a speed reading course and read War and Peace

    in twenty minutes -- It involves Russia." Woody Allen


    I've always found speed-reading courses to be irritating.

    Maybe tantalizing is a better word.

    I WANTED to increase my reading speed and comprehension,

    but the strategies never felt like they matched my reading style.

    I'm already a pretty fast reader, but the techniques -- internal

    silence, vertical eye-tracking patterns, or "photo-reading"

    the page (and then accessing the data "intuitively" later!) never

    really became natural to me.

    They were too far-out to be practical, so I stopped using them


    Then I learned this EASY trick from Win Wenger.

  • By the way, WHY -- in a newsletter about "manifesting" and other

    mind miracles -- would I share this technique on increasing your

    reading speed?

    Because more reading means more possibilities to your imagination.

    (Jim Rohn, the guy Tony Robbins used to work for, has a great

    line that people who don't read are no better off than people

    who can't read.)

    Before we get started I have to tell you this: It definitely WON'T

    do anything if you ONLY read the steps.

    Just as reading about your favorite chocolate and eating

    your favorite chocolate are two completely different experiences.

    Also, this MAY work on fiction to make novel-reading faster.

    But I have only used this on nonfiction material. I see no reason

    why it wouldn't work with fiction as well as it does with nonfiction.

    Anyway, here are the steps

    Step 1. Get a tape recorder or a person who will listen to you.

    While either one will work, I would STRONGLY recommend a

    tape recorder. For a bunch of reasons that I don't have time

    to explain in this email.

    Those little micro-cassette recorders are good.

    I just got a digital tape recorder and love it.

    Your computer may also work as a sound-recorder, but I would

    suggest you get something more portable.

    Step 2. Get a book that you want to read (or need to read).

    Step 3. Say the following outloud, even if you feel a little silly.

    (The sillier you feel about saying this outloud the greater benefit

    you will probably find.) "Subtler faculties, please reveal to me an

    image that will allow me to better and more quickly understanding

    AND use this material I am about to read."

    IMMEDIATELY describe to your listener/tape-recorder the images

    that show up in your imagination for whichever length of time

    is SHORTER:

  • a. two minutes


    b. until you feel a feeling of completion that you've

    described enough imagery outloud.

    Step 4. IMMEDIATELY jump right in and start reading.

    Reminders about this process

    The imagery may have NOTHING to do with the reading material!

    In fact, the less conscious connection to what you are about to

    read, the better!

    Like this

    Let's say you have to read four chapters of a law book for a

    business law school class tomorrow. (You know, something

    FUN to read like that.)

    So you do this process - you ask your subtler faculties to

    show you some mental pictures and the imagery is Big Bird

    of the children's TV show Sesame Street skateboarding with

    Elvis Presley around the Eiffel Tower.

    Good! Go with whatever imagery is there. For the two minutes

    or until you feel like you've described enough. (You'll know the

    feeling when you have it, and if you aren't 100% sure, then just

    go for two minutes.)

    For the two minutes, I would recommend using a timer. Two

    minutes is longer than you think, especially when you are

    describing mental imagery.

    The more often you do this, the FASTER your brain will give you

    imagery. A few seconds will be enough after you practice

    this a few times.

    Why does this technique work? I don't know exactly, but I do

    know that it makes your mind more "adhesive" to the

    information somehow.

    Of course, don't take my word for it. Test it out.

  • I mentioned that you ought to use a live listener or a tape

    recorder. That makes a BIG difference.

    Speaking to a listener - either a live person OR a tape

    recorder - changes the way you organize the material

    you are describing, and this makes YOUR brain more

    organized about the subject you'll be reading.

    Somehow this translates into better, faster reading,

    I am not sure exactly why.

    But explanations are nothing compared to experience.

    Test it for yourself.


  • Affirmation Success Newsletter

    This issue: How to turn on the coincidence machine

    (Or: The Universe is out to get You...Happy)


    Dear Friend and Subscriber,

    I get emails regularly from people who want to use the tools

    of visualization by themselves to "make" money results happen.

    That's great and I encourage it. With two reminders...

    1. Don't stop taking purposeful physical action toward consciously chosen goals, and

    2. Be open to pleasant surprises happening.

    Seriously, you have NO idea the kind of spontaneously

    good things that can happen.

