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Ai GROUP CONFECTIONERY SECTOR MARCH 2012 CONFECTIONERY INDUSTRY NEWS SWEET EXPERTISE AT CONTECH2012 T hemed Leading the way, the ConTech2012 program features topics that will enable industry to hear about global confectionery and food industry trends and how to harness them; product development, innovation and reformulation opportunities and making healthier food choices easier for the consumer. Speakers include international keynote speaker Professor David Hughes, Emeritus Professor of Food Marketing from the Imperial College London in the United Kingdom. Professor Hughes who will discuss global trends in confectionery and new food trends from around the world. From Malaysia, we have Mr Balachandar (Bala) Selvamohan, Application and Technical Support Manager for IOI Loders Croklaan Oils who will share insights on the latest trends and influence of fats in bakery and confectionery. Bala will also conduct a two day practical and theoretical workshop, following ConTech2012. Continued page 3 Front of pack labelling issue gains momentum Former international rugby player at ConTech2012 Passing of confectionery identity Funding to manufacturers for energy + carbon efficiency investments

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confectionery Industry News with recent developments in confectionery Industry



ConfeCtionery industry newsMARCH 2012

Sweet eXPertiSe at contech2012


Front of pack labelling issue gains momentum Former international rugby player at ConTech2012 Passing of confectionery identity Funding to manufacturers for energy + carbon efciency investments

hemed Leading the way, the ConTech2012 program features topics that will enable industry to hear about global confectionery and food industry trends and how to harness them; product development, innovation and reformulation opportunities and making healthier food choices easier for the consumer. Speakers include international keynote speaker Professor David Hughes, Emeritus Professor of Food Marketing from the Imperial College London in the United Kingdom. Professor Hughes who will discuss global trends in confectionery and new food trends from around the world. From Malaysia, we have Mr Balachandar (Bala) Selvamohan, Application and Technical Support Manager for IOI Loders Croklaan Oils who will share insights on the latest trends and influence of fats in bakery and confectionery. Bala will also conduct a two day practical and theoretical workshop, following ConTech2012. Continued page 3

Ai Group ConfeCtionery SeCtor

ConfeCtionery industry newsFrOm ThE ChiEF ExECuTivES DESkThe preparation for ConTech2012 and practical workshop are well underway, enrolments are being sought for the newly established Vocational Graduate Certificate in Food Industry Management and also keep an eye out for details of the next round of Sector meetings in your State. As you may already be aware, the Ai Group National Executive has appointed Innes Willox to succeed me as Chief Executive, effective May 1. Many of you would already be familiar with Innes in his current role as Director International and Government Relations. Innes is a highly regarded member of Ai Group's leadership team and has had a key role in the organisation's policy development and advocacy work since joining the organisation in 2008. I have every confidence that the organisation is in good hands and will enjoy continued success. I leave Ai Group in good shape and in good hands. I have been fortunate to have been part of Ai Group for 33 years, with the past eight years as Chief Executive. It is an extraordinary organisation full of wonderful people, supported by great representatives of Australian business and industry and underpinned by an immensely loyal membership. I have no doubt that the organisation has a great future and I have every confidence it will go from success to success.

e are already well into 2012 another year that will see business conditions remain challenging due to the continuing high dollar thats putting enormous pressure on the competitiveness of Australian industry. As always, Ai Group is strongly advocating for good policy on behalf of members including leading the public debate for changes to the Fair Work Act, keeping the spotlight on manufacturing and the need for a positive and long term strategy for this key sector, helping businesses prepare for the too-high carbon price and encouraging the remaining States to sign off on the new national uniform OHS framework legislation. In the food and confectionery space, your Confectionery Sector is continuing to advocate in the extensive front of pack labelling debate. Toward the end of last year, the Forum on Food Regulation, in rejecting multiple traffic light labelling, agreed to the need for an easily understood, interpretive front of pack labelling system for packaged foods. The Forum will lead the process, engaging with key industry, public health and consumer stakeholders to develop an agreed system within a year. Ministers have required officials to provide a substantial report on the development of the front of pack labelling scheme within six months, to be considered at the June meeting of the Forum, with a view to having a system by the end of the year. At the December Forum on Food Regulation, Ministers also considered the draft standard for nutrition, health and related claims and asked FSANZ to undertake a broad consultation on the draft standard. This consultation is currently underway and is also reviewing the approach for fat free and % fat free claims.


Yours sincerely

Heather Ridout Chief Executive Australian Industry Group

CONTENTSVocational Graduate Certificate in Food Industry Management News Bites Enterprise Connect supports Australian food manufacturers Confectionery Sector In review Technical Report IR update 12 hour shifts 4 5 6 7 8 102

Welcome to new members Publication of National Food Waste Assessment Report Technical Papers Practical Workshop Students impress

11 11 12 12 13

Ai Group ConfeCtionery SeCtor

ConfeCtionery industry newsConTech2012 continued

Peter Simpson, General Manager, Manildra says Manildra are again delighted to be Principal Sponsor of ConTech, which enables Australasian confectionery companies to keep abreast of the most recent and innovative developments.Sponsorship Ai Groups Confectionery and Food Sector will offer sponsors of ConTech2012 the opportunity to align their brand(s) with this high profile event. Opportunities include supporting the speakers program, exhibiting, sponsoring an event and including promotional material in the delegate satchels. Trade Exhibition as part of ConTech2012, there is an opportunity for companies to showcase food ingredients, packaging, equipment and services at the trade exhibition. The trade exhibition is an integral part of ConTech and valuable platform for companies to share their latest products and services with industry. For more information contact Julie Barnes [email protected] Ai Group acknowledges the continuing support of its long standing ConTech sponsor the Manildra Group. Manildra Group is the Principal Sponsor of ConTech2012.

Peter FitzSimonSPeter FitzSimons will be the guest speaker at this years ConTech2012 dinner the industry's biggest networking event in the annual calendar. So reserve the date 29 May at the Albert Park Sebel, Melbourne. Peter is a well respected columnist for The Sydney Morning Herald and Sun-Herald and a television presenter on Fox Sports. Peter is the biographer not only of World Cup winning Wallaby Peter FitzSimons captains, Nick Farr-Jones and John Eales, but also former Opposition Leader Kim Beazley, war heroine Nancy Wake and magazine Queen, Nene King. In 2001 he was Australias biggest selling non-fiction author, and duplicated that feat in 2004, with his book on Kokoda. Mawson: And the Ice Men of the Heroic Age: Scott, Shackelton and Amundsen is Peters most recent best-seller. For further information contact Julie Barnes [email protected] or (03) 9867 0147. (Peter FitzSimons will appear by arrangement with Saxton Speakers Bureau.)

