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A presentation given by Cheryl Doig at the learning@school conference 2010.


<ul><li> 1. Making<br />Change<br />Stick<br />Dr Cheryl Doig<br /></li></ul> <p> 2. Learning Intentions<br />To introduce some basic systems thinking ideas and how they connect with change<br />To develop some strategies for dealing with change in your organisation<br />To gain insight into your role in sustaining change and the implications for your next personal learning<br /><br /> 3. Fixes that Fail<br />Prevention<br />Think about all the unintended consequences as part of your change strategy<br />Accept that it might get worse before it gets better<br />PROBLEM SYMPTOM<br />FIX<br />B1<br />If you get into a vicious cycle ask, What can we do to bring this to a stop? <br />R1<br />UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCE<br /> 4. What is happening now<br />Events<br />Leverage<br />Trends over time<br />Patterns<br />Underlying causal drivers of behaviour over time policies, procedures, process, perceptions<br />Structure<br /> 5. 1. Know Yourself<br /> 6.<br /> 7. The private victory<br />What am I doing to contribute to this?<br />How did my behaviours and actions move us closer to our goal? Move us further away?<br />How will others have perceived this?<br />What assumptions am I making?<br />What do I need to consider for the next stages of our change?<br /> 8. When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselvesVictor Frankl<br /> 9. 2. Know your team<br /> 10. 11. Peer Coaching<br />Demonstrating in front of colleagues<br />taking a risk<br /> 12. 3. Have a plan<br /> 13. Commitment Charting<br />Teacher inquiry<br />A (Induction)<br />B (the D)<br />Team Leaders<br />Technology<br />Board<br />Adapted from the ESD Toolkit v2.0<br /> 14. Making Change Stick is all about what YOU do consistently, connected to the values of your organisation and considering the people and outcomes you are seeking.<br />Support<br />Challenge<br />Learning<br /></p>