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  • 1. Kindle Books Promotion:Efficient Ways to Promote Your Kindle Books

2. Ive read a lot of information on Kindle promoting and I was pleasantlysurprised to find many tips in this book that I had not read before. KarenBoyette, manicreaders.comThis book contains a lot of helpful information for authors, whether they arewriting books for Kindle, Createspace, or another online platform. Randall Martinez, CEO, Bookshop Publishing Inc.I have published several kindle eBooks, and I wish I had this guide when Ifirst put them up. This book is easy to use, concise, informative, and the tipsare completely doable! I know that I will see an improvement in my sales,and I can't wait for that. Great purchase for anyone looking to improve theirkindle sales. Jesse Brown, Founder, BookScape magazineThis book had tons of information on a lot of topics related to Kindle self-publishing.From upscaling to writing the manuscript quickly andefficiently, this book nearly has it all. Joshua BrownI bought this book out of desperation and I am so glad I did! I'veimplemented a few of it's suggestions and I'm hoping for the best. Iespecially liked how easy some of the advice is to implement. JonAndersonf, Founder, 3. DISCLAIMERThis book is only written for educational purposes. The author of this bookholds no responsibility on how youll use the information provided or whatyoull do with them. All information is based on authors research and assuch, any content from this book cannot be copied or sold. You take fullresponsibility for the actions you do.All copyright goes to Anthony Heaven, the author of this book. 4. Table of Contents:DISCLAIMERTable of Contents:FOREWORD1. Two Types of Promotion4. Thinking Out of the Box 5. FOREWORDFirstly, thanks for buying this book and supporting my work as an authorand researcher. This is my fourth book overall and the first in series thattalks about Kindle. In this book, I will introduce you to various ways on howI promoted my first books online and teach you some techniques that willskyrocket your newly-written book up high.As an author, one cannot spend much time promoting his book because,lets face it, its very boring job. Promotion can be very dull for authorsbecause it takes a lot of time to write about your book on various socialmarketing networks, forums or blogs online. We, as authors, love to writeabout different things that we find interesting. Some people write novels andfiction based on their imagination and some write non-fiction for a purposeof helping others in an issue that they know about. We all have ideas and weall have one great passion. Its passion to write that results in a reward offeeling special when we publish our book(s) and, of course, when somebodyreads them.As a Kindle Junior author, mainly junior because I just started to write here,I discovered many pros and cons when I first started to promote my books.You know, its easy to publish a book and let it float around Amazon, dontget me wrong, Amazon has a great promotion service with its headquartersin UK, Germany, Italy, Japan etc. but one must ask himself, is that enough?There are over 2 million books in Kindle store alone and this data means thatyour new book has a competition of over 2 million other books.Before you go blue and pessimistic, I say dont worry because you cansucceed if you follow my guidance here. Im not guru (actually dont evenknow what that means) or a master teacher who knows everything aboutkindle promotion and secret ways to make a bestselling book. What I canoffer here is my procedure that I follow when I publish my book onAmazon. As you can see on my author page here, I had written three booksbefore this one. One was about website marketing and doing it the properway. And two others were about how to make money online with andwithout a site, where I explain 30 innovative ways to make money online. Inthis book I changed my subject to kindle itself... 6. 1. Two Types of PromotionWhen it comes to Kindle, no promotion isnt necessary a bad promotion. Ifyou look at example of many books on bestseller list, youll easily see thattheyve been added recently and achieved that status in no time. Thequestion we ask here is how did they manage to do that? One can think of amassive promotion that the author did to make a book hit, and others canthink that book was famous even before it hit the kindle store list.As in every case, both parties can be right because both options are possible.If you take Harry Potter series as an example, youll see that its still abestselling book, firstly made as hardcover and later as a kindle product.Also most of the New York Times Bestselling books are also a hit onkindle. Even though, they were published very early as paperback books.This type of promotion is called Offline because it happens before the bookis put on kindle. If you, before you write a book, make a big thing aboutits release, it can easily end up as a bestseller, but Im going to talk about itlater. So in Offline promotion we use the same sources as the first authorsused when they promoted their books. This consists of giving your book toyour friends and families, giving it to local magazines or newspapers for areview or giving it to a radio host which can announce it via his radio.Second type of promotion is called Online and its basically book promotionon the internet. In this book, Im going to mainly write about onlinepromotion because of following reasons. One is that with online promotionwe can reach a high audience which consists of 2 billion people whocurrently have internet and are from various countries. Second one is that wecan promote our book on various groups on social networks such asFacebook, Twitter or Pinterest. The third one consists of forums andcommunication with other authors. You can easily give your book to anauthor who is interested in your niche and he can tell you his opinionbecause he understands about what youre writing.Not to forget, Kindles competitors such as Googles program of Goodreadsand online reading book sites such as Booktalk, Wattpad or WritersNet.They can easily promote your book to other audience, from which you canalso get potential readers, who knows, I also got a reader via YouTube soeverything is possible. 7. 2. What Everyone Uses?In the last decade, sites such as Facebook and Twitter took the global controlover the attention of the users. I still remember time when Myspace was hitbut strangely it never hit the top spot like Facebook. This is mainly becauseof marketing and millions invested in that product same with Twitter. Onecan see a great potential using these tools to promote his books. There arealso lots of author groups or pages on both networks that you can use tocreate a hush about your newly written book.So where to start? Once you finish your book and upload to kindle, thepromotion time starts. In this chapter we are going to concentrate on Whateveryone uses type of marketing called social marketing. Firstly Imgoing to tell you about ways on promoting your book via Facebook, andlater about Twitter.So when using Facebook as a promotion tool, the first step is, logically, tobe the member of the various groups on Facebook. Im currently the memberof 20 groups on Facebook related to Amazon and kindle book promotion. Idont think it would be useful for me to share all links here, because it wouldlook like spam. However, I found the links here so check it out. I must saythat this isnt my site and Im not related to it in any way but the fact isthat the site is very useful.Except Facebook group promotion, you can also use Facebooks advertisingmethod to get the word about your book out. Facebook has good advertisingmodel, similar to Googles Adsense model, and it can really make your bookpromotion up at a large scale to a large community of people who areinterested in it. The good thing is that Facebook offers pay per click modelwhich is based on the number of the clicks your ad gets. So basically youpay for the click your ads attract, which is simply fair. When it comes toTwitter, there are lots of good authors you can follow and similar to previousmethod there are lots of groups or hashtags in which you can participatewhen promoting your book. Among other things Amazons kindle accounthas lots of followers, so your first step is to follow the ones you think areinteresting like Kindle Promotion, Online book promotion, eBookpromoter etc. You get the point. Follow them, contact them and ask them topromote your book via their tweets. 8. 4. Thinking Out of the Box 9. 4. Thinking Out of the Box