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The Kindle 1k System

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The Author of This Course Wesley Atkins Highly motivated online marketing professional with 10+ years expertise in international online sales and marketing. Wesley has generated over 1/4 million profits in direct online sales and affiliate revenue through his own online publishing company. Aktins share with us in his product his special skills & experience in promoting kindle books..

What is this Course AboutThe creator, Wesley Atkins presents his proven system to take ANYONE from zero to $1k per month with Kindle eBooks.If you dont like writing , the system focuses on outsourcing the entire process.You can also grow your income beyond $1k By following the same steps, launching more books. The most important step of creating kindle books is marketing which is covered very well in this product to ensure that your books get the wide exposure you need to grow your publishing empire.

What are you Going to Get- 6 modules and 25 step-by-step videos.- 6 Module Checklists to Keep You On Track EveryStep of The Way. Pre-formatted Kindle eBook Template (Just Fill in the Blanks). Work For Hire Scripts .(So you know what to say toyour outsourcers)- Legal Agreements.

What are you Going to Get- The Kindle Cheatsheets (for quickly getting you up to speed on the essential strategies you need to be successful with self publishing non-fiction eBooks).- Kindle ROI return on investment Tracking Spreadsheet.- Create An Author Website In 2 Hours you get free access for this Udemy course (retail price $67).

You will Learn how to make your FIRST $1k per month in 8 weeks.-You will Learn How to How to create 'best selling books.-you will learn how to find the most hot Categories.You will learn how to create great & eyeCatching book titles.You will learn how to find the bestwriters for your books if you want to Outsource your books.- You will Learn How to market your Book & leverage Amazon.

What are you going to learn

Video ModulesModule 1: Overview & SetupModule 2: Market ResearchModule 3: Creating Your BookModule 4: Listing with Amazon KDPModule 5: Marketing Your BookModule 6: Maintaining & Boosting Sales

Pros - This product consist of video modules which make it very clear& easy to follow & implement without the need to buy any additional products.- The product give you clear plan & step by step system to reach $1000 income from kindle in 2-3 months which is awesome for any new book author.- The system shows you the categories you should target for maximum success which gives you the ideas you need to start creating your books.- All the bonuses that comes with this product makes the life much easier for you to begin your kindle success journey.. they are really very valuable.

Cons Honestly, I couldnt find any con to say about this product & all the users who bought this product so far are very satisfied customersActually your success with kindle books business is guaranteed if you followed what has been offered in this amazing product with this experienced instructor by the way you have 60 days Money Back Guarantee.



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