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  • AFS LTDUNIT 3, ORDINAL STREET, RAFFORD PARK, MANCHESTER, M17 1GB.Email: [email protected] | Tel: 0845 872 2222 | Fax: 0844 225 0401

    Delivering operational efficiencies through compressed air heat recovery


    Kinnerton Confectionery Heat Recovery

    The ProjectAFS audited Kinnerton Confectionery's compressed air consumption to determine the optimal replacement con�guration.

    As a result, two 55 kilowatt compressors (CompAir L55RS) were installed, one running at variable speed and one standby. By using a variable speed main compressor, AFS were able to immediately reduce the plants electrical consumption.

    A heat recovery system was supplied withthe new air compressors. Energy was recovered in the form of hot water which could be utilised in other manufacturing processes.

    In this case, energy recovered from the compressors was used to heat water which is subsequently used in plant wash down cleaning processes and bulk choc tank heating. Previously an electrical heater system had been used, costing 10p/kWh.

    Capable of providing more hot water than the plant currently utilises, Kinnerton Confectionery are exploring a range of

    further opportunities to utilise the surplus reclaimed energy.

    Kinnerton Confectionery are now able to recover 30 kWh, which is used to heat large volumes of water from 10 to 70°C. Estimated annual energy saving delivered in excess of £12,500.

    The ResultEstimated £12,500 saving per year on energy bills by using smart heat recovery technology on the plants compressed air units.

    Plant able to heat large volumes of water from 10 to 70°C without using any additional electrical energy. Additional storage tank with a recirculating pump implemented for additional applications.

    “More manufacturing businesses should be investing in heat recovery technology. It's a proven means to saving costs and reducing a brands carbon footprint.”Andy Ryan AFS Ltd Managing Director,

    The RequirementSupplement the plants current water heating generation with a compressed air heat recovery system. This delivered in excess of £10,000 of annual energy savings.

    Kinnerton Confectionery is Britain’s largest manufacturer of chocolate and novelty confectionery, specialising in character licensing. The company produces private label and bespoke confectionery for the country’s largest retailers and many famous brands.


    “This is the final stage of a project that has delivered huge operational benefits and supported the sites sustainability commitment. AFS have demonstrated again that their technologies, knowledge and customer service confirm their status as a key supplier to Kinnerton Confectionery.”

    Mike GeeHead of Engineering

    • On-site energy consumption audit

    • Heat recover system design and project planning

    • Equipment identification, installation and commissioning

    Services Provided

    • Significant reduction in plants carbon footprint

    • Supports clients ongoing CSR targets

    • Additional energy recovered can be used in multiple other plant processes

    • Zero plant production disruption

    Customer Benefits

    • CompAir L55RS compressors installed

    • Bespoke heat recovery transfer system to plants water tanks

    • £250 per week reduction in energy bills (circa £12,500 per anum)

    • 30 kilowatts of energy recovered every hour