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MA Educational Data Warehouse Project MADOE and School District Collaboration Maureen Chew MADOE MA Digital Govt Summit 12/11/2007. Project background Data warehouse goals and objectives District participation DOE and district collaboration Collaboration techniques. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • MA EducationalData Warehouse ProjectMADOE and School DistrictCollaboration

    Maureen Chew MADOEMA Digital Govt Summit 12/11/2007

  • MA Education Data Warehouse Project backgroundData warehouse goals and objectivesDistrict participationDOE and district collaborationCollaboration techniques

  • PurposeEnable the Department and public schools to make full use of the information at our disposal in order to enable all students to meet the high standards necessary for success.How?~ Consolidate the Departments student, assessment, educator, program, and financial data into a single system for analysis and reporting; and~ Provide a standardized, low-cost data warehousing system to all districts in the Commonwealth to address the pervasive and increasing need for local educational data analysis.

  • What it isntNot a tool to update or change dataNot a replacement for Districts local SIS

    Dashboard of reports and queriesBased on extracts from DOE and district databasesPre-built reports to answer common questions Flexible tools to respond to new questionsWhat it is

  • Leverage statewide purchasing power for pricingInvest once in the infrastructure required to support data warehousing instead of many timesLoad MCAS data from the sourceMake certified Student snapshots available for comparisonLoad District Staff data in 2008 from statewide file

    Why a state-wide project?

  • Warehouse data

  • Data warehouse goals and objectivesTo rollout the data warehouse to users within the participating districtsProvide state data to all districts for reporting and analysis To allow districts to upload local data to both analyze and incorporate in custom reportsTo train the district users in:End user proficiency Report writingUploading and validating local data

  • District participation56 districts have participated through Title IID Federal technology grants

    These early adapters have worked with us to provide input, feedback and requirements to the success of the project

  • Data warehouse processData WarehouseValidate loadeddataTableValidationReportDistrict ExtractUpload to Drop BoxStaging TableValidate staged extractExtractValidationReportExtract discardedACCEPT orUPDATEREJECTDistrict collaboration

  • DOE and District CollaborationWarehouse policies on state and local dataExtract guide creation and updatesFile upload and validation procedures Requirements gatheringWarehouse reportsWarehouse cubes

  • Collaboration TechniquesProject Steering Committee meetingsUser Group SessionsPilot testing of new functionalityWeekly Webex sessionsTips and Tricks

  • How does new data sets, cubes and reports get added to the warehouse?1. User groupsUser groups identify analysis area, reports, etc New data, cubes and reports may come out of those meetings.Those new data suggestions will go to the DW Steering Committee at intervals where they will be ranked and prioritized. DOE will review and make a final decision. Final decisions will be put on the list for the next Development Phase.DOE warehouse team will schedule these in the next development phase to gather technical and functional requirements and build the requested items in the warehouse.Once in the warehouse the DW team will create documentation if necessary and send comm. To end users notifying them of the new items now available.2. DW Steering Committee3. DOE Decision4. Warehouse Team5. End User

  • Next StepsReach out to all MA school districtsWork with Districts to create budgetTrainingConsultingProfessional DevelopmentDrive DW use down to classroom levelShoot for Statewide Implementation!

    NCLB increased the level of data collected from the state and districts. No easy way to report or use the data in a meaningful way for districts or DOE (i.e. longtitudinal student data w demo, assessments) 5 years of individual student data w associated MCAS scores.DOE purchased a statewide enterprise DW license for use forDOE staff and all districts. Envision pushing this license into the hands of every school administrator and teachers.

    DOE acts as the central repository..allow Districts to load local data, (grades, schedules, local assessments) into warehouse for their use. MA is a local control state.Districts purchase own SIS, HR systems. Housing local data is a new concept to DOE and ? on whether DOE could use this data for determining district and school performance. Local data will only be accessed by DOE after validation from our side. This issue held up district participation for months.


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