    NO idea.

    And if you think you know all the good that can happen,

    then be open to something happening that is even better

    than THAT.

    Here, listen to this one. True story.

    A long time ago I used to teach weight loss workshops.

    My brother was heavy, and had tried EVERYTHING to

    reduce his weight. (This brother is not the stuntman

    that Robert DeNiro beat up, this is a different brother).

    One day at Christmastime, he was visiting South Florida,

    and told me that it was outright deception for me to teach

    people to reduce their weight, since real long term weight-loss

    is impossible.

    Nothing really works, he says.

    I pointed out that people DO get results, and that in fact

    I had taken off 30 pounds quite easily, and kept it off for

    years with no effort, struggle or willpower.

    He said that HE had tried lots and lots of things, including

  • pills, exercise, aversion therapy (don't ask, this was a

    1970's fad involving electroshock), you name it, but still he

    didn't get results, so he knew for certain that really nothing


    I said that I understood WHY he felt that way, but his experience

    was different from mine, or clients I worked with. "That hasn't

    been my experience," I told him, and we changed the subject.

    (By the way, that phrase "That hasn't been my experience" can

    be MAGIC when you are dealing with an opninionated person

    who disagrees with you. I learned it a long time ago from

    Roger Dawson.)

    Now, fast forward a few weeks.

    (Again, this is a TRUE story. It sounds like fiction, but it's true.)

    My brother was Vice President of a popular retail store chain,

    and his corporation was bought out by another firm. The new

    CEO flew in from out of the country for a board meeting. (It

    was a Canadian firm that did the buyout, but I think the CEO

    was actually British. I'm telling you this so you can imagine the

    accents. My brother has an Archie Bunker Brooklyn New York

    accent, and the CEO sounds like Phil from EastEnders.)

    At the end of the meeting, the CEO approached my brother

    and said to him privately, "You need to lose weight."

    (How's that for a conversation starter?)

    My brother got a little defensive, as most would. "No, I don't

    need to lose any weight," he said.

    "Look," the CEO replied. "You're big and so am I. How much

    weight would say that you need to lose?"

    Disarmed by the man's candor, or sincerity, or something, my

    brother said -- VERY conservatively -- "Well, I could lose 40 pounds."

    The CEO made a wager: "I'll tell you what....If you lose all forty

    pounds by my birthday in April, I will pay you 150 dollars per pound.

    But here's the catch: If you lose LESS than 40 pounds I won't pay

    you anything. Of course, for each pound over 40 I will pay you

    an additional 150. But if you lose less than 40 you will get nothing."

  • My brother had a new motivation. Probably two of them -- the money

    and the personal challenge from someone he didn't want to disappoint.

    He knew he needed help with this project, but he didn't call ME. He

    called my mother instead. (Remember that he just told me two weeks

    prior that I was misleading people that weight loss was possible!)

    So he asked her, "Hey, how did Sean lose that weight back in 1989?"

    She told him that a key element was food combining. Also called

    Natural Hygiene. Made popular in the US through a book called

    Fit for Life.

    With nothing more than that, he got busy.

    The wager started in January, and was set to end in April at the man's birthday.

    Long story short, my brother tried food combining, excercized faithfully,

    took off 46 pounds within the time frame (what is that, four months?)

    and received a check for $6,900!

    Better still, he called me to say that this food combining wasn't really a diet,

    it's just a new way of eating with no deprivation at all. Plus he had more

    energy all the time (one of the REALLY nice things about food combining)

    and could lift more weight in the gym as a happy and unintented by-product!

    This was a win/win/win.

    Did I mention he got paid 6,900 dollars?

    That's not a fortune, but remember that he got paid to lose weight, in a "diet"

    that required no willpower!

    Follow-up to that story: This eccentric CEO actually renewed the offer

    with a second deadline (my brother had more than 40 pounds to lose,

    remember) and ultimately paid my brother $10,500 dollars total -- to be

    slimmer than he ever was in his adult life.

    My brother was so happy to have this happen, he thanked me with

    a fancy new watch.

    So what's the lesson in this?

    Great unexpected things happen, so let them. Be open to them.

