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Publishing on Kindle requires more than just a great product. This slide shows you where to put your focus, so you can make the most of your Kindle marketing efforts.


  • 1. Stop Writing Booksand Make More Money by Being a Kindle Publisher PRESENTED BY ALLCUSTOMCONTENT.COM
  • 2. An Opportunity to Reach MillionsDid you know that in March2011, Amazon announced thatit was selling more digitalbooks than print books?Kindle provides an amazingopportunity to reach millions ofconsumers, just waiting toread the books you publish.
  • 3. It Takes More Than Writing BooksBut a word of warningSuccess with Kindle takes morethan just putting your books together.With Kindle, you must rememberyou are the PUBLISHER and youneed to market your book.No one is going to market itfor you.
  • 4. You Dont Actually Need to WriteThe good news isYou dont actually need towrite any books to be apublisher.By getting someone else towrite the content, you canfocus on the marketing andbeing a successful publisher.
  • 5. Get Ready to PublishWith that in mind, here are 11 Kindlepublishing tips for you
  • 6. Tip #1: Do Your Research One of the biggest keys to success on Kindle is to sell content that is in demand. Always research topics and find the right category to sell your ebooks.
  • 7. Tip#2: Follow Formatting GuidelinesKindle has specific formattingguidelines, so make sure tofollow them to get moreassured acceptance of yourwork.It also makes your bookseasier to read and encouragesrepeat purchases.
  • 8. Tip #3: Grab Their Attention Right Away Kindle takes the first 10% of your content and offers it as a free sample. Make sure your writer uses the first few pages to grab your audiences attention, making them want to buy your book and read more.
  • 9. Tip #4: Professionally-Designed CoverYour promotional book coverimage should be at least 500 x800 pixels with an idealheight/weight ratio of 1.6. Itshould also be saved at 72 dpifor optimal viewing.Dont know what that means?If not, get a designersprofessional help.
  • 10. Tip #5: Titles and Descriptions Matter Titles and descriptions are the first things people will see when searching the Kindle store. Take the time to do research and brainstorm ideas before you publish.
  • 11. Tip #7: Write a Great Bio Write a compelling bio to get your potential customers interested in you. Include your experience and credentials so youll be seen as the expert.
  • 12. Tip #7: Test Different PricingIt might be easier to sell morecopies at a lower price or youmay find that you earn moreby selling to fewer people at ahigher price.The key is to test differentprice points to find out whatworks best.
  • 13. Tip #8: Try The Lending ProgramSee if you can earn money with Kindle by lending yourbook.When you enroll in the KDP Select program andmake your book exclusive to Kindle for 90 days, youwill be eligible to earn a share of a $6 million annualfund.
  • 14. Tip #9: Encourage Reviews Build social proof and credibility for your work by asking customers to publish reviews for your book.
  • 15. Tip #10: Publish More Encourage repeat purchases from your customers by creating a series and publishing more books.
  • 16. Tip #11: Join the KDP CommunityKindle Direct Publishinghas a very activecommunity where you canask questions, get supportand share ideas.Use it to make the mostout of your Kindlepublishing experience.
  • 17. Well Write and Format, You Get the Profit! Put away the keyboard Good writing takes time. And once youre done, you still have to publish and market your book. Let us painstakingly create your book, while you focus on the marketing. Not only can we write your books, we can format them for you too. Its easy at