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  1. 1. Amanda Canvasser Customer Success Consultant, Federal Practice LinkedIn Leveraging LinkedIn for Public Affairs
  2. 2. Introduction to LinkedIn Optimizing your profile Consuming and sharing content on LinkedIn Telling your organizations story Things we will cover
  3. 3. Connect the worlds professionals to make them more productive and successful Our mission
  4. 4. 347M+ Members worldwide >2 new members per second 84M Monthly unique visitors 1.4M federal members 1.3M veterans 40M+ students & recent grads
  5. 5. For our members The professional profile of record Connect all of the world's professionals Identity Networks Knowledge The definitive professional publishing platform
  6. 6. The professional profile of record Identity
  7. 7. Connect all of the worlds professionals Networks
  8. 8. GroupsSlideShare InfluencersPulse The definitive professional publishing platform Knowledge Barack Obama President of The United States
  9. 9. Source: Mindset Divide Research, TNS, September 2012. Personal Networks Professional Networks Career info Updates on brands Industry Trends Info on friends Info on personal interests Entertainment updates 1 2 3 Spend Time Invest Time Top 3 content types expected on each network Why LinkedIn?
  10. 10. National Journal study finds LinkedIn most widely used platform among Washington Insiders 82% of congressional staffers use LinkedIn (compared to 26% in 2009) LinkedIn also viewed as the most credible social media channel Source: National Journal, Washington in the Information Age, 2015
  11. 11. 28% of CEOs participate in social networks Rate of CEOs using LinkedIn nearly quadrupled since 2012 Source: Weber Shandwick, Socializing Your CEO III, 2015
  12. 12. Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Jared Fogel Redskins Trademark #LastRelationshipTaughtMe #TeenChoice Management Leadership *Trending in the US 7/8/2015
  13. 13. Create economic opportunity for every member of the global workforce Our vision
  14. 14. Realize your dream job Find work Be great at what you do Create economic opportunity
  15. 15. Connecting talent with opportunity at massive scale
  16. 16. Why it matters 347M+ Professionals on LinkedIn 3B+ Members of the global workforce Professional context
  17. 17. Optimizing Your Profile Consuming and Sharing Content on LinkedIn Telling Your Organizations Story 3 Steps for Leveraging LinkedIn for Communications and Public Affairs
  18. 18. Optimizing Your Profile
  19. 19. Beginner Profile
  20. 20. Professional names Use a professional photo Optimize your location and industry Professional headline Customize your profile URL Expand upon your headline and support it Show examples of your work Manage your endorsements Add projects, test scores, courses, patents, certifications and volunteering/causes Make yourself contactable Simple ways to optimize
  21. 21. Creating a great profile
  22. 22. So, why is it important for your employees to have great LinkedIn profiles? Members Current members 435 Connections Unique 1st degree connections 71,987 Employees Monthly viewers of employee profiles 3,301 Employees Monthly viewers of employee profiles 3,301
  23. 23. Consuming and Sharing Content on LinkedIn
  24. 24. 7Xmore page views vs. jobs pages JOBS CONTENT Content pages receive
  25. 25. The definitive professional publishing platform Knowledge GroupsSlideShare InfluencersPulse Barack Obama President of The United States
  26. 26. Tip: SlideShare has major SEO ranking impact Tell visual stories in the stream with SlideShare
  27. 27. Join Groups and become a top contributor
  28. 28. Increase profile views by engaging via Groups
  29. 29. Follow channels for news relevant to you
  30. 30. Gain insights from top industry leaders
  31. 31. Status Updates
  32. 32. Share content with status updates
  33. 33. Include links to content
  34. 34. Or upload a photo
  35. 35. Blogging on LinkedIn
  36. 36. 1. Log into LinkedIn: 2. Click the pencil icon in the status update box on your homepage Getting started is easy
  37. 37. Telling Your Organizations Story
  38. 38. Professionals who have opted-in to a relationship with your organization Company Page and Followers 61% of followers are more likely to share information as a result of following an organization
  39. 39. The updates that get the most action Fun facts and quotes Info about your mission and career opportunities Industry news, tips and best practices Your organization: inside looks and interviews
  40. 40. Whats trending: Share company news
  41. 41. 54% of Federal employees are unsatisfied with the level of information they receive from management about what is going on in the organization 42% of Federal employees are unsatisfied with the way managers communicate goals and priorities of the organization *United States Office of Personnel Management, Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey, Humanize your brand with participation from senior execs and thought leaders
  42. 42. Encourage employees to get on LinkedIn Engage with Company Page content Cross-promote through other channels (including press) Amplify employee content through Company Page Activate your employees
  43. 43. Optimizing Your Profile Consuming and Sharing Content on LinkedIn Telling Your Organizations Story
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