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Labor Analytics



  • As part of CBREs Global Research and Consulting alliance, Labor Analytics Group (LAG) leverages labor market intelligence to select the best performing locations and assess current markets and portfolios through workforce strategy.

    Through award-winning analytics, custom site selection, comprehensive community evaluation, skilled eco-nomic incentive negotiation and expert real estate transaction services, CBRE Labor Analytics Group delivers lasting operational efficiencies.

    Services and experience: Enable clients to make informed

    and objective decisions around operation and real estate strategy

    Reduce operational and capital expenditures

    Increase shareholder value Enhance employee productivity and

    performance At CBRE Labor Analytics Group, the front line meets the bottom line.

    We understand that the cost, quality and available supply of human capital, not real estate, drives site selection for labor-intensive operations. Finding the right people, wherever they may be, is the key to choosing the best location for your business.

  • RESULTS Represent 35% of Fortune 50 and 25% of Fortune 100 80% repeat clients Approximately $172M in direct payroll creation, annually Average of 15% potential savings per site selection Average of 20% potential savings per portfolio optimization Total incentives secured: More than $700M

    EXPERTISECBRE Labor Analytics Group (LAG) provides customized consulting services for corporate occupiers across all industries. LAG leverages labor market intelligence to deliver innovative solutions and strategies for our clients existing locations, site selection processes, economic incentive negotiations and real estate transactions. We believe that the best corporate strategies are those that lead with labor, focusing on talent optimization to drive real estate strategy.

    Our expertise extends to all industrieshealthcare, financial services, telecommunications, manufac-turing, technology, retail, hospitality and travelas well as specialized areas such as licensed healthcare professionals, licensed finance professionals, headquarters and merger and acquisition labor market evaluation. Our vast experience and expertise, proprietary database and analysis tools allow our industry-leading professionals to customize unique solutions across skill sets, geographies and industries.

    STRENGTHThe strength of our consulting practice is derived from our complement of seasoned professionals, our proven innovation in addressing complex challenges, and our understanding of the distinct needs of our clients. We are unique not only for our capacity to develop comprehensive strategies tailored to the specific needs of our clients, but also for our ability to innovate industry-leading tools and analysis.

  • LAG offers advisory services on projects, including site selection for new or expanding markets; existing market evalu-ation and portfolio assessment; and economic and financial incentive negotiation. We provide clients with strategic planning, market assessments, portfolio optimization, workforce longevity analysis, site selection recommendations, economic and financial impact analysis, economic incentive and cash flow comparisons and transactional strategies. Our consulting services include:

    SITE SELECTIONOur site selection process identifies locations based on specific talent, skill set, cost, quality, availability and geographic location requirements to generate the optimal talent pool, cost savings and workforce longevity for future growth and risk management. This includes:

    Location analysis Community tours Economic and financial incentive negotiation Real estate strategy

    Labor Analytics Group has been an outstanding partner for us. They locate the right markets, structure the right deals, and basically help us succeed each time we venture into a new part of the country.

    Nick BalogSenior Vice President of Central OperationsHealthwaysLabor focus: Registered Nurses

  • CURRENT PORTFOLIO ANALYSISLAGs market evaluation services provide an analytical assessment of local workforce dynamics. With an emphasis on primary research, market assessments offer a street-level and day-to-day hiring evaluation of the market. In addition, LAG also uses its exclusive analysis, LaborPlan to evaluate the risks, scalability, and length of existing markets. Customizing these solutions, LAG provides the following analysis:

    Demographic analysis and benchmarking Local competitor and employer interviews Wage survey and analysis Competitor analysis Market optimization modeling Workforce longevity analysis Comparative market analysis Custom GIS analysis, including commute shed, disruption analysis and custom demographic analysis

    Our portfolio optimization strategy evaluates workforce locations across a companys portfolio for risk, skill set performance, cost and availability through LaborPlanTM to generate cost savings and location strategies.Specific elements include:

    Workforce longevity analysis Skill set analysis Expansion strategy Consolidation strategy Emerging market strategies Cost savings analysis

    CBRE Labor Analytics Group was incredibly responsive. With the criteria we laid out for labor quality, availability and cost, they exceeded every expectation. The community involvement has been excep-tional. The end result was that we were able to accomplish our goals together.

