leadership: understanding its global impact chapter 7: culture and leadership

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  • Leadership: Understanding its Global Impact Chapter 7: Culture and leadership
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  • Learning objectives Define culture Identify the impact of culture on leadership Discuss Hofstedes and Trompenaars cultural dimensions Develop a multi-cultural organisation 2
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  • Chapter contents Spotlight: Dr Mohamad Abdalla Introduction Understanding culture Dimensions of culture Leader in action: Lady Carol Kidu Impact of culture on leadership Organisational culture The multi-cultural organisation Summary Case study: Ban Ki-moon 3
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  • Spotlight: Dr Mohamad Abdalla Highlights aspects of cross- cultural leadership Leadership requires commitment and an understanding of bridging cultural differences Issues of cultural diversity are increasingly a reality for all leaders 4
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  • Understanding culture is necessary for effective leadership Impacts on the context within which leadership occurs Leaders can be the creators of organisational culture (Schein 1985) Introduction 5
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  • a set of basic assumptionsshared solutions to universal problems of external adaptation (how to survive) and internal integration (how to stay together)which have evolved over time and are handed down from one generation to another (Ed Schein 1985) Understanding culture 6
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  • Layers of culture Growing diversity of intercultural relations Debunking myths Japanese and American management practices are 95% the same, and differ in all important respects (cited in Schneider & Barsoux 1997) Understanding culture 7
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  • Trompenaars and Hampden-Turner 2002 Identified indicators to describe and explain different cultural behaviours different cultures have different attitudes to time and to the environment Geert Hofstede 1980; 1999 Identified five value dimensions Dimensions of culture/ How cultural dimensions work 8
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  • She gives hope. Shes a very good listener. She is accessible. Sir Moi Avei, Acting Prime Minister Leader in action: Lady Carol Kidu 9
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  • Leader behaviours are based on a set of values, many of which reflect the culture within which they lead England &Lee (1974) identified that individual values can affect leaders in six different ways Impact of culture on leadership 10
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  • Goffee &Jones 2000 Sociability Solidarity Two dimensions create four different types of organisational culture Organisational culture 11
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  • Cox (1991) six key characteristics Creating pluralism Achieving leadership diversity Creating full structural integration Creating full integration of informal networks Creating a bias-free organisation Organisational identification Minimising intergroup conflict Developing a multicultural organisation 12
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  • Understanding culture is necessary for effective leadership Two myths have to be challenged Trompenaars and Hampden- Turner - range of dimensions Hofstede - five value dimensions Leaders needs to establish a fully functioning multicultural organisation Summary 13
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  • How does Mr Bans reported behaviour reflect his Korean culture? What do you think are the greatest challenges facing the head of an institution like the United Nations? What are the challenges facing Mr Ban in creating a truly cross- cultural organisation? Case study: Ban Ki-moon 14


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