  • I remember one of the first things I learned from a meditation

    teacher a long time ago.

    You can test it too.

    He said that if you quiet your brain each day for a little while,

    and make sure it's a daily habit, you will find fortunate coincidences

    happening in your life. Regularly, like clockwork. Happy things

    will happen.

    Like maybe a CEO paying you to take off the weight you thought

    was impossible to lose? Sure!

    Do a daily routine and find out for yourself.

    The most powerful routine I know is from Win Wenger.

    Win is a grad of the Silva Method in the 70's, and a brain researcher.

    He lifted the hood (bonnet) of the Silva Method "engine" and found

    ways to generate even better results.

    He even shared his findings with the Silva International organization,

    but they didn't want to make any changes to their course material, since

    they were already getting impressive results around the world.

    That doesn't mean YOU can't benefit from Win's research, though!

    If you are a Silva grad, go and download Win's Beyond OK. You'll

    see what I mean.

    If you are not a Silva grad, or you are brand new to the whole idea

    of meditation or visualization, then you will REALLY benefit, since Win

    makes the steps simple to follow. Take a look.

    Best wishes to you, and happy coincidence-making.


  • Affirmation Success Newsletter

    This issue: Manifesting with the golden ratio


    Is there is a secret to making miracles happen? Yes, and it's NOT what you think.

    Dear Friend and Subscriber,

    Before we get started, please think about ONE thing that you want to have happen in

    your life. If you could snap your fingers and it would happen, you would choose THIS.

    What would "THIS" be?

    Okay, got it?

    Seriously, stop and pick something. (Don't worry. This website will still be here when

    you get back.)

    An article in a recent Scientific American magazine mentioned how three-dimensional

    reality (the room you're in, the computer you're looking at, your bank balance, your love-

    life, your favorite dessert -- EVERYTHING) is not really 3-d, but only SEEMS that way.

    The REAL reality is 2-dimensions, or flat like a sheet of paper, and this (your life) is a

    reflection of that sheet.

    This might SEEM far-out, but consider movies. They are a flat piece of film that light is

    shone through, and THAT seems like 3-d reality. It has movement and depth and music.

    A better analogy is a website.

    Websites can LOOK like colorful 3-d experiences (not mine, of course -- OTHER

    people's websites), but they are actually expressions of the source code that tells your

    computer how to display things.

    What if your life is simply a reflection of a "source code"? Like the way your computer

    translates the source code into sights and sounds on your computer screen, your mind

    translates source code into sights and sounds of your life.

    Let me explain...

    On most websites you can aim your cursor anywhere on the page and right-click your

    mouse. When you do you'll see an option that says "View source." (For Mac users I'm

    told it's ctrl+click to select view source.)

    Click on "view source" and you'll see line and lines of computer language, probably html.

  • The things you see and hear on ANY web page are simply the by-product of the

    instructions written in source code. Whether it's, or, or

    No matter WHAT website. The code doesn't care! (This is a very important point, by the

    way.) The pictures and music of the site are just BY-products of theinstructions of what

    to see and hear at the site. Simple cause and effect.

    If you change that source code, the site changes immediately.

    Let me repeat that: What you see and hear will change instantly -- as soon as you modify

    the source code.

    Now what on earth does this have to do with changes in your own life? Maybe you want

    a happier love-life, or more customers, or more money. Maybe you are trying to sell your

    house and don't know how to find someone to buy it.

    Maybe you are in the middle of a disagreement and want to work things out.

    Whatever is playing on the website of your life is fair game for this process.

    Now, let me ask you to do a little thought-experiment. Look away from the computer and

    look around the room where you are now. (I am assuming you're in a room. Maybe you're

    outdoors with a laptop. If so, this will still work.)

    What if you could aim your mental "cursor" at whatever is around you and right-click

    (ctrl-click of you're a Mac user) on what you see?

    In other words, what if you could see into the source code of your life?

    And if you could change that source code, how long would it take for the "web site" of

    your life to change?

    I know that I'm getting into Matrix territory with this, but bear with me. It'll be worth it.

    Seriously, how long do you think it would take to change? (If there WERE a source code

    of your life...) Right, the change would be instant.

    Okay, that leaves a BIG fat question. How DO you change this source code?

