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<ul><li> 1. Present by Epubor</li></ul> <p> 2. No print buttonThis is theAmazonKindlebook I wantto print.Pleasedownloadthe bookfrom Kindlefor PC. 3. Your Kindle booksaves in this folder.InstallEpuborUltimate 4. DRM is automaticallyremoved.Drag the book into the software 5. Click this buttonChoose ePub or PDF asthe output format.I choose ePub asexample. After choosing the output format, click convert button. 6. Conversion succeedClick Finish to openthe output folder 7. The outputePub book isexactly whichone I want toprint, and theoutput filesquality ispretty well. 8. Click the Print button, thenchoose your printer, thenyou can print the book outfreely. 9. 10.</p>