Front oF Pack laBelling gainS momentumThe Department of Health and Aging held a consultation meeting of key stakeholder groups in Canberra in late March to further progress the development of an interpretive front of pack labelling system, triggered by the COAG Legislative & Governance Forum on Food Regulation recommendation. The Ai Group Confectionery Sector was one of only two associations which were invited to attend to represent the manufacturing food sector. In December 2011, Ministers considered their response to the Blewett Review and agreed to the need for an easily understood, interpretive front of pack labelling system for packaged foods; one that can guide consumer choice towards healthier food options as a preventative, population-based approach to promoting health and reducing the prevalence of diet related chronic disease. The March meeting was attended by state government jurisdictions; key industry including Ai Group, AFGC, the Retailers Association; public health representatives from the Public Health Association, Obesity Policy Coalition, Australian Chronic Disease Prevention Alliance and the Australian Medical Association; and consumer stakeholders represented by Choice. The group is chaired by Professor Jane Halton, Secretary of the Federal Department of Health and Ageing. The group focussed on establishing objectives, scope, principles, implementation and evaluation frameworks that would shape the development of an interpretive front of pack labelling scheme. The group has now established two working groups to further investigate technical and implementation matters and provide recommendations back to the wider group. An interim report will be considered by the Forum on Food Regulation in June with the view to developing an agreed system within a year. There clearly are divergent views in the front of pack labelling debate and the challenge is to achieve a broad consensus. The governments aim is to avoid the proliferation of different front of pack labelling systems and the potential for consumer confusion from conflicting or inconsistent nutrition messages. This government lead process also aims to move away from the current divisive debate and polarised views, by building on the common ground among stakeholders and by focussing on addressing issues of concern, exploring new approaches and exploring possibilities for building on existing schemes. Ai Groups Confectionery Advocacy Group and Be treatwise working group has provided significant leadership in developing the confectionery industrys position with regard to front of pack labelling, including leveraging the industrys global interpretive Be treatwise program. The Governments key objective, as part of broader preventative health strategies, is for dietary behaviour improvements across the community. Whilst the Government is not supportive of a regulatory approach in the first instance, the incidence of obesity and diabetes is of real concern. The confectionery industry shares the concerns regarding the health of consumers and thus will continue to advocate a responsible approach to treat consumption.


Vocational Graduate Certificate in Food Industry Management 22035VICTheVocationalGraduateCertificateinFoodIndustryManagementisanationally accreditedpostgraduatequalificationdesignedforsupervisorsandmanagers interestedinobtainingspecialisedmanagementandleadershiptraininginfood andbeverageorconfectionerymanufacturing. ThisprogramhasbeenspecificallydevelopedinpartnershipwiththeAustralian IndustryGroupandfoodindustrystakeholders.Itaimstodeliverenhancedtechnical, analyticalandleadershipskillswithinamanufacturingsettingforthefood,beverage andconfectioneryindustry. Program OutlineCourse Delivery Method Oncampusworkshopswith leadingindustryexperts FlexibleDeliveryincluding onlinelearning Workplacebasedprojects andassessments MentoringProgram Self-pacedanddirectedstudy Course Duration 12 months CourseFeesStudentsmay beeligibletoclaimState Governmentsubsidisedtraining dependingonpriorqualifications andpersonalcircumstances. Non-eligiblestudentsmayenrol onafee-for-servicebasis. PleasecontacttheInstitutefor furtherinformationregarding eligibilitycriteria.

Course StructureStudentswillhavetheoption toselectoneoftwospecialist streamsineitherconfectionery manufacturingorfoodand beveragemanufacturing.Both streamsconsistoffiveunitsof competencies;twocoreelectives, twomandatoryelectivesandone oftwostudentelectives. Confectionery StreamCore Subject BSBINN801A VU20028 Leadinnovativethinking andpractice Applyprofessionallevelof foodindustryknowledge

Program Benefits Anationallyrecognisedpost graduatequalification Networkingwithotherfood industryprofessionals Accesstoarangeofsubject matterexpertswithextensive industryknowledge Developmentofinnovativeand creativethinkingprocessesin yourorganisation Improvedplanningand managementskillsto enableleadershipofchange Increasedtechnical knowledgeofthefood& beverageorconfectionery manufacturingsector Enhancedstrategic planningskills Completionofaworkplace basedimprovementproject focusedoncompetitive manufacturingorsustainability concepts

Mandatory Elective VU20031 Applyknowledge ofconfectionery manufacturingprocessesto planningandmanagement Developandimplement strategicplans

TestimonialRick Byrne, Technical Manager Fyna Foods Australia Pty Ltd Ourcompanystrongly supportsthedevelopmentof thecoursefortheVocational GraduateCertificatein FoodIndustryManagement. Thefoodmanufacturing sector(andespeciallythe confectionerysector)has undergoneconsiderable changesinregardtothe useofnewtechnologiesin processingthatisdrivingthe needforhigherandmore specializedtrainingtofully equipgraduatesentering thisindustry.


