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Making your ideas stick. “By ‘stick,’ we mean that your ideas are understood and remembered, and have a lasting impact – they change your audience’s opinions or behaviors.” Chip Heath and Dan Heath. A sticky idea. It has to make the audience: Pay attention Understand and remember it - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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1Making your ideas stickBy stick, we mean that your ideas are understood and remembered, and have a lasting impact they change your audiences opinions or behaviors.Chip Heath and Dan Heath

It has to make the audience:Pay attentionUnderstand and remember itAgree/believeCareBe able to act on it

A sticky ideaBeware!The curse of knowledgeOnce we know something, we find it hard to imagine what it was like not to know it.

Getting lost in a sea of information

The Curse of Knowledge

Partner upTappersyou will tap out a songListenersyou will try to guess the songResultsHow many of you thought you did a great job of tapping out the song?How many of you correctly guessed the song?What Gets in the Way?The Curse of KnowledgeExperts understand things to the point of abstraction conceptual knowledgeThey tend to explain things that wayNovices dont understandNot ConcreteNot SimpleNot Sticky?Maximizing Return on Equity?SimpleSuccess8Simple is hard to doFind the most important ideathe coreONE ideaState it in the most compact way

Keep taking away what is not neededExample of Simple: Core and CompactConsider: Kennedy - Put a man on the moon & return him safely by the end of the decade

Or? Our mission is to become the international leader in the space industry through maximum team-centered innovation and strategically targeted aerospace initiatives

Simple = Core + CompactA pomelo is the largest citrus fruit. The rind is very thick but soft and easy to peel away. The resulting fruit has a light yellow to coral pink flesh and can vary from juicy to slightly dry and from seductively spicy-sweet to tangy and tart.

Tell your neighbor if you think pomelo wouldtaste good mixed half and half with orange juice.

A pomelo is basically a supersized grapefruit with a very thick and soft rind.

Wheres the Lead?Kenneth L. Peters, the principal of Beverly Hills High School, announced today that the entire high school faculty will travel to Sacramento next Thursday for a symposium in new teaching methods. Among the speakers will be anthropoligist Margaret Mead, college president Dr. Robert Maynard Hutchins, and California governor Edmund Pat Brown.12The Lead?There will be no school next Thursday13SimpleShare the CoreSimple = Core + CompactProverbs Sound bites that are profoundBird in the hand (Aesop 570 b.c.)Golden RuleNames, Names, Names Small town paperVisual proverbs: The Palm Pilot wood blockExisting Schemas: The PomeloGenerative analogy: Disneys cast members. 14SimpleFind the coreCommanders intentRelentless prioritizationSouthwest The low fare airlineInverted Pyramid most important at the topForce prioritization If you say 3 things, you dont say anythingIts the economy, stupid

Share the coreDont bury the leadCore + compactProverbs: sound bites that are profoundSchemasSharing the CoreSimple = Core + Compact

Using whats already there

Use a generative analogyUnexpectedsUccess17UnexpectednessGet Attention Surprise

Hold Attention - Interest18Get attention: SurpriseSouthwest flight safety announcementBreak a pattern Enclave Minivan (Ad Council)The Nordie whowraps a package from Macyswarms a customers carrefunds money for tire chains not sold there

Or? Our mission is to provide the best customer service in the industryAvoid gimmickryUnrelated surprises just to catch attentionthe surprise should be part of the simple, core message

Unforeseeable endings (it was all a dream)endings should unite clues that one has been exposed to all along

20Hold attention: InterestCreate a GAPGaps between what we know and what we want to know create curiosity.Open the gap by creating a mental itch.21Simple AND UnexpectedIdentify the central message you need to communicate find the coreFigure out what is counterintuitive about the message i.e., What are the unexpected implications of your core message? Why isnt it already happening naturally? Communicate your message in a way that breaks your audiences guessing machines along the critical, counterintuitive dimensionOnce their guessing machines have failed, help them refine their machines22ConcretesuCcess23ConcreteHelp people understand and rememberMake abstraction concreteProvide a concrete contextThe more hooks in your idea, the betterHelp people coordinateFind common ground at a shared level of understandingMake it realCreate a turf where people can bring their knowledge to bear

ConcreteWrite down as many things you can think of that are white in color.

Write down as many white things in your refrigerator as you can think of.

25ConcreteMost people can list as many white things in their fridge, as they can list white things in general, despite the fact that our fridges do not normally encompass a large part of the universe.

26Examples of concrete ideas

27ConcreteHelp people understand and remember Write with the concreteness of a fable (Sour grapes) Provide a concrete context: Asian teachers approach to teaching math (subtraction)Put people into the story: Accounting class taught with a soap operaUse the Velcro theory of memory: The more hooks in your idea, the better28ConcreteHelp people coordinate Drawings vs. Shop Floor: Find common ground at a shared level of understandingGoals in tangible terms Our new plane (727) will fly 131 pax, MIA-LGA and land on Runway 4-22 (