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  • 1. We wanted to familiarize thestudents from our school withEnglish speaking countries holidays. We decided to compare them withPolish traditions.

2. To start with, we chose threeholidays celebrated both in Polandand England, i.e. Christmas, Valentines Day, Shrove Tuesday. 3. We organized the sale of sweetsnacks famous in Poland and inEngland. We will hand over theincome from the sale to Gregorys parents to donate the expensiveoperation of the sick boy. 4. Gregory is a boy who was born in ourvillage about a year ago with TARsyndrome.It means he has no hands 5. We created a website where we putsome photos from our actions, good recipes and detailed information about our activities. website - www.eprojekt.cba.pl 6. This was our first action. The sale included gingerbread, poppy- seed cake, cheesecake, which are typical for the British tradition. 7. At this stage we collected202 z 10gr 8. Valentines Days and ShroveTuesdayThen we organized the sale for Valentines Day and TustyCzwartek, which in Britishculture is known as ShroveTuesday 9. The sale included: Englishpancakes (with maple syrup and some cream), a cake and cookies 10. Doughnuts and Angel wings 11. We have collected 163z 20gr 12. The students from our school really liked our project. Most of them areinterested in the next part of the project. At the same time we helped Grzeto get money for his operation. 13. Our next step will be Easter. 14. This time we plan to sell yeast lambs, chocolate eggs and branches of pussy willow.At the end of the project we aregoing to prepare a quizz checking,how much the students remember about English speaking countries sweet traditions. 15. Thank you for attention Karolina Snoch Sandra Szperlak Anna Myliwiec Bogusz Jagieo Kamil Korona