Student Elective (Choose one) MSACMG801A Developthecompetitive manufacturingapproachor MSAENV672A Developworkplacepolicy andproceduresfor sustainability

Entry RequirementsEntrantstotheVocational GraduateCertificateinFood IndustryManagementare requiredtobeemployedin thefoodmanufacturing sectorandhaveoneormore ofthefollowing: aBachelorDegreeor higherqualification arelevantAdvancedDiploma, DiplomaorCertificateIV togetherwithsignificant relevantvocationalpractice extensiverelevant vocationalpractice

Further InformationColin Garrett SeniorEducator FoodScienceandTechnology (03)96062167 [email protected] WilliamAnglissInstitute 555LaTrobeStreet MelbourneVictoria Australia3000 1300ANGLISS

Food & Beverage StreamCore Subject BSBINN801A VU20028 Leadinnovativethinking andpractice Applyprofessionallevelof foodindustryknowledge

Mandatory Elective VU20524 Applyaknowledgeoffood technologyprocessesto planningandmanagement Developandimplement strategicplans


Student Elective (Choose one) MSACMG801A Developthecompetitive manufacturingapproachor MSAENV672A Developworkplacepolicy andproceduresfor sustainability2733-V10112

Since1940WilliamAnglissInstitutehasbeena learningcommunitydevotedtostudentswitha passionforfoods,hospitalityandtourism,inspiring themandnurturingtheircareerswithexpert training,educationandmentoring.RTONo.3045|CRICOSProviderNo.01505M

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ConfeCtionery industry news

NEwS BiTESkiNNErTON CONFECTiONEry auSTraliaFollowing the decision by Paul Valon to relocate to Mexico, Kinnerton Confectionery Australia is pleased to announce the appointment of Mark Marriott as Managing Director from 9 January. Derek Wong will take over the position of Director Operations & Logistics.

rOBErN mENZRobern Menz now has a dedicated nut-free factory which means that the factory has rigorous quality control processes in place to ensure the nut-free status. The Menz peanut Chocs, almond Chocs and Fruit n Nut Chocs will be manufactured and packaged in a different factory under strict nut handling processes to Robern Menz guidelines.

oBituary richard adlerThe chocolate Box 20 February 1917 7 november 2011 Richard Adler, who had the unique distinction of serving in three armies in the lead-up to and during World War II, before starting a new life in Australia and making a name for himself with The Chocolate Box chain, died in a nursing home in Elsternwick, at 94 years of age. In 1958, Richard and his wife Rose bought a sweet shop in Camberwell called Smile Away Chocolates, and renamed it The Chocolate Box. Eventually the shop grew into a 120-seat cafe, before other Chocolate Box stores began opening in other suburbs. Richard is survived by his wife, Rose, children Marion and Gary, six grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.

rose adler and richard adler

a Premium chocolate deServeS a Premium awardThe Royal Melbourne Fine Food Awards the only Australian premium competition of its kind is open to manufacturers across Australia. For information on competition, classes, entry forms and dates, please contact. Ross Karavis, Event Manager Royal Melbourne Fine Food Awards Email: [email protected] Web:

tell uS your Story PleaSe

news Bites welcomes all industry news contributions. if you have a human interest story, personnel changes, celebrating a company milestone, please email your news to [email protected] to share it on this page.5

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ConfeCtionery industry news

ENTErPriSE CONNECT SuPPOrTS auSTraliaN FOOD maNuFaCTurErSuccess in business has a lot to do with making powerful connections and getting the right advice. Enterprise Connect is an Australian Government initiative backed by industry that offers comprehensive advice and support to eligible Australian small and medium businesses to help them transform and reach their full potential. Every industry and every business is different, so Enterprise Connect advice, services and support are tailored to the specific needs of each business. With a network of government, industry, education and research partners, Enterprise Connect Business Advisers provide comprehensive advice and support to improve business performance. As the largest manufacturing industry in Australia, the food and beverage sector accounts for 19 per cent of manufacturing income and 18 per cent of manufacturing employment. The industry is facing significant challenges with strong competition from cheap imports and an ever expanding range of home brand products appearing on supermarket shelves. Head of the Enterprise Connect Food Processing Industry Support Network, John Murray leads a national group of skilled Business Advisers with the expertise and networks to assist Australian businesses in the food processing sector. Since 2008, Enterprise Connect has completed more than 300 Business Reviews for food and beverage clients. By providing independent advice and access to a network of resources that draw together cutting edge technology, industry knowledge and business practices, Enterprise Connect can help food manufacturers grow and prosper, said John. One of the first food manufacturers to benefit from Enterprise Connect services was Heather Brae Shortbreads. Producing a range of baked goods for the caf, food service and retail market since 1941, the business had experienced major growth. The business made capital investments to facilitate greater productivity, streamlined and automated processing, and improved quality, flexibility and consistency. Faced with the challenge of recovering the capital expenditure through sales growth and expansion, Managing Director of Heather Brae Shortbreads, Bassim Wakim, turned to Enterprise Connect for advice.


Business Adviser, Paul Smarrelli, conducted a Business Review for Heather Brae Shortbreads, providing a full industry, market and operational analysis and an implementation plan to put the recommendations into action. I found the Business Review to be relevant, focused, professional and ultimately effective. I cant recommend Enterprise Connect highly enough, said Mr Wakim. Another business moving forward in leaps and bounds after working with Enterprise Connect, is Anvers Chocolates. Based in Latrobe, Tasmania, Anvers Chocolates manufacture exquisite couverture chocolates, truffles, praline and fudges from the finest ingredients including local Tasmanian cream and butter. Managing Director, Igor Van Gerwen was looking to expand his domestic market share in an industry dominated by foreign owned firms. Jack Van Tatenhove, Business Adviser for Enterprise Connect took the time to understand the industry and the business and provide recommendations on how Anvers Chocolates could meet their business objectives. By implementing Enterprise Connect recommendations Anvers has developed a more focused approach to production, marketing and sales. The plan has helped concentrate the business on profitable projects and markets, install effective staffing processes, improve lean manufacturing, and position the business for growth into the future. The Enterprise Connect Business Review really helped identify areas of the business we needed to tackle. As a business owner you have an idea of the issues that may need addressing, but seeing them identified in the Business Review report really escalates the need to take action, said Igor. While the Business Review is the cornerstone of Enterprise Connects services, a range of other services are available to help businesses evolve, innovate and remain competitive in a challenging environment. The Tailored Advisory Service helps businesses implement recommendations provided in the Business Review and a range of other services including Workshops, Industry Intelligence and Networking, Researchers in Business and Technology and Knowledge Connect are available to eligible businesses. For more information on enterprise connect visit or call 131 791.