    The answer in a moment.

    First, I want to tell you about a wildly successful young woman who is in the real estate

    business. I met her at an advanced Silva Method course. She told me that her absolute

  • favorite book, hands down, for manifesting results in her life was a little paperback that's

    no longer in print.

    I didn't recognize the title when she told me, but then she lent me her copy and I

    recognized it right away. David St. Clair's Lessons in Instant ESP.

    When I was much younger I used to read every mind-development book I could find

    (literally I used to spend lunch money on metaphysical and mind-training books) and this

    was a favorite. It was so clear and easy to understand.

    I was shocked to find it's no longer in print. When I checked Amazon it was available as

    a used paperback book for as much as 250 dollars!

    I didn't want to buy it again for such an inflated price, so I just intended to find it in a

    secondhand bookshop at the right time. (I found it in a quiet little bookshop for two


    One of the techniques in this book is a technique for attracting physical circumstances

    into your life. You do it by drawing symbols into a five-pointed star, and then mentally

    charging the star with energy.

    The author David St. Clair doesn't say WHY it works, but just that he learned it from

    studying the cabala (his spelling, typically you find cabala spelled Qabala or Kabbalah,

    depending on which flavor of cabala appeals to you).

    He says that it works for attracting material items only.

    Why on earth would drawing little symbols on a 5-pointed star (or pentagram) make

    material results happen?

    Good question...


    In ancient Greece there was a teacher named Pythagoras who had a unique theory of

    numbers (some say he learned this over in Egypt). He believed that everythingbeautiful

    has at its root a certain balance that can be measured mathematically, through a certain

    number .

    He felt that architecture that reflected this ratio would be more pleasing and make people

    FEEL good. (He must have been a VERY influential guy. Architecture and art in ancient

    Greece constantly reflects this secret and powerful number.)

    Pythagoras also had a theory that music should reflect mathematical balance, and that any

    ill health -- physical or emotional -- could be remedied by making the body more

    balanced through the right kind of music.

  • It was 2100 years later (yes, 2100 -- Pythagoras was alive a LONG time ago!) that

    scientists started verifying his findings about the magical number being everywhere in

    nature. It took 500 MORE years before scientists started verifying that music can have a

    remedial effect on mind and body.

    Wait, it gets even stranger.

    The number Pythagoras referred to is called many things: It's known as the Divine

    Proportion, or the Golden Ratio, the Golden Section, or the Golden Mean. (The official

    word for it, though, is Phi (pronounced "fee" -- not to be confused with "pi.")

    The ratio expressed as AB/BC=BC/AC

    The number, by the way, is infinite, and starts with ...


    Flowers grow according to this number. (Have you ever wondered how a seed knows to

    grow? When you open a seed there's nothing in it except for a little dust. Somehow,

    though, the path of growth is set already. It's set according to this number.)

    Patterns on butterfly wings follow this ratio. It shows up in music. (Music that makes you

    feel good, anyway.) It's a surprisingly constant number on planet earth. It shows up in

    animals, plants, insects, even in the growth of a human from single cell through birth. It

    shows up as a pattern within our DNA, and in the structure of galaxies.

    If you were to make a perfect symbolic expression of this number it is --surprise -- a


    Pythagoras and his followers (in 600 b.c.) used a secret symbol to identify their group.

    The symbol was a pentagram. He knew that the expression of this number (in an icon

    such as a pentagram) was a gesture of acknowledgement to the deeper order that

    produces health and harmony.

    Remember I told you about the "cabala" book that includes a technique in which you use

    the symbol of a pentagram?

    Well, I was raised Catholic, and as a reflex felt funny about the use of a pentagram for

    "manifesting" what is wanted. The shape itself seemed to be part of traditions so distinct

    from my Catholic upbringing that no matter how "enlightened" or new agey I got, it still

    seemed to produce a continual fear reaction in my body. That it was somehow the wrong

    use of magic. (Say what you will, those Catholic grade schools have a lingering effect on

    young minds.)

  • So then I started writing up this article about pentagrams and manifesting in December

    '03, just before Christmastime, and sure enough those panicky irrational "Is this of God or

    is this not of God?" fears started showing up in my mind.

    Then a funny thing happened.

