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Multiple Eras of Excellence By Isaac Jamison. The Los Angeles Lakers. The Lakers are considered to be the top franchise in the NBA because of the stars that have played there, and success that spans throughout the history of the NBA. 1 st Great Era. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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1The Los Angeles LakersMultiple Eras of ExcellenceBy Isaac Jamison2

The Lakers are considered to be the top franchise in the NBA because of the stars that have played there, and success that spans throughout the history of the NBA.31st Great EraThe Lakers franchise began in Minneapolis, their first season was 1947-48. The franchise pre-dates the NBA.

4Laker GreatsGeorge Mikan was the original dominate big man in the NBA. Heres some of what he achieved.7x champion(2 before the NBA began)Was apart of the first 4 all-star teamsNamed the greatest player of the first half-centuryNamed one the NBAs 50 greatest players

51st Great EraLed by Mikan, the Lakers won the first ever NBA title in the 1949-50 season. During this first era the Lakers won 5 titles(including 3 in a row) and became the NBAs 1st dynasty.

62nd Great Era (1960-1974)Although the Lakers won many games during their 2nd great era and played for the title many times, they only produced 1 NBA title during this time.

71st and 2nd Era Jerseys

2nd EraThe Lakers moved the team from Minneapolis to Los Angeles before the 1960-61 season. They became the first NBA team to move to the West coast. Their colors changed from blue and white to purple and gold.

9Laker GreatsThe Lakers drafted Elgin Baylor with the first pick in the 1958 draft. Here are his career highlights.11x NBA all-starRookie of the year 1959Named one of the NBAs 50 greatest playersHolds the record for most points in a Finals game 61 points

10Laker GreatsJerry West was drafted by the Lakers in 1960. His accomplishments include:1972 NBA champion14x all-star10x all-NBA 1st team3x NBA all-defensive teamNamed one of the NBAs 50 greatest players

11Laker Greats

Jerry West has two famous nicknames. Mr. Clutch because he was known to make great plays in the toughest situationshis other nickname is The Logo because his likeness became the logo for the NBA.12Laker Greats

Jerry West became the GM of the Lakers in 1982 and was responsible for the 3rd and 4th great eras.Welcome to LA!He convinced Shaq to sign with LA and in the same year drafted Kobe Bryant.13Laker Greats

Although he only played 5 seasons in LA, Wilt Chamberlain is considered a Laker great because he was part of one of the best Laker teams ever . The 1971-72 team set an NBA record by winning 33 games in a row and won the title that year.143rd Great Era (1980-1991)

During this era, the Lakers won 5 titles and played in for the title 9 of these 11 years.15Laker GreatsKareem Abdul-Jabbar was acquired by the Lakers in 1975. His career highlights include:6x NBA champion6x NBA MVP19x NBA all-star10x all NBA 1st team2x Finals MVP5x NBA all-defensive teamRookie of the year 1970

16Laker GreatsKareem was also one of Bruce Lees top students and even appeared in the Bruce Lee movie Game of Death.

I wish this was basketballYoure gonna wish this was basketball!17Laker GreatsMagic was a member of the world famous "Dream Team in 1992.This was the first time pros were used to compete in Olympic basketball.That summer he helped earn a gold medal for the USA.

Olympian!18Laker GreatsMagic Johnson is considered by many to be the greatest Laker of all time. His achievements include:5x NBA champion 12x NBA all-star9x all NBA 1st team3x Finals MVP3x NBA MVPGold Medalist

193rd EraPat Riley coached the Lakers during their 3rd great era. He led them to 4 NBA titles during the 80s. After winning in 1987, he shocked everyone by guaranteeing his team would win again the next year and they did it!

Championship or your money back!!

204th Great Era (2000-Present)Jerry West hired Phil Jackson to coach the Lakers before the 1999-00 season and so began the 4th great era!

21Laker Greats

Shaquille Oneal joined the Lakers in 1996 his accomplishments include:4x NBA champion15x NBA all-star8x all NBA 1st team3x Finals MVPNBA MVPRookie of the year 1993

22Laker GreatsKobe Bryant was drafted by the Lakers in 1996 by former Laker great Jerry West. Some now consider him the greatest Laker ever5x NBA champion2x Finals MVP12x NBA all-star8x all NBA 1st team8x all NBA defensive teamNBA MVP 2008

23Laker GreatsThe most points ever scored in an NBA game was 100 in 1962. No one ever came close to that record until Kobe Bryant scored 81 points!!

81 POINTS!24Laker Greats

Olympian!Kobe led team USA to the gold medal in the 2008 Olympics.254th Era

The Lakers won 3 championships in a row from 2000-02! This era was nicknamed the bling dynasty Check out the rings!

200020012002264th Era

The Lakers traded Shaq after the 2004 season but Kobe and Phil continued to win. Together theyve won the last 2 NBA titles. Repeat! This calls for more champagne!2009 NBA champs!2010 NBA Champs!27Laker Titles

The Lakers have won 16 NBA championships throughout multiple erasand out of all the NBA Finals ever played, the Lakers have competed in almost half!2829