For information, including sponsorship opportunities, please contact: Julie Barnes [email protected]

29-30 may 2012 the SeBel alBert Park melBourne6

Ai Group ConfeCtionery SeCtor

ConfeCtionery industry newsCONFECTiONEry SECTOr iN rEviEw18 January The ConTech Sub Committee meet to review and progress the ConTech2012 program and associated activities. 30 January Tim Piper, Director Victoria and Principal Advocate for the Confectionery Sector attended the International Confectionery Association, held in conjunction with ISM, by teleconference. 1 February Enrolments are open for the new Vocational Graduate Certificate in Food Industry Management commencing in May and William Angliss Institute is receiving enrolment expressions of interest (see page 4 for details). 8 February Alan Maguire, Ai Group Education and Training Adviser met with Pam McLeod from Skills Victoria to provide a progress report on the Confectionery, Food and Beverage Manufacturing Skills Deepening Project to establish the new Vocational Graduate Certificate in Food Industry Management. 10 February John OCallaghan, Ai Groups Advocate attended a briefing with the Hon Catherine King, Parliamentary Secretary for Healths Adviser, Alex White on front of pack labelling progress following the Legislative and Governance Forum on Food Regulation Forum meeting on 9 December. 14 February Alan Maguire, Ai Group Education and Training Adviser and Jennifer Thompson, Ai Group Confectionery Sector Technical Manager met with representatives of William Angliss Institute and the Victorian Food Industry Training Board to review progress, enrolments and next steps in establishing the new Vocational Graduate Certificate in Food Industry Management. 17 February Ai Groups first Food and Beverage Sector Briefing for the year was held. 22 February Jennifer Thompson, Ai Group Confectionery Sector Technical Manager and Neil Smith (Kraft Foods Australia) and Carmen Tabone (Mars Chocolates) of the Ai Group Confectionery Sector Technical Committee met with Pauline Ireland, Fiona Jones and John Ward from the Victorian Department of Health to discuss labelling compliance. 27 February The Confectionery Advocacy Group (CAG) meet for their first meeting in 2012 by teleconference. Key items on the agenda include progress on front of pack labelling following the all of government response to the Blewett Report, cocoa and retail issues.

AnugA Food And BEvERAgE TRAdE FAiRThe Anuga trade fair is the largest and most comprehensive food and beverage trade show in the world, it includes exhibitors from all over the globe. The 2011 show by the numbers: 6,596 Companies exhibited 100 different countries were represented as exhibitors These companies occupied 284,000m2 Over 155,000 trade visitors attended the event Visitors came from near and far covering over 180 different countries and cultures. The Koelnmesse where the event is held is used specifically for trade shows all year round from machinery to food, the Anuga food and beverage trade fair is the only fair that has exhibitors utilising all 11 halls. The networking opportunities for established and developing companies are unmatched, nowhere can another trade fair in the food and beverage sector offer such a wide and varied array of visitors and exhibitors. For Almondco it has been a must attend event over the last ten years, more recently we have joined with the other Almond processors of Australia and exhibited under the one banner with the Almond board of Australia. It provides opportunities for not only garnering new business in new countries but the unique opportunity to engage with our many and varied customers from all over the world under one roof at the one event. 2011 was the first year I had attended and was overwhelmingly impressed with how the event was run and set up, you can not buy the opportunities a trade fair like this provides. It has always been a certainty on the Almondco calendar and with our export program only increasing in both volume and to include new countries I believe it will continue to be in the years to come. Report by Jake Langdon of Almondco Australia.

australian stand at anuga.


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ConfeCtionery industry news

TEchnicAl REpoRTFSanz callS For SuBmiSSionS on the draFt nutrition, health and related claimS StandardFood Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) has called for submissions on a draft nutrition, health and related claims standard. The proposed new standard would regulate voluntary statements made by manufacturers on labels about the nutrition content of a food, or a relationship between a food and health. There are two principal types of claims; nutrition content claims such as low in fat or source of calcium, and health claims, which refer to a relationship between a food and health, such as calcium and bone health. FSANZ is also seeking comment on the part of the proposal considering regulation of fat free and percentage fat free claims. The proposal includes refinements to a previous draft standard, which was subject to public consultation in 2009. FSANZ has also considered issues arising from a Review of the draft Standard requested by the Legislative and Governance Forum on Food Regulation. FSANZ acknowledges there have been diverse stakeholder opinions about this complex proposal, but believes the draft standard strikes a balance between disparate views. FSanz sought submissions by 16 march 2012. a copy of the review proposal P293 nutrition, health and related claims may be viewed at http://www.foodstandards.

new PeSt management code re-launched For Food induStryThe Australian Environmental Pest Managers Association (AEPMA) has re-launched its November 2011 Code of Practice for the management of pests in the food industry. The code defines best practice requirements for food business and premises. The new Code of Practice complements the requirements of the Food Standards Code and provides added guidance on specific management controls that are consistent with the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) systems for food safety. the code of Practice issued by aePma can be found

tranS-PaciFic PartnerShiP agreementThe Governments highest priority concerning regional trade negotiation is the conclusion of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP). This agreement will build on the Trans-Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership Agreement (P4) between Brunei Darussalam, Chile, New Zealand and Singapore, established in 2006. The TPP includes the P4 Parties as well as Australia, Peru, the USA, Vietnam and Malaysia. The TPP has the potential to form a building block for AsiaPacific regional economic integration. It is in Australias interests to be involved in order to shape the direction of the initiative. Japan, Canada and Mexico have now also formally expressed interest in joining the TPP negotiations. Ai Group will be making a submission as part of the consultation process with stakeholders regarding the possible involvement of Japan, Canada and Mexico in the TPP. Members who would like to contribute issues for inclusion in the submission should contact Rebecca Walker on [email protected] For further information please refer to

QuEryToni Risson, who completed her PhD on the Australian confectionery industry and was a guest speaker at Congress in 2010, is looking for information on an old confectionery item called Moroccos. Apparently they were just like Jaffas except they had a darker, coffee-flavoured centre and came in a box with a man in a red fez on it. Maybe they were a Sweetacre product? Possibly they were only sold for a short time? if anyone has any information, please email Julie Barnes [email protected]

william aNgliSS iNSTiTuTEWilliam Angliss Institute will be conducting the following course in 2012: chocolate Manufacturing Tempering, Enrobing and Moulding (WA05030) date: 2, 3 and 4 July 2012 Address: 555 La Trobe Street, Melbourne Three consecutive days: 9.00am 5.00pm cost: $850 plus GST Telephone: Colin Garrett: (03) 9606 2111 Email enquiries to: [email protected]

note: Minimum of 6 and maximum of 12 participants is required to run the course. Learn about the principles, equipment and procedures used to make chocolate and chocolate products. Topics include refining and conching, enrobing and recording relevant data and fault recognition. The course also covers aspects of tempering, moulding and enrobing prepared centres.

