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KUDER, named after it's designer, Dr. Frederick Kuder, it is an online assessment and education placement tool that Sailors can use to determine which career fields best suit them. It is basically a diagnostic program that determines the best career field according to a Sailors desires, skill set, and work aptitude. Sailors take the initial assessments and the KUDER does the rest. KUDER will determine which field the Sailor is best suited based upon researched-based interests, and the member's skills and work values. KUDER can also show what type of additional formal education the Sailor will need to go into certain fields plus show schools by region, major, and degree availability. In addition to determining the career field and education requirements, it also has a MOS/NEC converter to cross over military skills to a career field. Unfortunately it does not convert Navy ratings at this time, but it will convert NEC codes. KUDER allows Sailors to identify their interests, explore their options, and plan for career success. You and the Navy College Office/VEC Counselors can assist Sailors in interpreting this tool; however, Sailors can explore it themselves. We have developed a Power point presentation to show step by step how to register, log on, and use the KUDER. Currently it is in a PDF format due to the size of the power point. However, if you require the original power point file for training , just email me and I will send it to you. http://dantes.kuder.com/


  • 1. KUDERhttp://dantes.kuder.com/
  • 2. KUDER Based largely upon the vision of Dr. Frederic Kuder, a pioneer in the career development industry, Kuder, Inc. is a leading provider of Internet-based tools and resources that can help adults achieve their educational and career planning goals. The Kuder Career Planning System has become the solution of choice for individuals around the world when it comes to Identifying their interests Exploring their options Planning for career success. The easy-to-use and completely customizable Internet-based system combines Research-based interests Skills, and work values assessments Portfolio development Comprehensive education Career exploration capabilities along with powerful administrative database management.
  • 3. KUDER- Tools Tailored for TodaysNeeds Need help with your Career development? Want to advance your career through education? Or perhaps you are transitioning out of the Navy and getting ready to start the job search process. Unsure of what you would like to do or what is available? Kuder can help you get on a path to success. Kuder offers reliable career guidance tailored specifically to todays postsecondary students and adults. Kuder users can select from several different user types postsecondary student, first-time job-seeker, career changer, veteran or active member of the military, etc to get a custom menu of options specific to their education and career needs. Sailors will find this a useful tool in their quest for that What do I do next? question.
  • 4. KUDER- Easy Step-by-Step Process Kuder guides users through an easy step-by-step process that starts with the Kuder Assessments for a reliable and effective experience. This flexible process allows users to complete the steps in order or to select the step that will meet their immediate needs. Kuder also supports ongoing awareness of job opportunities, planning for educational options, and managing career preparation. An electronic portfolio serves as a users web page of achievements and goals and may be shared online. Navy College Office can assist you with utilizing this tool , however, you can check it out yourself, heres how it works
  • 5. KUDER So if you are transitioning out of the Navy and getting ready to start the job search process, or you just want information in a certain career that interests you, a Rating related profession, or something you have an aptitude for, Kuder will help you get on a path to success.


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