    That week I was invited to a special mass at the school where my wife teaches. It was an

    authentic Filipino Christmas Mass called the "simbang gabi." The mass was in English

    and in Tagalog (language of the Philippines), presented by a Catholic Archbishop from

    the Philippines. I had never been to one of these before, and it was a special invitation to

    my wife and me from someone who celebrates this tradition.

    It really seemed like a Catholic mass in every way but one. There were big pentagrams

    all through the church! Then at one point in the mass, people throughout the church took

    out these big homemade pentagrams they made and brought them to the front of the

    church near the altar. Then everyone in the church did a prayer and aimed their

    outstretched hands toward the pentagrams to "send energy" to them!

    Turns out that the Filipino tradition of the "simbang gabi" is to do nine masses over nine

    days, and to hand-make a LARGE lantern in the shape of a pentagram to symbolize the

    star that the wise men followed to the birth of Jesus. The point of the nine masses is to

    help manifest some special intention that you want to create in your life.

    Now, in 30+ years of conscious memory, including some years living in Asia, I have

    NEVER seen a Catholic ritual of making pentagrams, or for that matter ever saw a

    pentagram in a church! The coincidence was funny.

    But the use of a pentagram predates Christianity by about 600 years that we know of.

    (I know that you want to apply this to a personal manifesting project, and I promise we'll

    get to that shortly.)

    A student of Pythagoras (well, two hundred years later) was Plato. Plato had some far out

    ideas about how the world works.

    Remember that idea from a recent Scientific American? That the world that SEEMS 3-d

    is really just a reflection of some kind of "source code"?

    Plato said something VERY similar. That the world your senses show you ISN'T the real

    world, but is only a reflection of the real world.

    How do you change the reflection-world so that it's more pleasing to you?

    You might want more money, more love, better health, more joyful relationships. You

    may want that business deal to happen the way you want, or that upcoming test to be

    easier to pass. Maybe you need a job?

  • The trick is to get to the feeling place that the outcome would produce in YOUR BODY.

    You do that not by USING a pentagram, but by BECOMING a pentagram.

    A Pentagram is kind of shaped like a person, if you look at it. It has a head, two arms,

    two legs and a torso. I already mentioned how mathematically the shape is a superb

    expression of the number which represents order in the universe. What ELSE does it


    RECENT studies on something called HRV show something useful.

    HRV is a method of measuring the rate of heartbeats in your body. Your heart when it

    beats at, say, 65 beats per minute, is not beating with the same amount of time between

    each beat. On AVERAGE there may be 65 beats per minute, but there are tiny

    fluctuations in the amount of time between beats, and HRV measures that heart activity.

    It turns out that very specific states of consciousness correspond to HRV, and when you

    are in a state of loving compassion, your HRV rate is reflecting the Golden ratio!

    Brainwave activity of someone in an ecstatic state ALSO reflects -- on an EEG -- the

    ratio of phi, or the Golden ratio.

    I read recently that measured breath rates of someone in an ecstatic, loving state also

    reflect phi, or the Golden Ratio. The tempo of one's breathing!

    Does that mean that if you intentionally step into loving, compassionate ecstasy, your

    body would resonate the numbers that correspond to order and balance?

    Some scientists (-- not new agers but scientists!) call the Golden Ratio the blueprint of

    mother nature. In their case (this was an article on the BBC website) it's because of the

    pattern of genetics shown to follow the Golden Ratio.

    What gives birth to plants, animals and people gives birth to your deepest wish as well.

    Adjust the blueprint by feeling and being in love. Love others. Love what you are

    intending. But most of all, BE in the place of feeling love. (You don't have to be all

    "sensitive" and tree hugging, unless you want to. This can be a very strong and

    committed proactive love. The point is your PREFERENCE for what is wanted and

    enjoyed and beneficial to all involved.)

    Neville Goddard has a good reminder to think FROM your goal (rather than OF your

    goal). That alone can produce the state I am referring to.

    Remember the item from the opening paragraph? You know, the ONE thing you want


  • How would it FEEL to have your goal be true? What would your mind and body be

    doing if you were in that place now?

    How would it feel? Wouldn't you love it?

