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We are always seeking new ways in which music can enhance people's lives. We can only do this because of the generosity of thousands of people who support us every year. Find out how you could help and become part of something special.


  • JOIN USSupport Liverpool Philharmonic

  • 2Love Music:Support LiverpoolPhilharmonicThere is nothing like the thrill of asymphony orchestra in full flow, led by acharismatic conductor, performing to aconcert hall full of people experiencingsomething that is at once deeply personaland deeply shared the power of livemusic.

    The people of Liverpool have known thissince 1840, and it's why the RoyalLiverpool Philharmonic Orchestracontinues to be at the heart of the city'scultural life.

    Ticket sales and public funding alonecannot come close to meeting the cost ofmaintaining a symphony orchestra andconcert hall.

    We are a registered charity that usesmusic to inspire people, to bringhappiness, relaxation, and exhilaration totheir lives, and that helps to make the cityof Liverpool a wonderful place to live.

  • 3We are always seeking newways in which music canenhance people's lives. We can only do this becauseof the generosity ofthousands of people whosupport us every year.

    Most people do this bybecoming a member orpatron of the RoyalLiverpool Philharmonic.

    If you are one of thesepeople, thank you.If you would like to learnmore about how your giftcould help to maintainmusical excellence inLiverpool, please read on.

  • MEMBERSHIPMembership of LiverpoolPhilharmonic is anopportunity to share in thelife of the Royal LiverpoolPhilharmonic Orchestra, andis the simplest way to make agift in support of our work onand off the stage.

    We offer annual Memberships starting at100 for Silver and increasing to 1,000and beyond for membership of our 1840Circle and Chief Conductors Circle.

    We recognise and thank our Members fortheir support in a number of ways, asdetailed overleaf. Highlights for SilverMembers include invitations to pre-concert receptions and open rehearsals,whilst Gold Plus Members receive aninvitation to our annual Thank You Dinnerwith Vasily Petrenko and musicians, and1840 Circle Members enjoy the highestlevel of priority booking with a dedicatedmember of the Development Team.

    PATRONAGEPatrons are donors whochoose either to dedicatea seat in the auditorium,or to adopt a musicianfrom the Royal LiverpoolPhilharmonic Orchestra.

    Patronage is typically a longer termcommitment in supporting LiverpoolPhilharmonic. We suggest a minimum of3 years.

    Dedicate a Seat 150(or 12 a month if paying by direct debit)

    Our individually designed seat plaques arethe perfect gift for music-lovers andconcertgoers, and a lasting dedication if agift is made in memory of a loved one. Wewill engrave a brass seat plaque with adedication of your choice, and secure it toa seat of your choice in the auditorium(subject to available seats).


  • ADOPT A MUSICIANAdopting a member of the Orchestra is a wonderfulopportunity to gain an insight into the life of LiverpoolPhilharmonic and to develop a relationship with the Orchestra.

    Our annual Patrons Reception will give you aunique opportunity to get to know youradopted musician, as well as other playersfrom the Orchestra.

    As a Patron, we recognise and thank you foryour generosity in a variety of ways using thetable overleaf. For example, by adopting aplayer at 200 you are recognised in the sameway as a Silver Member.

    Adopt a Player 200Adopt a Principal 350(Every instrumental section has a Principal,who plays the second or other solo line part intheir section)

    Adopt a Section Leader 700 (A Section Leader leads a section of theorchestra, may supervise rehearsals with thesection and plays solos when required)

    Adopt a Guest Conductor 1,250(A visiting conductor working with ourOrchestra and/or choir)

    Adopt a Leader 2,500 (The principal of the first violins is called theLeader, and is sometimes referred to asConcertmaster. The Leader is responsible forleading the orchestra in tuning, in technicalmatters, in orchestra management, andliaises with the conductor in rehearsals)

    Adopt the Chorus Master 2,500(The Chorus Master of the Royal LiverpoolPhilharmonic Choir works throughout the yearpreparing the choir for concerts and conductsconcerts)

    Adopt the Chief Conductor,Vasily Petrenko 5,000



    Invitations to up to fourOpen Rehearsals eachseason+Access to the 1840 Room*+Invitations toexclusive events+No booking fees and freeticket exchange**+Priority bookingprivileges for Orchestralperformances+Subscription toEncore magazine+Invitations to theAnnual General Meeting+Invitation to our annualSeason Launch+150 opportunity todedicate a seat in theauditorium+200 opportunity to adopta Player in the Orchestra* Please note, the 1840 Room willoccasionally be closed for privatefunctions. ** fees will apply to onlineorders and groups (10 people +)



