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  • Leave of Absence Guide for Managers You may not have to track a leave of absence (LOA) very often, but when you do, we want to make sure you have the information you need to stay informed about your team's absences. Use this guide to learn about the types of LOA offered at McKesson, wage replacement benefits and any steps you need to take when someone on your team goes on LOA.

    Inside you can find information about

    2 Leave Administrators 3 Matrix Tracking Tools 4 Fitness for Duty/Return to Work Release Form 5 Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) 8 Paid Parental Leave 10 Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

    12 Military Leave 14 Personal Leave 16 Bone Marrow Donation Leave 17 Cancellations and Accommodations 18 Wage Replacement Benefits 19 KRONOS

  • Leave Administrators

    When a team member tells you they need to take a LOA, direct them to the Leave of Absence page on McKNet (Life@McKesson > Pay, Benefits & Time Off > Leave of Absence). That's where they can find information about the types of LOA available to them, including eligibility requirements and Matrix's contact information.

    LOA Administrators

    Matrix Matrix Absence Management manages the following LOAs and wage-replacement benefits:

    • Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) — p. 5

    • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) — p. 10

    • Paid Parental Leave — p. 8

    • Military Leave — p. 12

    • Short-Term Disability (STD) — p. 18

    Cigna Cigna administers the following wage-replacement benefit:

    • Long-Term Disability (LTD) — p. 18

    Paid Time Off During a LOA

    You need to enter accrued PTO on KRONOS for team members on an intermittent FMLA, but not for their STD waiting period, unless they're in a union. If you have union employees, you're responsible for managing their sick and vacation time. See p. 19.

    Manager and Human Resources You work with HR to approve and manage the following LOAs:

    • Personal Leave — p. 14

    • Bone Marrow Donation — p. 16

    As a manager, you are the main intake person for a team member's Personal LOA. See p. 15.


  • Matrix Tracking Tools

    Absence Radar Calendar

    Each Status Notification includes a link to the Absence Radar Calendar. The calendar has information about Matrix-administered LOAs on your team for the previous six months, the current month and the next five months. For example, you can find:

    • How many team members are on LOA.

    • The name, type of leave, status, and start and end date for each absent team member.

    • Information about returns to work, work restrictions and steps you may need to take.

    • A messaging feature to contact the Matrix claims examiner handling the employee's LOA.

    You can also use the calendar to create reports that show how often a team member is absent and the current number of new or partial LOAs. Access the calendar from the convenient link in the Status Notification emails or by logging in to your Matrix eServices account at www.matrixabsence.com.

    Managing your team's absences can be easy. Rely on Status Notifications and the Absence Radar Calendar to stay up to date on any LOA administered by Matrix — FMLA, ADA, Paid Parental, STD and Military.

    Status Notifications

    Status Notifications are emails you get from Matrix when someone on your team goes on a Matrix-administered LOA. The notifications have a table summary of:

    • New or updated absences in red text, as well as any current absences.

    • Any steps you need to take.

    • Contact information for the Matrix claims examiner handling the employee’s LOA.

    Link to Absence Radar Calendar

    Customized instructions on absence event procedures

    New or updated information in RED so you don’t miss it

    Important information about employees who will be out for a continuous period of time

    Important information about employees absent for all or part of a day


  • As part of the leave process, your team member can expect to receive a Fitness for Duty/Return to Work Release Form from Matrix. Five days before the team member returns to work, they need to send a copy of the form to their Matrix claims examiner.

    Fitness for Duty/Return to Work Release Form

    Your employee needs to submit the form to Matrix before returning to work.

    If your employee comes back to work without a completed Fitness for Duty/Return to Work Release Form, you need to contact Matrix to confirm they're released to return to work.

    If the return to work is approved with medical restrictions, Matrix sends you a Status Notification email with next steps. If you can accommodate the restrictions, Matrix confirms your team member's return to work. If you can't make an accommodation, Matrix lets the employee know they can't return to work yet, and shares the employee's new estimated return to work date with you.

    You're not the intake person for this form.


  • Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)


    Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) is available to employees who need time away from work due to certain family or medical situations. FMLA provides unpaid, job-protected leave for up to 12 weeks in a 12-month period for:

    • Pregnancy, prenatal medical care and childbirth.

    • Caring for a family member* with a serious health condition.

    • Certain military reasons, such as caring for a family member* injured during service, or for time off when a family member is called to certain active duty.

    • Baby bonding with a biological, adopted or foster child.

    • An employee's own serious health condition, including mental health issues and substance abuse treatment.

    * Family member includes an employee’s spouse, domestic partner (as defined in the McKesson Health and Welfare Wrap Plan), child or parent.

    Eligibility for FMLA

    An employee is eligible for FMLA if:

    • They have worked for McKesson at least 12 months. The 12 months don't have to be consecutive.

    • They have worked at least 1,250 hours in the last 12 months.

    • Their reason for leave is covered under FMLA.

    • They have FMLA time available.

    • They provide the supporting paperwork requested by Matrix.

    • They work at a location that is within 75 miles of a location with at least 50 McKesson employees.

    Recent hires, part-time employees or those who work at a facility with few McKesson employees may not be eligible for FMLA.

    Eligibility for Short-Term Disability (STD)

    Short-Term Disability (STD) benefits provide a source of income for employees who take LOA because of their own serious health condition, including pregnancy-related conditions. Learn more about STD benefits on p. 18.


  • State/City Disability Benefits

    In certain states/cities, a team member may receive state/city disability or paid sick leave benefits. State/city benefits vary and are applied before McKesson benefits. If a team member lives in a state and/or city that pays disability benefits, their payments are offset based on the state/city amounts. Encourage your team member to visit their state’s and city’s website to learn more and apply. When a team member files for FMLA with Matrix, Matrix lets them know about any steps they need to take to file for state/city disability benefits.

    Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

    Your team member requests FMLA and, if applicable, STD benefits with Matrix at least 30 days before their LOA begins. If they need LOA unexpectedly, your team member needs to make their request with Matrix as soon as possible.

    If a team member is physically or mentally unable to file a request for LOA, you can file for them by contacting Matrix.

    Here's how your team member's approved claims and employment status affect their PTO use:

    • If your team member is approved for FMLA only, they have to use accrued PTO during their absence.

    • If your team member is approved for both FMLA and STD, they need to use accrued PTO during their seven-day waiting period for STD. They can choose whether or not to use PTO to supplement STD benefits, which are 70% of their basic weekly earnings during weeks 6-26 of STD.

    • If your team member is an exempt employee, they only need to use accrued PTO when they're absent a full day.

    • FMLA is unpaid, for both exempt and non-exempt team members, when they don't have PTO available and they aren't eligible for Paid Parental Leave or state/city benefits.

    Pregnant team members can file for FMLA, STD benefits and Paid Parental Leave with Matrix.

    FMLA is unpaid, but a team member may be eligible for STD benefits if they're on an unpaid LOA due to their own disability, injury or medical condition. When a team member files for FMLA with Matrix, Matrix files a claim for STD. Matrix also lets the employee know about any steps they need to take to file for state/city disability benefits.

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    Matrix sends the team member an Absence Packet with paperwork to complete and return to Matrix within 15 days of filing for FMLA. If a team member doesn't get an electronic copy of the Absence Packet from Matrix within 24 hours of filing a claim, they need to contact Matrix. A list of the required paperwork can also be f


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