    Speaking of love, did you know that the movement of the planet Venus across the sky

    creates a perfect pattern of a pentagram over the course of 7 years?

    You may not be into astrology, but isn't it funny that the planet representing Love (Venus

    in astrology represents many things related to love, and love IS involved with the act of

    creation) should create a pattern constantly over your head that is in the shape of a


    Okay, enough of this new agey stuff for now.

    Next issue will tell you an EASY way to double your reading speed in 27 seconds FLAT.

    (If you are AT ALL interested in learning, this is something you won't want to miss!)


    If you know someone who would be interested in my newsletter, would you send them a

    note? They can subscribe instantly by


    Why is Love called a magician?

    Because all the force of magic consists in Love.

    The parts of this world,

    like the members of one animal,

    depend all on one Love

    and are connected by natural communion.

    Love is the common drawing together,

    and this is the true magic.

    ---Marcilio Ficino

    *Marcilio Ficino was an astrologer and Catholic priest in the 1500's in Italy. He was also

    a devoted student of Plato and Hermes (he translated both of them) and used to do

    magical rituals to affect his horoscope.

  • Affirmation Success Newsletter


    Issue Three/Part Two



    Issue #3 part two: Guardian Angels/The art of visual prayer/Lonely

    Lawyer and the Single Girl

    1. Success Stories:

    a. Lonely Lawyer and the Single Girl

    b. Hearing a little whisper

    2. Do-it-yourself Techniques: The art of visual prayer/The pink bubble



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    Ram Dass recommends picturing God as an imaginary friend you speak to,

    and that, after a time, you come to appreciate God as the real being

    and YOU are the imaginary friend.

    Some people think of prayer like Angels listening to you personally

    and helping you out whenever possible.

    In 1992, following an NLP Master Practitioner training in Colorado, I

    was meeting numbers of people who had extraordinary experiences.

    A 'feeling' of a loving presence. "Coincidences" that were downright

    miraculous. The stories were amazing. Even outright skeptics had

  • stories to tell. My girlfriend at the time, whose posture was that

    such talk was a lot of new age crap, said that SHE even had one experience

    beyond explaining, of a feeling of a loving being comforting her while

    she was (physically) alone in a room.

    I learned quickly that you can mention the word Angels to people

    pretty much anyplace, yes even at an NLP training, and you'll hear either a

    personal experience, or a friend's personal experience, in no time at


    People would take me aside and privately tell me of things that

    sounded like an episode of "Touched by an Angel." Whether I was in North

    Carolina, Colorado, Florida, the stories were quite similar.

    True Story #1:

    My home in 1992 was being fumigated (tented), and for one night I

    stayed at a friend's house. He is a successful attorney in Miami.

    That night he mentioned to me that he had a problem. He had a

    contract to work at a law firm and that contract had recently ended. A young

    woman he worked with at that firm also was under contract and her

    contract also ended. The problem was that he wanted to call her but

    had no reason to. He said that he felt silly calling her just to say


    Knowing that I had been accumulating an extraordinary number of

    stories about Guardian Angels, he asked me: If there are such things as

    Guardian Angels, would they help, and if so, how? (I found it

    extraordinary that he would ask me such a question!)

    I said that I am not an expert on the subject, but from what I had

    learned it seemed you need only ask aloud, as if they are around you

    and can hear you, and that's pretty much it.

    He said thank you and that was the end of the conversation.

    That was on Sunday night. On Thursday afternoon I saw him again. I

    asked if any new developments had happened with that woman. He said

    that a funny thing had happened: A stranger had called him on the

    phone to tell him that he (the stranger) had found a purse belonging

    to a woman (the woman from the law firm!). The stranger looked inside

    the purse and found a wallet and other things, including my friend's name

    and phone number on a piece of paper. He called my friend to ask him

    if he would please contact the owner of the purse to let her know the

    purse had been found.

  • This was amazing to me. I pointed out to my friend what he had asked

    me just four nights prior. He had forgotten! "Oh my God, I forgot about

    that!" he said. (What happened next was also startling: he and I were

    having the conversation at my parents' house, and that VERY minute my

    mother walked in the front door holding a bakery box. She said that

    she bought something that she'd not gotten in years, a favorite dessert of

    mine when I was younger. She opened the box and it was...chocolate

    covered Angelfood cake!)

