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  • 1. Lakers vs Clippers Who makes more money and is more popular Samarra Jones Orcutt Academy High School Frosh Core

2. Thesis Statement Despite the fact that the Lakers are doing poorly and the up-and-coming Clippers are having a promising season, one of these teams makes significantly more than the other, due to their long record of success, huge fan base and history of successful athletes. 3. Little background information Established in 1970 Head Coach: Doc Rivers 1 division title Previously Known as Buffalo Braves then became San Diego Clippers.. Now we have L.A Clippers 4. Little Background info Established in 1947 9 Retired numbers 21 hall of famers Previously known as the Minneapolis Lakers 5. Hall of Famers Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Elgin Baylor Wilt Chamberlain Magic Johnson Jerry West Many more.. 6. Who do you think is most popular 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Heat Lakers Thunder Clippers 7. Popularity- Social Media-Twitter Lakers 3.6 million Clippers 501 thousand Kobe Bryant - 4.5 million followers Steve Nash 1.8 million followers Blake Griffin 2.2 million followers Chris Paul 3 million followers 8. Social Media- Facebook Lakers- 18,907,914 likes 448,774 talking about this Clippers - 2,002,090 likes 208,816 talking about this 9. Lets talk About Success Lakers Championships 16 Conference title 31 Division Title - 23 Clippers Current Record 46 wins 20 losses Division Titles - 1 10. Who do you think was founded first Celtics Lakers Clippers None of the above 11. No real fans It has been said that Laker fans have jumped on the bandwagon because of Kobe , Dwight and Steve. Yep, thats just about everything that everyone hates about Lakers fans. They dont really care about the game, its more about being seen and they jump on and off the Lakers bandwagon whenever it suits them. Nailed it. 1/03/17/lakers-fans-named-worst- in-nba/ 12. LOYALTY AT ITS FINEST Therefore, fans are not just watching an average everyday basketball game, but rather watching history being made at the highest level of play possible, as the LA Clippers fight their way from the trenches of basketball mediocrity towards overshadowing the team that has always felt entitled to their position as the dominant team of Los Angeles. R Marketing Plan Los Angeles Clippers 13. Work Cited (NBAFRANCHISE.Findthebest, 2012) (ESPN.COM, 2014) 14. Memorable Closing Though the Clippers were founded later than the well known Lakers, the Clippers are starting to make a name for themselves. 15. Brought to you by Samarra Jones