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ConfeCtionery industry news

Funding oPened to manuFacturerS For energy and carBon eFFiciency inveStmentS...and how ai grouP can aSSiSt youai group has welcomed the launch of the $1 billion Clean Technology investment Program (CTiP) grants which will provide assistance over 7 years to australian manufacturers to improve the energy and carbon efficiency of their operations.Funding Available The CTIP includes:

Ai groups Environment and Energy Team can help Ai groups Environment and Energy Team has the expertise and assistance to assist businesses with:

$800 million for investment grants to general manufacturing; $150 million for food processing; $50 million for foundries and metal forges. Supply chain businesses can participate in collaborative projects.

Energy assessments (including auditing and management reviews); Carbon footprints; Resource efficiency assessments (including energy, water and waste); and Applications for funding.

Eligible Activities These include:

Replacement or modifications to existing Australian manufacturing plant, equipment and processes; Changes to energy sources for existing or replacement Australian manufacturing plant, equipment and processes; and Replacement or modification of Australian manufacturing production facilities for new products which offer significant energy or carbon savings during their in-service life.

To find out more about the grants and how Ai Group can assist you, contact our Energy and Sustainable Business help desk on 1300 733 752 or email [email protected] Ai Groups energy efficiency case studies and practical factsheets are also available for download from Ai Groups website. More information on the grants is available at Register for Ai groups FREE Energy Efficiency Events

Funding Ratios The grants are competitive and merit based. Successful applicants will be required to co-fund projects as follows:

Environment Solutions Forum Energy Efficiency Brisbane: 23 February 2012 Environmental Solutions Workshop Environmental obligations and energy efficiency opportunities Rowville: 29 February; Tullamarine: 1 March; Shepparton: 7 March; Sydney: 8 March; Werribee: 15 March; Cheltenham: 29 March Environmental Solutions Workshop identifying and implementing Resource Efficiency initiatives Melbourne: 4 May; Hobart: 10 May; Adelaide: 15 May; Sydney: 23 May; Brisbane: 24 May

Funding ratio of 1:1 for grants of less than $500,000 to SME manufacturers with less than $100 million annual turnover; Funding ratio 1:2 for all other grants less than $10 million; Funding ratio 1:3 for all grants of $10 million and above.

What Should Your Business Be doing now? Companies should act now to identify initiatives to reduce emissions, improve energy efficiency and cut operating costs.


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ConfeCtionery industry news

ir uPdate 12 hour ShiFtSIt has been a busy couple of months for Schweppes Australia Pty Ltd which is now in its final 21 day compulsory negotiating period following the termination of industrial action at the hands of FWA on 10 February. In an interesting strategy, Schweppes sought the order to terminate its own lock-out which it had initiated in response to escalating industrial activity organised by United Voice which had disrupted production beyond the point of no return. The major sticking adam Shepherd point in the Enterprise Agreement Senior adviser workplace relations which is up for renewal is the australian industry group introduction of 12 hour shifts to the Tullamarine site which would bring it in line with other Schweppes manufacturing sites.On the subject of 12 hour shifts a recent FWA decision addressed the issue of accruing and taking personal/carers leave for employees who work 12 hour shifts. The AWU had entered into a dispute with BP Refinery (Bulwar Island) Pty Ltd arguing that employees who only ever worked a 12 hour shift should accumulate 120 hours of personal/carers leave per year arguing that the NES provides a minimum of ten days leave per year and 10 x 12 = 120 hours. (The Enterprise Agreement in place provided 96 hours per year). Cmr Asbury however had a different opinion and made it abundantly clear that the concept of averaging work hours was provided for in the NES and that the employees in question in fact worked on average a 7 hour day (35 hour week) over a 10 week cycle. Therefore the employees were entitled to accrue a minimum of 10 x 7 = 70 hours of personal/carers leave per year which was more than catered for in their Enterprise Agreement. In conclusion Cmr Asbury commented that There is nothing novel or unfair about accruals of leave being calculated on the basis of a notional daythere is nothing novel about leave being taken at a different rate to which it accrues AWU v BP Refinery (Bulwar Island) Pty Ltd [2012] FWA 1197 at [83].


17 February was the deadline for applications concerning the 2 year review of the Fair Work Act 2009. Ai Groups application calls for changes in multiple areas including Enterprise Agreements, Industrial Action, National Employment Standards, Equal Remuneration, General Protections and Unfair Dismissal. As well as the Act itself being up for review so are the Modern Awards which FWA oversee. All 122 Awards are being reviewed by FWA and applications are due in by 08 March. Ai Group is finalising its application which as well as addressing some Award specific content, such as coverage term overlaps, will also address the generic provisions of Individual Flexibility Agreements remaining unutilised and unworkable; no cashing out of annual leave provisions despite the Act contemplating such content; and the need for Awards to harmonise an approach to how additional and substitute public holidays may be dealt with if introduced differently across the States and Territories.

have you had a look at our website?


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ConfeCtionery industry news

PuBlication oF NaTiONal FOOD waSTE aSSESSmENT rEPOrTThe Department of Sustainability, Environment, water, Population and Communities has recently released the National Food Waste Assessment report.


asted food represents significant costs to households and businesses in Australia and has environmental consequences as well. The need to improve food waste data and information was identified as a significant issue during the development of the 2009 National Waste Policy: Less Waste, More Resources and in the 2010 National Waste Report. The Institute for Sustainable Futures, at University of Technology Sydney was commissioned by the Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities to produce an assessment report on Australian food waste data. This report collates and reviews the quality and nature of 1262 food waste studies conducted in Australia, ranging from regional waste management authority reporting and research papers to national

studies. The report answers three questions: what do we know about food waste in Australia; how good is the knowledge; and who are the knowledge holders? The report concludes that while there are many existing food waste studies, they are highly variable, both in terms of geographical relevance and methodology, making it impossible to compile accurate national data on food waste. The report also indicates that the absence of a national understanding of food waste makes it more difficult to improve the environmental performance of our waste management systems. For more information the national Food waste assessment report can be downloaded from food-waste.html

welcome to new memBerS oF ai grouP conFectionery SectorEssential Essential is a manufacturer and supplier of flavours for the food and beverage industries. They offer a wide range of Natural and Synthetic spray dried and liquid flavours and are HACCP accredited and can offer Halal and Kosher certified flavours, prolife Foods pty ltd Prolife Foods is a privately owned, New Zealand food company, recently establishing a business in Australia. It was founded in 1984 by Bernie and Kaye Crosby and still has that Kiwi can do attitude. Prolife Foods product range consists of nuts, dried fruits, muesli bars, cereals, grains, chocolates, confectionery and much more,

