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Los Angeles Lakers Trend After Video Leaked Mo Ba

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Los Angeles Lakers Trend After Video LeakedMo Ba

Article ReviewLos angeles Lakers point guard D'angelo Russell is the talk of the NBA, after recording a private conversation between him and teammate Nick Young.The two were in a hotel room when this conversation was held. Nick young was not aware that Russell was recording the conversation.During the conversation Nick Young admitted to having sex with girl from the club.The video then somehow got leaked.

Leaked Video (Interpersonal Conflict)Video getting leaked cause conflict within the Lakers organization because they now have a player that can't be trusted by members of the organization t.This lakers problem is the talk of sports for the past week.The lakers is one of the top organizations in the National Basketball Association (NBA), and for something like this to happen is not a good look anybody affiliated.In this slide I will explore on how the Lakers will move forward from this.

The Video

Dangelo RussellDangelo Russell is 20 year old from Louisville, Kentucky.Attend Ohio State University for a year before being the 2nd player selected in the 2015 NBA draft by the Lakers.With the great Kobe bryant retiring, Lakers drafted Russell to take over after Kobes departure. During the draft evaluation period nothing but good things were said about russell. The organization from top-down believed Russell was the right pick for the Lakers.

Nick YoungNick Young is a 30 year old from Los Angeles, California.Attended University of Southern California before going to the NBA.Hes been with the Lakers now for 3 years.He was signed by the Lakers organization to bring scoring on to the team. Over the years Nick Young proved he belongs in the NBA, has a lil flash to his swagger but can handle himself professionally.

Organizational ConflictThe Lakers now have organizational conflict because of Dangelo Russell behavior.This conflict is not good for the team, because Russell a big key for the Lakers to be successful put himself and the Lakers in a bad position.The management now has to figure out solutions to move on and get rid of this bad vibe within the organization.

Emotion In the Workplace Emotion in the workplace can be positive or negative.I would vote that this situation has brought negative emotion to the Lakers.The Lakers have not won many games this year, but somehow found a way to beat the Miami Heat with so much going on around the organization.Even though what Dangelo Russell did was wrong they made a step forward by using the emotion from the situation to play harder and win.

Russell RespondDangelo held a press conference to address what happened between him and Nick Young.But the apologies from Russell might not be enough to make this go away"I reached out to [Young], let him know my apologies," Russell said. "I don't know if they were accepted. I wouldn't blame him [if he didn't].""I feel as sick as possible,"

Nick Young Talks to Media After watching Nick Youngs Interview I could tell he was hurt, His eyes were glossy, he was getting emotional to the point where he got up and left."I think it's best that me and D'Angelo handle the situation we have in a private manner outside the media," Young said. "I think it's something we really do need to sit down and talk about. That's about it. What happened is what happened. We've got to work on it."

Bad for YoungNick Young is engaged to the famous music artist Iggy Azalea.After the video leaked, Iggy is thinking about calling the the wedding off.She tweeted

Effect on the TeamWhen you're on a team nothing that happens within the team is suppose to go public.From the owner, to management, to coaches, and players everything said and done within the organization never suppose to get out.Here is what head coach of the lakers Byron Scott had to say:The only thing Im disappointed about is it got out, Were a family and we try to keep everything in house. Thats the only thing Im disappointed.

Effect on the Lakers OrganizationThe Lakers situation is trending all over the media.The lakers are one the worst teams in the NBA this season and this situation does not help. The lakers will lose fans over this and have a decline in tickets sales.The Lakers management and public relations team will have to find a way to gain trust back from fans and supporters.

Organizations within the NBA ReactionSeveral players around the NBA has commented on the Lakers current problem.Most comments explained that Russell broke a code that may have him no longer part of the NBA.Players from other organization stressed how important having trust within a team is and Russell broke that to the extreme. No matter what happens if he stay with the Lakers or joins another team this will follow him for the rest of his career.

Moving ForwardMoving forward, if Nick Young loses his wife over this, the lakers will have to make a decisions to get rid of either Russell or Nick Young.The hard decision will have to be made or the conflict within the team won't be solved.I Honestly think keeping Russell will be better for the organization because he is more valuable than Nick Young on the court.

Resolving ConflictNick Young and Dangelo Russell need to have a one on one meeting to set things straight.Then Management needs to have meetings with both players.To make sure everybody is on the same page the whole organization needs to have a meeting so that members can get things off their chest and apologies can be made.A new beginning is what's needed for this Lakers organization to move forward

Avoiding Future ConflictCommunication within the organization will have to be regulated.Dangelo Russell said he was playing around, then the video got leaked causing the Lakers organization a big blow.The lakers need to put a system in place to monitor and regulate what can and cant be done within the organizationConsequences need to made for anyone breaking the rules of the organization

Road Bumps to SuccessWhen the Lakers brought in Kobe Bryant after he was drafted by the New Orleans Hornets they took a chance.Kobe was young only 17 playing with grown men, but the talent was there.Kobe brought problems to the organization early with a Rape case and conflict between him and Shaquille O'neal.After maturing and getting through all the roadblocks, he won 5 championships for the Lakers organization and is one of the best players to ever play in the NBA.

Road Bumps to Success (cont.)

The lakers didn't give up on Kobe Bryant through his rough times of growing up now he is retiring spending his whole career with the Lakers.Dangelo Russells situation reminds me of what Kobe had to go through early in his career.Nobody liked Kobe after being accused of rape and nobody like Russell right now after what he did.For Russell he just has to take Kobes Advice and move on to be great and all of this will go away."It's just unfortunate, man. It's tough," Bryant said. "I'm sure he'll evolve. I'm sure he will grow and I'm sure he'll be better from it.