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Leadership Understanding

We will seeLeadership isMe as a leaderThings to ensure as a leaderTIPs General Discussion/Questions

Leadership isNOT a style, a position, you are not the boss of your team.

Leadership is all aboutBehaviors ValuesMotivationInspirationKnowledgeCreating other Leaders

Me as a leaderI have to manage my: EmotionsActionsWordsIntegrityValues & EthicsAnd in the end

When you are leader you are seen, heard and valued from your team.

8 Things to ensure as a Team Leader

Goal Setting

2.Clear Action PlanYour members must be completely aware of the goals (team & individual) , the processes, the timeline, the Why!

3.Tracking Dont forget that this period we are one of the most intense period in our LC and we must have high standards

So Tracking Tool is going to organize our efforts!!!

4.Vision & CultureYou are responsible for your team s Vision, your teams culture and behaviors.So,You are responsible for what and why your team is striving for.

5.Role ModelingTeam Leader stands as a paradigm for the team.

6.Team Meetings-Team DaysEffective Team Meeting and Team Days that will ensure the unity in your team and the collaboration.

7.FeedbackAsk your team for it and give it to each one of your members separately.You will help them grow/develop, they will help you to be improved!

8.Give your Team Space for Thoughts and Initiatives

TIPsDont be afraid of messing upIt is ok to make mistakes but it is not ok if you dont ASK for helpYou will never be perfect and ready.


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