PlEaSE mark ThESE DaTES iN yOur DiaryAdditional information will be advised in MediaScan closer to the dates conTech2012 The Sebel Albert Park Tuesday 29 and Wednesday 30 May conTech2012 practical Workshop William Angliss Institute Thursday, 31 May and Friday 1 June life Savers perpetual cup and Trophy golf day Thursday 25 October congress dinner Thursday 25 October Sector Meetings April NSW 16 April Queensland 18 April Victoria 24 April SA 7 May Sector Meetings november NSW 20 November Queensland 21 November Victoria 28 November Sector Meetings december SA 4 December Boardroom lunches Melbourne 23 March Sydney 17 July Melbourne 6 December The above dates are subject to change. Please check MediaScan for up-todate information.


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ConfeCtionery industry news

TEChNiCal PaPErSIn each issue of Confectionery Industry News we list details of several technical articles that are available on-line from the originating trade publications, for a small fee. If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact: [email protected] The peanut genomic initiative A seven year plan, now in year five, to develop cultivars with genetically enhanced traits of agronomic and economic importance. By Darlene Cowart, PhD, Birdsong Peanuts The Manufacturing Confectioner October 2011

Practical workShoP

Fondant-based centres The proper process must be applied to a fondant-based centre formulation to create a specific centre. By Mark Jarrard Jr, Godiva Chocolatier, Inc The Manufacturing Confectioner, October 2011

International keynote speaker from IOI Loders Croklaan Oils in Malaysia, Mr Balachandar will stay on after ConTech to conduct a two day practical and theoretical workshop. This hands on workshop will feature the use of specialty fats and their application in confectionery coatings, fillings and in a range of confectionery formats. Mr Balachandar will be assisted by colleague Yi Chen Chia. In particular, the workshop will cover confectionery coating fats, tempering and moulding, confectionery centres, filling fats, fats for sugar confectionery and bakery applications. More detailed information on the workshop will be provided in the registration materials. The workshop will be conducted on Thursday 31 May and 1 June at Melbourne based William Angliss Institute. For further information, trade exhibitor, sponsorship and innovation show case enquiries please contact Julie Barnes [email protected] or (03) 9867 0147 and/or refer to

dairy costs in confections The favourable exporting environment will continue to keep US dairy products in tight supply and high in price. By Tim Galloway, Galloway Co The Manufacturing Confectioner, October 2011

Whole grains in confections Developing confections with whole grains is an exciting opportunity whose time has arrived. By Firth K Whitehouse, Caremoli, USA The Manufacturing Confectioner, August 2011

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kEy DaTES 2012conTech2012 29 and 30 May 2012 The Sebel, Albert Park post conTech2012 practical Workshop 31 May and 1 June 2012 William Angliss Institute, Melbourne new vocational graduate certificate in Food industry Management commences 18 May 2012 William Angliss Institute, Melbourne June 11 15: Sugar confectionery Technology panning course ZDS, Solingen June 17 19: Fine Food new Zealand Auckland, New Zealand June 26 28: practical Seminar in chewing gum and bubble gum technology ZDS, Solingen July 2 4: chocolate Manufacturing Tempering, Enrobing and Moulding (WA05030) William Angliss Institute, Melbourne See page 8 for details. September 9 11: philadelphia candy Show New Jersey, USA


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StudentS imPreSS induStry wiTh iNvENTivE PrODuCT DEvElOPmENTSpicy peanut butter coated with dark chocolate, black sesame seed and soy milk chewy bars, naturally sweetened tomato sauce and gianduja and brownie centred chocolate trufes were just some of the products created and presented by william angliss institutes up-and-coming food scientists at the 2011 Student Product Development launch held at william angliss institute.he student product development launch was an opportunity for students studying the unit VB079 Plan and Manage Food and Product Related Concept Development to impress industry guests with their creativity and inventiveness, displaying their products (along with packaging and detailed labelling), offering samples and talking to representatives from food manufacturers about their process of development. The aim of the unit is to develop a new food product or make a significant change to an existing product. The product development stages included testing of the concept, sensory evaluation, shelf life testing, package design, costings and developing a HACCP plan. Visitors to the showcase enjoyed sampling the products and praised the students ingenuity and resourcefulness in getting their ideas off the drawing board, through the testing and trouble-shooting stage, to being able to present a finished product.


Shabnam ghomi with her product reduced sugar ice cream natural vanilla avour with stevia, winner of the outstanding achievement in unit vBP079.

Gelita Australia Pty Ltd supported the product launch by awarding a $500 book prize to the student whose product was considered most likely to succeed in the marketplace. The judging panel consisted of Josh Hemelaar Gelita Australia, Neil Smith Kraft Foods and Gavin Buckett The Gourmet Guardian Pty Ltd who judged the products on their innovative quality, presentation and packaging, sensory attributes and market potential. Shabnam Ghomi with her product reduced sugar ice cream natural vanilla flavour with stevia was the winner of the Outstanding Achievement in Unit VBP079 Plan and Manage Food and Product Related Concept Development. The judges found it too difficult to single out one runner-up, so a dual prize was awarded to: Niko Moghimi for her product naturally sweetened tomato sauce and Richard Truong for his product black sesame seed and soy milk chewy bar. All students must be commended on their outstanding efforts. The products launched were: Reduced sugar ice cream natural vanilla flavour with stevia (winner)

Naturally sweetened tomato sauce (runner-up) Black sesame seed and soy milk chewy bar (runner up) Baked batter pudding dry mix Dry blended low sugar chocolate cookie premix Stevia marshmallow rocky road confectionery Indian style spicy peanut butter coated with dark chocolate High boil candy for women Fortified cereal bar BrekkyBlitz BarWinter Boost natural ginger beverage

Ginger jubes with added fibre and Indian spices

runner up richard truong with his product black sesame seed and soy milk chewy bar.

