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  1. 1. Lets Learn Fruits and Veggies
  2. 2. Introduction This is a completely new game for kids to help them learn about all the basic food items that we eat. This game by Gameiva which is especially for kids will help them learn the shapes and names of all the fruits and vegetables. Choose from any of the difficulty level and start the game. There are a lot of different variety broken fruits and vegetables in the game. Combine and join all those broken pieces and finish each level.
  3. 3. Features So many different varieties of fruits and vegetables in the game. Choose the difficulty as per your confidence in solving it. Combine all the broken pieces in to its perfect to complete all the fruits and veggies successfully. The difficulty level will be an expert level practice for kids. Share this amazing fruit and vegetable game with our friends and have fun.
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  5. 5. Download http://bit.ly/LearnFruitsandVeggies
  6. 6. Thank you, God, for Yummy Fruits And Veggies