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  • 1. Hennepin County

2. What is Cool Counties?A pledge to take action on Climate Change Inventory greenhouse gas emissions from internal operations Implement policies and programs to reduce emissions Coordinate efforts with Minnesota State departments Support state legislation that is consistent with Hennepin Countys goals Urge action at the federal level to reduce emissions 3. Why Join Cool Counties?Minnesota has already codified strict GHG reductions Enhances existing HC policies & programs for energy efficiency Ensures measurement & documentation of HCs emission reductions Provides direction to county departments 4. Minnesota Goals Compared to Cool Counties GHG Emission Reduction GoalsCool CountyMN 100908070 % Goal605040302010 02010 2015 2020 20252030 2035 2040 2045 2050Year 5. Compile an accurate emissions inventory Create emissions baseline and past 3-5 years accomplishments 86 owned facilities, 57 leased facilities, 676 vehicles Establish recordkeeping requirements and protocols; identify responsible parties Recommend reductions from County operations Review & Assess GHG monitoring and reporting protocols Identify federal, state & other grant opportunities 6. Hennepin County CO2 emissions Based on self-reporting byindividual departments in2007early 2008. Emissions not Libraries 4,971accounted for include: exCity libraries, corrections, Mobile sources6,693* tax forfeit property, orscope 3 emissions. Leased Buildings 8,226 2007 Emissions: Property Services49,307 Direct195,841 Energy Center37,115 Indirect 70,475 HERC160,004* Total (metric tons) 266,316 * = anthropogenic 7. Renewable Energy Projects Solar array at Public Works building Wind Turbine at Public Works building 8. Hennepin County Wind Turbine Project1.5-2 MW wind turbine at PW Facility in Medina Clean Renewable Energy Bond awarded by IRS Wind analysis completed by WindLogics Project has Planned Unit Development (PUD) approval by City RFP issued February 4, 2009 9. Solar energy projectsMedina Public Works Building 80 kW Panels mounted on beams above the roof 528 modules 185 watts each Completion in late February 2009 10. TransportationIncreased percentage of bio-diesel Shared E85 fueling station with City of Minneapolis Adopted a new idling policy Downsizing vehicles 8 hybrids, 186 flex fuel, 175 biodiesel Experimenting with nitrogen filled tires Converted 36 signals to LEDs, saving over 400,000 kWh / year 11. HERC Constructed a steam line to the new Ball Park Signed a Joint Energy Efficiency Plan with Xcel, including turbine replacement with potential annual savings of 15,000,000 kWh 12. Employee ProgramsAll printers default to double-sided copying Telecommuting, 2011 employees in 2007 Subsidized transit passes to encourage use of public transportation 13. Outreach & Community Involvement Launched a Cool County web site Host an annual Cool County Fair Produce a Green Notes e-newsletter 14. BuildingsGovernment Center 1,501,950 sq. ft. $2,970,000 in utilities/yr 3000 employees 20,000 tons of CO2/yr 13 tons CO2/1000 sq. ft. 15. Recommissioning HCGCStudy done in 2007, implementation in progress 10 year or less payback Cost to implement ECOs is $650,000 Energy savings estimated at $200,000 annually Overall payback is 3.25 years CO2 reduction of 1,800 tons annually 16. The ECOs13%Lighting 37%ControlsHVAC50% 17. Big Ticket ItemsLighting controls in courtrooms $20,000 Outside air adjustments $65,000 Reduce airflow when heating $20,000 Communication room transfer fans $25,000 18. Current PlanTemperature set points 69F and 75F Eliminate personal appliances Expedite recommissioning of all buildings Central Library study underway HCMC completed Remaining buildings Continue to update controls systems Replace old HVAC systems Lighting, lighting, lighting 19. LightingRelamping from 32w to 25w tubes Fixture upgrades Occupancy sensors County Government Initiative One-stop lighting surveys Increased rebates 20. Lighting SavingsRelamping libraries 220,000 kWh reduced so far 15-25% electrical cost savings 60% discount with CGI rebate 1 year payback Reduction of 200 tons CO2 annually 21. New LibrariesPlymouth and Maple Grove Libraries Geothermal heating and cooling Daylighting Automated lighting controls Premium efficiency motors Green roof Permeable pavers Native building materials 22. Questions? by Andrew Leith and Leah Hiniker


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