    Maybe it is all the NLP training, but my curiosity was instantly

    aroused as to the STRUCTURE of what happened:

    1. Notice Problem.

    2. Think of a solution.

    3. Ask aloud for help in reaching the solution. (Very important to



    4. Forget about the problem.

    Is there something about brain structure that makes this process


    Picturing things involves certain regions of your brain,

    creating/speaking/hearing words involve still other regions, feeling

    emotion involves still another region. Is there some combined effect

    when calling ALL these regions into play? A future issue of this

    newsletter will go into much more detail on this topic as it relates

    to Image Streaming and "bridging" regions of the brain, but for now the

    question is this: Are there infinitely wise/capable elements of OUR

    psyches so out of awareness that their form is only perceivable to

    conscious selves as Guardian Angels or some form of Divine


    True Story #2

    I was in traffic in downtown Miami, and it was hot. My car's air

    conditioner was broken so I sat with the windows open, in traffic,

    feeling hot, sticky and irritable. It was the middle of the afternoon,

    I had a frustrating day, and nothing was going right.

    So I sat.

    I heard what sounded like a whisper behind my right ear. "Put on the

    radio station, 103."

    Oh great, I'm insane.

  • The voice really was like a whisper, NOT like me talking to myself. I

    say this with some degree of certainty, because I had JUST returned

    from NLP Comprehensive's month-long Master Practitioner Program, in

    which we explored EXTENSIVELY the qualities of inner sounds and

    pictures. This gentle whisper was NOT the same as the inner sounds you

    can move about in your imagination. It just had a totally different

    quality to it.

    So I sat in my car, sweating, considering this gentle suggestion to

    change the station. At the time, 103 was a hard rock station, so I

    literally said aloud (people in cars nearby may have thought I was

    bonkers), "It's hot and I'm uncomfortable, and I don't usually listen

    to that station, and I especially don't want to hear that kind of

    music right now."

    "Put on 103."

    So I did. It was a loud hard-rock song. It sounds a little weird to

    admit, but I actually said aloud in the car, "THIS is what you wanted

    me to hear?"

    The whisper said: "The next song." (Again, the voice was especially

    noticeable to me for its gentleness, considering how irritated I


    So I sat, in 90-plus degrees, in a downtown Miami Summertime

    mid-afternoon traffic jam, waiting for the next song on the radio

    because I heard a gentle whisper suggesting I do so. (I made a mental

    note to have a CAT scan soon.)

    The next song was a song by Aerosmith, "You're my Angel." I laughed

    outloud. My mood, which had been irritated and uncomfortable, had

    shifted to joy instantly.

    Was that a voice of an angel, or my brain being clever enough to

    orchestrate this experience? Intuition is a real thing, even

    scientists have proven the time-traveling ability of attention, so it

    is not beyond imagining that my brain could have accessed the future

    playlist of that station, then created what seemed like an external

    voice telling me to put on that station. This is possible.

    The Huna psychology of Hawaii and Polynesia, mentioned in a previous

    newsletter, includes a facet of the mind which is all-knowing. Some

    call it a super-consciousness, some call it a higher self, some

    (perhaps) call it a Guardian Angel. The theory is that there is a

  • Divine element within your mind which has an infinite, all-knowing

    quality to it.

    Perhaps speaking aloud -- as if to one's Guardian Angel -- gets the

    attention of the Omniscient part of oneself and THAT's what generates

    seemingly miraculous results.

    NOTE: This is a quick intro to Huna Model. Furthermore, it is ONE

    interpretation of Huna, and mentioned very quickly to set up the

    Do-it-Yourself experiment to follow.

    In the Huna model, there are three parts to your mind

    1. Conscious: everyday sense of self, decider/chooser, very little


    2. Subconscious: keeper of all memory, seat of all emotion and

    gut-instincts, creator of dream and trance imagery

    3. Superconscious: seemingly infinite, all-knowing, timeless,


    According to ONE understanding of Huna, prayer works like this:

    Your conscious mind has no direct access to the Superconscious portion

    but can only speak to it through the Subconscious.