Gianduja and brownie centred chocolate truffles One product was withheld from the showcase as it has commercial potential for the company of the students employ. Ai Group Confectionery Sector congratulates all the students that completed the study unit and encourages them to continue to pursue their careers in the confectionery industry, in particular, or the food industry, in general.


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Fruit & nut market rePort FeBruary 2012

AlMondS (uSa)Market Firm Starting prices have firmed a little in recent weeks however all eyes are on January shipping data out of California and also early indications on how the Californian bloom is tracking. 2012 USA crop is expected to be an off year due to the sheer size of the 2011 crop, high yield and the excess of smaller sized nuts available. The question is whether its a poor off year or a healthy off year. The Australian Non Pareil harvest has already begun. The crop will be a record for Australia due to the amount of newer trees now producing commercial harvests. Quality (especially for Non Pareil varieties) is expected to be significantly better than the 2011 season as 2011 was hampered by severe rains and storms during bloom and flooding during the harvest. With the above mentioned, almonds which have been the only tree-nut at exceptional value in recent years are expected to remain in demand for both the snacking markets and manufacturing industries internationally.

way to go before we reach the levels of the beginning of 2011 crop. Many major buyers have been putting off major decisions to step in until there is more clarity in the market and in the hope that prices will continue to fall back to more normal (historic) levels. It seems this has already begun and its recommended to be at least covered enough not to be forced to step in at a time that has no other option.

DCN buyers are on a waiting game hoping that prices would go down even further, but dont expect these offers to stay long. It is coconut lean season and eventually, prices will rebound when husked prices increase due to tightness in availability.

hAZElnuTS (Turkey)Market Firm The hazelnut market remains firm on the back of a short Turkish crop and is expected to remain firm at least until the end of the current season. Other crops such as Italy have been quite strong but as Turkey is the dominant producer of hazelnuts globally, it sets world pricing. Expect market fluctuations to occur due to: Currency fluctuations with the Turkish Lira and the USA. Announcements from the TMO on releasing older stocks to the market (In short, this is stock purchased by an arm of the Turkish Government in order to support the farmers in Turkey by getting higher in shell prices to those farmers).

cAShEWS (vietnam / india)Market Easing/ Steady As has become the norm for this time of year, reports with conflicting information on how the new season is progressing in Vietnam are in the market. Not knowing exactly what is happening with the crop is one thing however it is widely known that there is an abundance of raw seed still in Vietnam and India (mainly from Africa) so if the crop is late or if the crop is short, there is still plenty of raw material to keep processing. Buyers for this time of year have less cover than usual. Part of this is the global economic uncertainty, part of it was the record high kernel pricing during the second half of 2011 during periods where major customers would normally take longer cover into the following year and part of it is many buyers still holding out for further reductions in price.

ApRicoTS (turkey)Market Steady Weak raw material prices in Malatya are being offset by the appreciation of the TL. Heavy winter conditions have slowed down the volume of raw material being brought to market and prices may rise if conditions persist. Sizes 1-4 continue to hold their levels whereas small sizes, diced and industrials have eased in TL terms. The wintery conditions are seen as a positive for the trees, but its a little too early to speculate on how the new crop is developing, this will have to wait until May.

SulTAnAS (Turkey)Market Firm Raw material prices continue to hold firm and the appreciation of the TL v USD by 7% (1.88 1.75) in the last couple of weeks has insulated any possible decreases on the Izmir Bourse. The role of Raki producers (Alcohol industry) in maintaining such high levels can not be underplayed. Packers who are oversold on their positions due to these sales are creating a constant demand by entering the market on a regular basis, bidding up prices. Speculation that alcohol producers could purchase a further 30,000MT from the 2011 crop pool will certainly mean current price levels will persist for the foreseeable future.

coconuT (philippines / indonesia)Market Stable Desiccated Coconut (DCN) prices have stabilised in recent weeks as availability has improved at origin. Many mills are still offering stock for shipments in the 1st quarter, eager to offload these volumes they are offering at reduced prices. Coconut Oil (CNO) prices are expected to remain the most significant factor in DCN prices for 2012. CNO prices are largely determined by crude oil and commodity prices for its main use are in bio fuels. Crude oil prices in the world market are volatile at the moment on fresh worries over tension between Western Powers and the Middle East, this year could be another period of uncertainty.14

BRAZil nuTS (Brazil / Bolivia)Market Easing New season is upon us now and the market will be lead by whatever Bolivia is doing as they represent 75% of the worlds Brazil Nuts. Prices have come off the record highs nearing the end of 2011 season and there is still some

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newS From cocoa market rePort Producing countrieSivoRY coASTThe 2011/12 main crop started fairly well with reports of arrivals at 788tmt (Oct 11 to 22 Jan 2012) but there is the expectation is of a sharp slow-down in tail arrivals. For the 2011/12 mid crop analysts are currently touring in the bush to assess pod loads and tree canopies, which may have been impacted negatively by the current dry season due to the Harmattan dry wind. Additionally Cocoa Reform is the Ivorian hot topic with four main areas: Minimum guaranteed price to the farmers, Forward sales system for most of predicted main crop, Normal sales system for rest of crop and a New taxation system. As soon as the reform occurs a trader could expect the market to correct lower and the structure to flatten and ait looks like the terminals are already partially pricing the reform. give us a partial view of the demand. Indeed, Ivory Coast, Ghana and Indonesia are not reported and those three main cocoa producing countries are all expected to importantly increase their beans demand in 2011/12. Overall it is estimated that the grinding activity (powder driven) is still exceeding the chocolate consumption (butter proxy) and therefore butter stocks are accumulating. One can thus easily understand fresh record ratios. Deodorised butter reached an all-time low of 1.04 on the 11 Nov 2011 (CRA data) and alkalised powder reached an all-time high of 2.49 on the 9 Dec 2011. This latter, being mainly sold outright has obviously been facilitated by the terminal market drop. Finally, above butter and powder ratios lead to an impressive combined ratio of 3.72 (9 Dec 2011). This peak logically coincided with the weekly low of the London terminal market at 1338 GBP/mt. In the meantime, the LIFFE market has been consolidating and the combined ratio corrected to a much more normal but still comfortable level of 3.38. drop were (a) the important 2010/11 endof-seasons stocks of 1834tmt (brought by the delayed surplus of 341tmt which was importantly blocked in Ivory Coast just after the peak of the 2010/11 main crop) and (b) the in-coming hedging pressure following the peak of the 2011/12 West African crop. The industry cover is therefore very comfortable and estimated around 8.2 months up to the end of January 2012 (and at least 1 month higher in the USA). But, recently, the market has consolidated around 1500 GBP/mt and 2300 USD/mt. The two main finally cocoa related bullish piece of news which supported the markets were (a) the expectation of much lower arrivals for the end of the 2010/11 main crop and (a) the Harmattan which could impact negatively mid crops. The market is now clearly looking for a direction and bullish versus bearish arguments seem well balanced as you can read just below.

