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  • Leave of Absence Administration Updated August 2012
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  • Schneider Electric 2 - U.S. Leave of Absence June 2011 Agenda Leave of Absence (LOA) Administration Current StateWhats ChangingLOA ProcessRoles & Responsibilities and TimelineTools and Resources
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  • Schneider Electric 3 - U.S. Leave of Absence June 2011 Current State
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  • Schneider Electric 4 - U.S. Leave of Absence June 2011 Each Business Unit manages LOA process independently Resources include Human Resources (HRBPs & Shared Services), Managers, and local Leave Coordinators Compliance with State and Federal Laws Lack expertise with the 86 different state and federal leaves Various LOA tracking methods Lack of standard process Reporting LOA Administration Current State LOA Administration was identified as an area where Schneider Electric would benefit by outsourcing to ensure efficiencies through resources, compliance, and reporting.
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  • Schneider Electric 5 - U.S. Leave of Absence June 2011 Whats Changing: Salaried and Non-union hourly employees
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  • Schneider Electric 6 - U.S. Leave of Absence June 2011 Third party administrator - Reed Group, Ltd. Outsource leave tracking and approval process Online portal for HR & Managers Process to request a leave of absence Employee to contact Reed Group to request a leave NOTE: Employee must continue to notify their supervisor/manager as well PeopleLink inputs into bridgeHR from daily Reed Group report (HR no longer completes LOA form for salaried and non-union hourly employees) Communications from Reed Group HR & Manager: E-mail notice upon leave request Approval/Denial e-mail Extension requests Return to work notifications Employee: Acknowledgement Letter Doctors Certification Approval/Denial Letter Return to work phone call confirmation Whats Changing 7/1/2011
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  • Schneider Electric 7 - U.S. Leave of Absence June 2011 Future State All U.S. entities in ADP Payroll System (salaried and hourly; excludes unions) Vendor Front Office 1 Vendor25 Entities Power Industry Buildings IT Business Offering 1 Process (all leaves) Compliance w/ State & Federal Laws Standardization System Interface Ees, HRBP, Managers, PeopleLink Customers10 Leaves FMLA LOA Military, etc Interfaces ADP Prudential/Unum AON, REED, NovaPro Energy Back Office Whats Changing 7/1/2011
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  • Schneider Electric 8 - U.S. Leave of Absence June 2011 LOA Process
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  • Schneider Electric 9 - U.S. Leave of Absence June 2011 LOA Process Family and Medical Leave (FMLA) Employee notifies supervisor & calls Reed Group at 1-800- 443-9706. According to SLA with Reed Group, 85% of calls will be answered within 30 seconds. Reed Group notifies PeopleLink of leave requests and status via a daily report. PeopleLink codes leave in BridgeHR When employee is able to return to work, employee calls Reed Group & presents the return to work note to supervisor* Reed Group sends paperwork to employee. Employee completes & returns to Reed Group. Reed Group determines FMLA eligibility & partners with Prudential for medical determination (if leave is for own serious health condition)
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  • Schneider Electric 10 - U.S. Leave of Absence June 2011 Workers Compensation Runs concurrent with FMLA Reed Group is notified by NovaPro, workers compensation provider, daily Any workers compensation other than NovaPro, the regular FMLA process would need to be followed Non-FMLA Leaves Similar process to FMLA HRBP works with the business to determine if leave can be granted HRBP has 4 business days to respond to e-mail; if no response, leave will be automatically granted Military Leave Active Duty Reserve Duty HR will still calculate any differential pay and notify payroll. LOA Process Other Leaves
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  • Schneider Electric 11 - U.S. Leave of Absence June 2011 Roles, Responsibilities and Timeline Roles, Responsibilities and Timeline
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  • Schneider Electric 12 - U.S. Leave of Absence June 2011 Inform Supervisor when a leave is needed Call Reed Group at 1-800-443-9706 to request a leave Complete and return required paperwork to Reed Group in a timely manner If leave approved, remain in contact with Reed Group throughout the leave including a notification of a return to work date Obtain return to work note from their medical provider Present return to work note form to supervisor Roles & Responsibilities - Employee
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  • Schneider Electric 13 - U.S. Leave of Absence June 2011 Ensure that reporting relationships are correct in bridgeHR Reed Group will send e-mail notifications to an employees supervisor re: leave requests, extensions, etc. If reporting relationships are not correct, this will result in a breakdown in the communication/notification process Approve/deny personal and non-FMLA medical leave requests with Reed Group via e-mail within 4 business days Consult with Schneider Electrics Legal Department before any employment decisions are made with an EE on leave/short-term disability Roles & Responsibilities HRBP
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  • Schneider Electric 14 - U.S. Leave of Absence June 2011 Roles & Responsibilities - Supervisor Ensure that reporting relationships are correct in bridgeHR Verify accrued and available PTO Enter hourly PTO into time tracking system Salaried PTO entered by PeopleLink Review leave notifications from Reed Group (online reports available) Contact Reed Group with any questions
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  • Schneider Electric 15 - U.S. Leave of Absence June 2011 Enter the leave event in bridge HR Leave types identified on Reed Group reports Verify Paid Time Off with employees manager Notify payroll of PTO to be paid for salaried employees only PeopleLink does not directly answer any questions regarding LOA and disability status Roles & Responsibilities - PeopleLink Reed should be contacted for leave status Prudential should be contacted for disability status PeopleLink is able to answer status of approved disability payment amounts and dates
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  • Schneider Electric 16 - U.S. Leave of Absence June 2011 LOA Administration Implementation Plan WHO WHAT WHEN June Complete LOA takeover spreadsheet for leaves prior to 6/17/11 HRBPs July 1 Reed Group begins administering LOA process All U.S. entities in ADP (salaried & hourly) July 1-15 Issue resolution calls (SIM) HRBPs, Reed Group, LOA team Q2 2012 Reed Group begins administering LOA process All U.S. union employees
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  • Schneider Electric 17 - U.S. Leave of Absence June 2011 Tools and Resources
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  • Schneider Electric 18 - U.S. Leave of Absence June 2011 Tools and Resources Your Leave of Absence Resource HR and Managers only - https://schneiderelectric.leavepro.com -Click Register Here -Provide SESA#, Date of Birth, and home address postal code Reed Group Customer Service - Phone: 1-800-443-9706 - Hours of operation: Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Mountain Time PeopleLink intranet My Company - NA Harmonized Policies > LOA policy - U.S. Leave of Absence > HR & Manager presentation and breeze, Reed Group contact info and reports job aid Process Documents
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  • Schneider Electric 19 - U.S. Leave of Absence June 2011 Available online at https://schneiderelectric.leavepro.comhttps://schneiderelectric.leavepro.com Access only to the employees you support Reporting Job Aid available on PeopleLink>My Company>U.S. Leave of Absence Able to export to Excel for sorting Can be viewed by Company, Division, HRBP, Location or Cost Center Additional information report data Last day worked First day of leave Return to work Supervisor/manager Tools and Resources - Reports


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