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  • 2010 Kuder Executive Summarykuder

  • 2010 Nebraska Executive Summary 2

    The Kuder System in Nebraska

    SummaryNebraska Career Connections (www.nebraskacareerconnections.org), powered by Kuder, continues to impact thousands of students each year and provide educators and state leaders with important data and reporting capabilities. In order to improve the career futures of students and adults in your state and around the world, we continually strive to provide the best quality, most comprehensive, and highly reliable system available. It is because of your support that this is possible in Nebraska. The information and data contained in this report was collected from the statewide usage of Nebraska Career Connections.

    System Usage After four years of use within the state, 90,881 individuals have started a lifelong Kuder Career Portfolio and more than 157,000 assessments have been completed. As of May 1, 2010, 460 sites have signed up to use the system. A site is an institution or organization where the system is being administered to individuals or being accessed and utilized by an administrator. A site may be a school, career center, college, government agency, etc.

    The interests and skills assessments within Nebraska Career Connections provide results and reporting aligned to the States 16 Career Clusters, while the work values inventory reports on 12 work related characteristics.

    Assessment Usage Comparison These charts compare the amount of assessments completed for the last three years of usage and includes the three assessments provided within Nebraska Career Connections: Kuder Career Search with Person Match (interests), Kuder Skills Assessments, and Supers Work Values Inventory.

    Portfolio Usage Another indicator of usage is the number of personal learning plans, notes, and rsums that have been started by system users. Administrators have the capability to review the progress of these components through their administrative database in order to provide additional guidance.

    Year Interest Skills Values Total2006-07 12,150 5,668 3,709 21,5272007-08 22,858 10,538 5,738 39,1342008-09 23,796 15,550 8,517 47,8632009-10 23,934 15,325 9,802 49,051

    Component TotalUsers with Personal Learning Plans started 19,548Users with Notes 3,241Users with Rsums started 16,063

    Lifetime Interest Skills Values Total2006-10 82,738 47,081 27,766 157,585

  • 2010 Nebraska Executive Summary 3

    Assessment UsageThe graphs on the following pages provide a detailed breakdown from the completion of the three assessments during the 2009-10 year. The data provided by the graphs is available through the Administrative Database Management System.

    Kuder Career Search with Person MatchThe interest assessment provides results empirically aligned to the States 16 Career Clusters, the clustering system promoted by the States Career Clusters Initiative (SCCI). According to the SCCI, the 16 clusters, such as Finance and Health Science, represent all career possibilities. They are an ideal way to organize instruction and student experiences.

  • 2010 Nebraska Executive Summary 4

    Kuder Skills AssessmentSimilar to the interest assessment, the skills assessment provides results empirically aligned to the States 16 Career Clusters. Nebraska Career Connections also allows for comparison of interests and skills in the Composite Report, helping individuals sort through the career possibilities and more effectively manage exploration.

  • 2010 Nebraska Executive Summary 5

    Supers Work Values Inventory-revisedWhether its Creativity, Income, or something in between, learning about workplace values is an important part of finding the right career. The work values assessment rates 12 different workplace characteristics and allows individuals to learn what is most important to them as they explore many different career opportunities.

  • 2010 Nebraska Executive Summary 6

    Top Ten FavoritesNebraska Career Connections allows system users to save favorites to their portfolio, which encourages ongoing exploration and planning. When users return to their portfolio, they may review their favorites list and quickly continue their research on clusters, colleges, occupations, person match sketches, and more items of interest.

    StudentsTop Favorite Colleges

    1. University of Nebraska-Lincoln2. University of Nebraska at Omaha3. University of Nebraska at Kearney4. Creighton University5. Wayne State College6. Southeast Community College Area7. Northeast Community College8. Chadron State College9. Central Community College10. Doane College

    Top Favorite Occupations1. Veterinarians2. Lawyers3. Photographers4. Pediatricians, General5. Zoologists and Wildlife Biologists6. Physical Therapists7. Graphic Designers8. Registered Nurses9. Athletic Trainers10. Hairdressers, Hairstylists, and Cosmetologists