  • Silver Membershipbenefits+Invitations to up toeight OpenRehearsals eachseason+Invitations toexclusive VIP eventsand launches+Annual event forGold Members+Opportunity toadopt a PrincipalPlayer in theOrchestra

    Gold Membershipbenefits+Invitation to ourannual dinner withthe Chief Conductor,musicians and seniormanagement ofLiverpoolPhilharmonic+Opportunities toattend learningworkshops andschools concerts+Priority booking -receive advancenotification via emailwhen non-orchestralevents go on sale+Opportunity to adopta Section Leader inthe Orchestra

    Gold+ Membershipbenefits+Advancednotification ofseason programmewith opportunity tobook ahead of theseason launch+A dedicatedmember of thefundraising team tomanage your ticketrequests+Opportunity toadopt a guestconductor of theOrchestra

    1840 Circlebenefits+Opportunity toadopt an Artist inResidence or one ofthe Joint Leaders ofthe Orchestra+Invitations todiscussions withsenior managementof LiverpoolPhilharmonic onartistic planning,and our learningprogramme.



    1840Circle 1000+

    ChiefConductorsCircle 5000+


  • 8Over the years, thousands of donors have supported LiverpoolPhilharmonics work with schools and young people

    This vital, often unseen work is now afundamental - and growing - part ofLiverpool Philharmonics mission. We areinvesting over 1m in musical educationevery year. Our Schools Concert series, nowin its 8th decade, our groundbreaking music

    education and social change programme,In Harmony Liverpool, and our youthorchestra, ensembles and choirs arefortunate to have many friends whosegenerosity help each year to nurture talentand sustain musical excellence.


    With your help, we will grow our investment in youngpeoples music-making: all made possible through the on-going financial support of people who believe as we do in thepower of music to change lives.

  • 9In Harmony Liverpool:Life changing music-makingIn Harmony Liverpool is transforminglives in one of the most economicallydisadvantaged areas of Liverpool.

    Through free access to intensive orchestralmusic-making it is giving hundreds ofyoung people who face significantchallenges opportunities they would neverotherwise have.

    It is turning their community around,producing great musicians, improvededucational attainment and skills, higheraspirations, and stronger families.

    And it works.

    I really enjoy playing theviolin. Sometimes I love it somuch I teach myself pieces.When I show other peoplewhat I can do, they sayWow! Learning the violinmakes me feel amazing.Jessica, 9 years old,In Harmony Liverpool

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    Every gift that we receive helps to secure thefuture of the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic.

    We are fortunate that some of these gifts aretruly transformative.

    Major gifts allow us to do things that arevery special, that we would otherwise not beable to.

    Major gifts help us to attract thebest musicians in the world toLiverpool, to support the purchaseof instruments, to take artistic risksin performing new and challengingrepertoire.They have one thing in common: they are anextraordinary demonstration of their donorsbelief in what we do.

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    A legacy is the greatest gift thatanyone can make. A gift in yourWill to support LiverpoolPhilharmonic will make alasting contribution so thatgenerations to come can sharein your love of music.

    You can choose whether your legacy giftwould assist us generally or in a specificway, for instance by supporting ourEducation and Participation work.

    Each year Liverpool Philharmonic holdsa dedicated Legacy Memorial Concertand invites the friends and families ofthose from whom we have recentlyreceived a legacy or bequest.

    We also invite those who have informedus that Liverpool Philharmonic hasbeen included within their Will.

    Each year Liverpool Philharmonic benefitsfrom generous donations made by the relativesof loved ones who have passed away.

  • Principal Funders Principal Partners Media Partner

    Thanks to the Cityof Liverpool for itsfinancial support

    Liverpool Philharmonic, Liverpool Philharmonic Hall, Hope Street, Liverpool, L1 9BPRoyal Liverpool Philharmonic Society. A company limited by guarantee. Registered in England number 88235. Registered charity number 230538

    To support our work, pleaseCALL 0151 210 2921EMAIL fundraising@liverpoolphil.comVISIT

    Photography Mark McNulty