    Vicki PerrymanSenior Vice PresidentWachovia

  • ECONOMIC INCENTIVE NEGOTIATION Our fluid partnership with CBRE Economic Incen-tive Group (EIG), allows for maximized economic incentive negotiations. EIG brings together a nationwide team of experienced economists and professionals focusing exclusively on economic incentive negotiation. With over four decades of experience, EIG has negotiated financially signifi-cant economic incentives on behalf of CBRE clients. Serving clients in all industries, we offer a proven quantified approach which delivers the following benefits for our clients:

    Reduced start-up costs Lower operating costs Less federal and state tax liability Lower risk from clawbacks Subsidized job training and recruitment assistance Timely receipt of incentive paymentsEIGs specialty is finding discretionary incentivesthose incentives that are unpublished and above and beyond statutory incentives. The strength of EIG is derived from more than just our experience and knowledge of economic developmentour strength is a result of our partnership and commitment to CBRE clients.

    Our core services include: Economic incentive negotiations and management Incentive value analysis Economic and fiscal impact modeling Program documentation and compliance coaching

    For more information:

    EIG Highlights: Repeat client business = 36% Value creation = 3x base offer

  • TRANSACTION SERVICESLAG maintains an exclusive list of plug-and-play and vacant facilities. This allows us to respond intelligently and aggressively to our clients complex real estate needs. By gaining a thorough understanding of your business objectives, we define and implement a process that creates account-ability and produces results.

    We combine the detailed requirements from our client diagnostic phase with the dynamics of the real estate market to achieve your objectives at the lowest pos-sible occupancy cost. We ensure that what is obtained in negotiations is delivered and the project is implemented as planned, on time and within budget.

    Transaction Services include:

    Real Estate Market Analysis Proposal Solicitation and Evaluation Business Case Preparation Economic Incentive Evaluation &

    Negotiation Financial Analysis Project ManagementIn addition to providing the most com-prehensive coverage of general market information, we can also deliver the most complete analysis of actual business trans-acted in key markets. This critical market insight comes from a transaction volume of 70,000 assignments completed annu-ally and leveraging CBREs Torto-Wheaton Research and forecasting data.

    For projects that involve second-ary and tertiary markets, we have a proven track record of completing transactions by working with local brokers in areas where we do not maintain offices. Our expe-rience at uncovering pitfalls, assessing market conditions, and successfully working in small towns is evidenced by a list of unique communities in which we have placed our clients.

  • LABORPLANTMAvailability and sustainability of human capital often direct corporate workplace and real estate strategy, influencing decisions to expand, maintain or consolidate operations. CBRE Labor Analytics Groups LaborPlanTM is a unique, sophisticated supply-and-demand analysis designed to help corporate real estate, operations and human resources departments collectively examine the sustainability and positioning of their corporate workforce.

    LaborPlanTM Applications Expansion and consolidation strategies Wage and attrition positioning Capacity planning Lease term justification Merger and acquisition evaluation Workforce longevity analysisWinner of the CoreNet H.B. Russell Global Innovators Award, LaborPlanTM is capable of assessing more than 785 occupations, including wage and employment levels for 3,792 cities. Analysis is customized to target desired skill sets, holistically examining labor market conditions, expected growth, competitive presence and sensitivity to change.

    The result estimates the relative risk associated with a labor force and the ability to support an operation, including evaluating the longevity of the market and the sensitivity to scalability, attrition, competition and market changes.

    Comparing this risk across a portfolio enables compa-nies to quantify and prioritize a proactive