    Top Favorite Person Matches1. General Contractor #22. Veterinary Technician3. Airline Pilot #14. Internet/Intranet Designer5. Sports Facility Architect6. Nurse, Pediatric Intensive Care7. Physician #38. Retired Military Officer/Civil Engineer9. Theatrical Director/Performer/Educator10. Artist

    AdultsTop Favorite Colleges

    1. University of Nebraska-Lincoln2. Peru State College3. Mid-Plains Community College4. University of Nebraska at Omaha 5. University of Nebraska at Kearney 6. Southeast Community College Area7. Hastings College8. Metropolitan Community College Area9. Central Community College10. College of Saint Mary

    Top Favorite Occupations1. Social & Community Service Managers2. Administrative Services Managers3. Public Relations Specialists4. Secondary School Teachers5. Advertising & Promotions Managers6. Adult Literacy, Remedial Education, & GED Teachers7. Education Administrators, Preschool8. Elementary School Teachers9. Recreation Workers10. Arbitrators, Mediators, & Conciliators

    Top Favorite Person Matches1. Counselor, High School Guidance #22. Physical Therapist Assistant3. Attorney #34. Author/Artist5. Benefits Coordinator6. Cross-Cultural Consultant7. Executive, Sales8. Greenhouse Manager/Owner9. Librarian #510. Manager, Parole Office

  • 2010 Nebraska Executive Summary 7

    Outreach & SupportIn order to promote Nebraska Career Connections and increase ongoing system usage, Kuder continues to connect with Nebraska users in a variety of ways.

    Training & ConferencesKuder Field Trainers spent the year traveling throughout the state administering on-site training, conducting presentations, and attending conferences. Each year, Kuder contacts all Educational Service Units (ESUs) to offer training sessions.

    A face-to-face training session with a Kuder representative is the most effective way to learn more about Nebraska Career Connections and find unique ways to integrate it into the classroom or career guidance program. We also offer online training sessions and informational sessions. A face-to-face session is conducted on-site in Nebraska, provides a hands-on demonstration of the system, and is typically held in a computer lab. An online session is conducted over the phone via a Go-To-Meeting with a Kuder representative guiding the attendees through the system. An informational session is also an on-site session. It does not provide a hands-on demonstration, but allows the attendees to listen to a presentation on use of Nebraska Career Connections.

    In addition to conducting training sessions, Kuder also attended a number of conferences in Nebraska in order to visit with customers, encourage more schools to sign up to use the system, and conduct best practice presentations to increase system usage. Kuder representatives attended the following conferences:

    ` Nebraska Counseling Association conference.

    ` Nebraska School Counselor Association conference.

    ` Nebraska Career Education conference.

    Communication & SupportIn order to keep Nebraska schools up to date on system updates and news, Kuder distributes periodic e-mails and provides our quarterly newsletter, Kuder User News, to all administrators, counselors, and teachers of Nebraska Career Connections. Look for the next issue of Kuder User News on May 19. The Kuder Customer Support team provides ongoing online and telephone support to the schools in Nebraska. Customer support is available, free of charge, to answer questions, provide additional training, and gather feedback on the system.

    A survey will also be sent again this year to Kuder customers to determine their level of customer support and training satisfaction as well as gather more information about how they use the system. Last year, over 560 responses were logged for each question with the vast majority of responses showing positive results and feedback. This survey will be distributed in conjunction with the May 19 issue of Kuder User News.

    Our customer support and field training team continues to hear many positive comments from the Nebraska Career Connections users they work with every day. The lesson plans that were added last year for core school subjects such as Math, Science, English and Social Studies have been great tools to help integrate the system into the classroom.

    Type of Session Total AttendeesOn-Site, Face-to-Face Training Sessions 329Informational Sessions 135Online Sessions 153Total Sessions 617

    2009-10 Training Sessions

  • 2010 Nebraska Executive Summary 8

    Plans for 2010-11During the 2010-11 school year, Kuder will continue to contact schools and institutions throughout Nebraska to offer training (both face-to-face and online training), provide customer support, and collect feedback.

    With the decision to integrate the new Kuder platform (Kuder Navigator for middle school and high school students and Kuder Journey f