    Like this:

    conscious ---> subconscious ---> Superconscious

    Recall the idea of votes in your mind from newsletter #1? That each

    thought has a vote and then the majority wins? According to the Huna

    model, the Superconscious ALWAYS says yes to the subconscious. So if

    you want a relationship, and you're lonesome, and no part of your

    subconscious has any blocks to having a relationship, then your

    request from conscious to subconscious to Superconscious will go right through

    and you will meet someone at 7-11 the next time you stop for a Yoo-


    If you have some contrary thoughts kicking around, from back when your

    stepmother told you at age 5 to never ever get married (and you

    believed her), then your superconscious is getting mixed signals from

    your subconscious mind. You want a relationship, you swear, but

    something in your mind is a little anxious about it, thanks to a

    thought/belief/memory about this.

    (NLP provides many ways to be congruent again, and this newsletter in

    future issues will also deal specifically with becoming congruent in

    pleasurable ways.)

  • The important thing to notice, for now, is that prayer may be the

    communication between one area of your unconscious mind to ANOTHER

    area of your unconscious mind in a way that changes your life's


    The degree to which you have rapport and communication with your

    SUBconscious is the degree to which you will be clearer in your


    According to the Huna Model, one very unmistakeable way to get your

    message from your conscious self to the subconscious part of your mind

    is through imagery.

    Think of how much clarity is necessary in getting a message to a young

    child, and you'll know what kind of specificity I mean. (A friend of

    mine was setting a table, and a young child was helping him. "Here,

    put this where daddy sits," the child was told, so she carefully put the

    plate on the seat!)

    Realizing that this part of your mind will take language so literally,

    you want to be very specific in your requests. Since it is this

    literal and childlike part of your mind which will be taking the request to

    your Superconscious, then what you are desiring must be understood by

    your subconscious if it is to be manifested.

    That is why mental pictures are very good for programming events to


    Do-it-yourself Experiment #1: Visual Prayer with the pink bubble


    Imagine something you deeply and truly desire. It could be a new job,

    a new relationship (or a new way of relating in a current relationship),

    a new car, a resolution of some health challenge, you name it. Create

    an image in your mind of that end result. (If you are unaware of your

    mental pictures, you can just "sense" the image and that will work

    just as well.) Picture the outcome just the way you want it, in a way that

    is of course harmless and a pleasure for all concerned. (If the

    intention is a relationship, keep in mind that someone even better

    than the one you're thinking of may come along instead, so be willing to

    have the "someone even more wonderful" instead as a default.) Also,

    there is the fact that the universe can be a smart-aleck. Pretend that

    you will get EXACTLY what you picture.

    Allow pink to surround the image entirely, symbolic of the Love behind

    this intention. You are surrendering this thought, with the full

  • knowledge that this or something better will happen in a way that is a

    harmonious blessing to all concerned.

    Keep the image in your mind for a moment, and then let it go and see

    it rising higher away, farther and farther away from the earth, See the

    image traveling farther and farther away from the earth all the way to

    the edge of the universe. Then put the thought out of your mind

    entirely. That's the whole process. This is best done lightly,

    matter of factly, with willingness to HAVE the outcome and yet no attachment

    to having the outcome.

    It will literally take you less time to do it once than to read the

    steps. Allow an image to be surrounded with pink and a feeling of

    love and surrender. Let the image go farther and farther and farther.

    Trust that the result, or something better, will happen in a

    harmonious way.

  • Affirmation Success Newsletter

    At Christmastime a few years ago, I was giving out Christmas gifts to

    friends. At the local bar (which I made a beeline for every Friday

    and/or Saturday) I made friends with some of the regulars, including a young

    woman -- the sister of the female bartender (do people say 'barmaid'

    anymore?) -- who was always there in the bar every weekend.

    I wasn't THAT close with the sister, but wanted to give her a little

    something, so I gave her a copy of a little book by Stuart Wilde

    called "Miracles."

    That little book, in case you haven't read it, is about how with your

    attention you bring into your world what you desire, and how to do so

    deliberately. (You can find it at or through any Barnes and

    Noble/Borders bookstore, or online.)

    I thought anyone with a desire would enjoy that little book, and

    wished her a Merry Christmas.

    Fast forward three months.

    I visited the bar, and the Bartender was busy. She shout