ghAnAPurchasing figures from the Cocobod are in line with expectations at 557tmt (Oct-1 Jan 2012), down by 7.2% versus same time last year. Overall while La Nia conditions still remain the majority of climate models now suggest a gradual decline of the event.

concluSion poinTS To MoniToR:Bullish factors:

2011/12 forecasted deficits (from 25tmt to 200tmt) The still net short specs position on London (and on a combined basis) Cocoa is under-valued versus other soft commodities and the CRB index Increasing grinds at origin (in Ivory Coast, Ghana and Indonesia mainly) The powder demand (in both mature and developing markets) Blowing Harmattan along with very little rainfalls Forward sales (Ghana and Ivory Coast unknown timing) Better 2011/12 Asian and Latin American crops versus 2010/11 Butter usage/chocolate consumption expected flatish in mature markets La Nia is still active (but on a gradual decline from its recent peak) The industry is very well covered (8.2 months)

STocKS EvoluTionThe ICCO surplus for the 2010/11 is of 341tmt and could be further increase in the next quarterly release. Most market counterparts are now estimating a deficit for 2011/12 but the range of estimates remains quite large (from 25tmt to 200tmt).

consumption/demandThe noteworthy piece of news of this past month was Q4 2011 official grinds: W. Europe/ECA data @ 349355mt ie. +1.8% vs. Q4 2010; 7.4% vs. Q3 2011 germany/BDSI data @ 115301mt ie. +13.3% vs. Q4 2010; 8.7% vs. Q3 2011 nAFTA/NCA data @ 118926mt ie. +1.5% vs. Q4 2010; 4.6% vs. Q3 2011 Brazil/CAB data @ 61337mt ie. +2.2% vs. Q4 2010; 1.0% vs. Q3 2011 Malaysia/ CMB data @ 74312mt ie. 7.4% vs. Q4 2010; +4.0% vs. Q3 2011 On a quarterly basis, Q4 2011 official grinds increased by 0.5% versus Q4 2010, and on an annualised basis +4.9% in the full 2011 calendar year versus 2010. The growth was both structural (mainly in Germany where local grinders increased capacity and the pace of their actual grinds) and technical (in the wake of the Ivorian contingency plan implemented during the crisis). One should note that official grinds only

MARKET coMMEnTARYBetween 3Mar and 9 Dec 2011 the London LIFFE terminal market lost 44% of its value. This drop was both macroeconomically and fundamentally driven. Even if counter-intuitive in time of economic crisis (one usually wants to invest in tangible goods as gold, coffee or cocoa), the speculative funds sold their long and have been net short on both markets over the past 5 months. Undeniably, the crisis was worse than expected, and unappealing Euribor rates combined with higher margin on future exchanges led banks to cut on speculative positions. The more fundamental reasons for the15

Bearish factors:

the information in this report is general in nature.

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iN ThE SPOTlighT

milan grzic, ceo, Sweet william

l-r: milan grzic, ceo; kevin woodman, Food technician; Paul anderson, Production manager; carol ohalloran, Sales and marketing manager; andrew mandrides (standing at back) director; John Beale, director; david maguire, cFo; doug currie, general manager.

what do you do at Sweet william?I am a part time CEO, not doing much on a daily basis, as I have a good management team that runs the general operations of business. I tend to focus more on the strategic aspects of the business with more interest in the marketing and looking for growth opportunities both by organic growth and acquisitions.

what is the biggest challenge facing the industry today?The high Australian dollar making it difficult to compete against cheaper imports and making it too expensive to export.

Favourite food?Home cooked, cheese ravioli with a goulash sauce followed by a nice apple pie with cream

Favourite movie?I dont have a favourite movie but have a couple of TV shows that I can watch repeats of. They are West Wing, Yes Minister and some science fiction shows.

what do you love about the industry?Its a great conversation starter at any get together. It is good to be actually making something that people want and enjoy.

what would you do if you werent in the confectionery industry?I would be running an accounting practice, which is what I do when I am not at Sweet William.

what is your professional pet-hate?Having to wait for next years review with the majors before we can present a new product.

Favourite way to spend the weekend?Pottering around the garden while listening to football or cricket, and going away with my wife for a weekend, to places like Hunter Valley or just a hotel in the city

what are you promoting at the moment?We are very excited about our partnership with Warner Bros Scooby-Doo and the launch of two new lines under Scooby-Doo. This is a massive brand and will really help to raise the Sweet William profile. Being nut free also means the Scooby range is school friendly and opens up another market. The other new Sweet William chocolate we are promoting, targets the other end of the age spectrum with our new No Added Sugar range Sweet As. These are very low GI, low carb and diabetic friendly. We already have three 100g blocks in the market and are extending this to a share pack for portion control.

what types of advertising/marketing mediums are the most effective for your company?Being a small company with a niche product, we have found it most beneficial to directly target the individual niches, ie coeliac, anaphylactic, lactose intolerant, vegan, Kosher, Halal and diabetic. All these groups have specific magazines and expos which we utilise. Sampling is particularly successful when targeted. We also promote to doctors, nutritionists and dieticians involved with diagnosis.

Favourite sporting team?An old St George man but after living in Canberra for 20 years, I also follow the Raiders.

Favourite holiday destination?For relaxation and getting away, its Hawaii, but when looking to do some sightseeing then its Europe. But if I had to pick a specific city, then it would be Paris.

what is your favourite chocolate or lolly?While I like our Sweet As Nutty crunch I must admit, for a real treat, I like Lindt Balls.

if you could dine with any three people, living or deceased, who would you choose?William Shakespeare, Isaac Asimov, Benjamin Franklin



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