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Download Job Data Updating Job Data with the correct Action/Reason Leave of Absence – Temporary unpaid absence Paid Leave of Absence – Temporary paid absence

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PHRSTSystem Considerations

1Job DataUpdating Job Data with the correct Action/ReasonLeave of Absence Temporary unpaid absencePaid Leave of Absence Temporary paid absenceReturn from Leave Puts employee back to a Payroll Status of ActiveSelect the appropriate reasonRefer to the handout of PHRST procedure Leave of Absence HRU-JOB-12 also available on the PHRST website

Refer to your HR / Benefits Manual, Chapter 10.

If unpaid leave is less than a pay period, do not record the HR transaction in PHRST, instead coordinate with your Payroll office to accurately report the hours worked in the pay period.

If leave extends beyond one full pay period, enter the actual effective date of the leave in PHRST.2Short-Term Disability PaymentsSTD payments are:Subject to all taxes except Unemployment TaxPensionableCannot be deferred through Deferred Compensation (457(b)) or Tax-Sheltered Annuity (TSA 403(b))Subject to all deductions including garnishmentsFunded by OMB; including the associated OECs

3Short-Term Disability PaySetting Up Additional Pay for Short-Term Disability with an Earnings AmountPHRST Website - End User Procedure, Additional Pay PRU-ADD-01 Create Additional Pay by entering the Earnings Code STD The STD Combo Code in Additional Pay automatically populates the correct funding (000682264); charges to OMBEnter Effective Date, Addl Seq Nbr, Earnings, End Date, and check OK to Pay

*The Combo Code can be viewed on the Additional Pay page under Job Information>Job Data Override.4Short-Term Disability Pay, cont.Setting Up Additional Pay for Short-Term Disability with No Earnings AmountCreate Additional Pay by entering the Earnings Code STD Enter Effective Date, Addl Seq Nbr, and check OK to PayThe STD Earnings Code will generate on Payline and the amount can be entered on Payline each Pay Period

Use this method for STD payments if the amount of the payment may change over the course of the leave. This will ensure the correct Combo Code automatically populates when Paysheets build.5Short-Term Disability Pay, cont.Job Pay indicator must be checked on for Additional Pay to flow to PaylineIf the Job Pay indicator is offEnter STD on Payline or STDA in Time and LaborSend a Data Correction Request (DCR) to update the STD Combo Code to 000682264When adding a row on Payline, do not copy the STD row because it will copy the OMB STD fundingOr, if you copy the STD row, you must enter the correct Combo Code for that Earnings

6PIP and Workers Compensation AdjustmentsUse the AWC Earnings Code to make PIP or Workers Compensation Adjustments on PaylineUse the WCAA TRC to make PIP or Workers Compensation Adjustments in Time and LaborTo decrease Gross Pay enter the AWC Earnings Code or WCAA TRC as a negative amountTo increase Gross Pay (as a correction to a previous AWC/WCAA reduction) enter the AWC Earnings Code or WCAA TRC as a positive amount

7On-Demand Check Requests

On-Demand checks for Short Term Disability payments should not be requested if the Explanation of Benefits (EOB) is received prior to Pay Confirm If the system is in view-only mode, send in a DCR to add the payment to the on-cycle checkIf the employee gets a full pay for the cycle using other earnings before the EOB is received, make the necessary adjustments on the next pay period

*If anyone from your Organization receives the EOB before Pay Confirm, the payment must be added to the employees record before the day of Pay Confirm.

There should be very few instances where an on-demand check is needed to pay STD.8

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