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My house David Yepremyan

Lets read, listen and watch.Grade 4- 1B4 school-garden Mkhitar Sebastatsi educational complex1My houseDavid YepremyanMy house is big and comfortable. There is a living-room, three bedrooms, akitchen, a bathroom and a toilet in it. The living-room is light, because there are four windows in it. My family always have dinner and tea in the kitchen.My parents bedroom is not small. There is a bedinfront of the wall. There are two wardrobes, a mirror, a TV, one big table and a computer in it. The TV is in the corner of the room. The door is opposite the window. 2My houseDavid YepremyanMy room is large, too. My room is next to my parents bedroom. There is a bed, two small tables, one wardrobe, one bookcase, three chairs and many pictures in my room.My room is not very light, because there is one window in it. I am always happy, when my friends visit me.

3My pets

I am David Yepremyan. I have got two parrots and I want to tell you about them.Their names are Kesha and Dasha. I like my parrots. I feed my parrots and I look after them. They are my favorite birds.


Look at my parrots!Dasha is blue, Kesha is yellow. Kesha and Dasha are my friends. They are very clever and funny.My mother and father like my parrots, too.

5My name is David. I am eight. I go to school. I love my family: my father and mother. Soon I will have a sister. Her name will be Tina.

My familyYepremyan David

6This is my mther. Her name is Ann. She is thirty-six. She is a designer. She works on TV.

My motherThis is my father. His name is Robert. He is thirty-six. He is an engineer. He knows a lot of interesting things about nature.

My father8This is my cousin. Her name is Mane. She is four. she goes to kindergarten. She is a very beautiful girl .

My cousin9This is my aunt. Her name is Javik. She is forty. She lives in Yerevan.

My aunt10

These are my uncles. Their names are Vaghik and Gugo. Gugo is a sculptor, Vaghik is a jeweler. My unclesThey have a sister Ruzanna. She is my aunt. She is 22.


I am Arevik. I am eight. My relatives. Arevik Tatintsayan

She is my aunt .her name is Shushan.She is my aunt.Her name is Lilit.12

He is my cousin.His name is Serzh.He is my cousin.His name is Gor.13

He is my uncle.His name is David.He is my uncle.His name is Tigran. The end14My familyNazeli Ter-Petrosyan

My family is small: my, father, mother, sister and me. My father is a financial director. My mother is a director of a company. My sister goes to kindergarten, and I go to school. In the evening my mother, sister and I gather in the living-room and watch TV. My family likes traveling.

My sister and I have got two parrots. Their names are Kesha and Masha. They are my friends.

16My pets

My name is Nazeli. I am eight. I like to eat cakes and ice-cream. I like to go to the cinema, watch cartoons, go to the mountains, forest and cafe. I go to school. I like to play computer games, play outdoor games and I like to listen to music.17About myself

My father My fathers name is Ruben. He is forty-nine. He likes to read books and travel. He likes to go to the seaside. He likes to eat cakes. He likes to count and write. He drives a car.

18My motherMy mother s name is a Naira. She is forty-five. She likes driving, swimming, aikido and she loves my dad. She likes to go to the theatre and rock concerts.

19My sister My sister s name is Satine. She is five. She likes to go to the Sevan. She likes to eat ice-cream and drink milk. She likes to listen to tales and to watch cartoons.

20My relatives I have one aunt. I have six cousins. I have two uncles.


Gevorg KhachatryanMy familyThis is my family. It is very big: my mother, father, two sisters and me. I love them very much and they love me, too.


You can see my father, two sisters and me in this photo. My fathers name is Garik.He is a businessman. I love my father very much! My father23

My motherAnd this is my mother. Her name is Karine. She is a housewife. I love her very much! We are very happy! 24

My sister And this is my younger sister Sona. She is good at sports. She sings and plays the piano very well.She is eleven. I love her very much. 25

These are my cousins. They are older than me. I love them very much. 26This is my aunt. Her name is Anna. Now she is in Holand.

This is my uncle. I love him too.

So this is my family. I think you love them.27My name is Marine. My family is not big. We are four: my mother, father brother and me.My mother s name is Naira. She is a teacher.My father s name is Vahan, he is a teacher, too. And he is also a scientist.My brother is fifteen. His name is Araik. Every evening I go for a walk with my family.

Marine AsatryanMy family

28My familyBoris Baghdasaryan

29I am Boris. I am eight. Our family is bery big. We are a family of ten . I have two brothers and two sisters. In our house there are only two pupils - me and my brother Garik.My father is an engineer.My mother is a translator.I usually do my homeworkand watch TV in the evening.I go to bed at 12 o clock.

My friendSergey Boyakhchyan

My friends name is David.He is eight. He is a schoolboy. David is tall. He looks like his father. He has got short black hair.His nose is straight. His mouth is small.He is a very good boy.His eyes are black.David likes Maths.He is good at English, Armenian and Maths.David and me are good friends. We like to play football in PE class.

My familyLilit Tigranyan31

My familySergey Boyakhchyan

32My family Nazeli Ter - Petrosyan

33TextsMy house ----------------------------------2, 3My pets -------------------------------------4,5My family----------------------------------6-29My friend-------------------------------------30VideosMy family (Lilit Tigranyan)-----------------31My family (Sergey Boyakhchyan) --------32My family (Nazeli Ter-Petrosyan)---------33