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The JFK Assassination Conspiracy: Brookdale Investigates

The JFK Assassination Conspiracy Theories: Brookdale Investigates(Part I)Presented by Greg Caggiano

DisclaimerThe following presentations are not designed to prove that Lee Harvey Oswald did not act alone, or acted contrary to official reports of the JFK Assassination, but to provoke discussion of various pieces of evidence and theories which have been purported over the years. This presentation will include a wide range of theories, from the farcical to the believable, including ones that have already been disproven and ones still open for investigation. The point is not just for us to conduct our own investigation and discussion, but to look at what people have believed at various times since 1963. There are hundreds of theories and hundreds of ways to interpret said theories and evidence. Our job is to make sense of what we can in order to further our own knowledge of the subject. We will be using photographic, audiovisual, and forensic evidence, as well as eyewitness accounts and interviews, and the pop-culture of assassination conspiracy theories. In no way is it possible to condense the entire assassination history and such theories into just two presentations. Feel free to use these two weeks as a guide for what to research in your own time and please contact me with any questions or for assistance in your further research outside the classroom.

Who benefits from JFKs death?Conspiracy theories are so popular and wide-ranging because many different people and agencies benefitted from his deathMafiaCIAFBIPro-Castro CubansAnti-Castro CubansCommunists/RussiansWar Mongers with Interests in Vietnam Conservative Politicians Fiercely Opposed to Civil Rights

2013 Gallup Poll-61% of Americans believe there was a conspiracy (lowest in 50 years)-30% believe Oswald acted alone-9% are unsure

Visiting Dealey PlazaNot what you might expect: souvenir hawkers and tourists everywhere, at night the area is overrun with homeless peoplePseudo historians hawking their self-published pamphlets and magazinesOne man claimed to witness the assassinationThere is an air of paranoia wherever you goThe headquarters of investigator Robert J. GrodenThe Sixth Floor Museum at the TSBD is quite underwhelming and yes, they have a gift shop

HOWEVER: if you immerse yourself in the atmosphere, even with all the craziness, you will still learn a lot and get a pulse for what people believe today

My Conclusion (excerpt from an article I contributed to HistoryBuff.Com)Listen long enough and youll hear how it was the mafiaor the CIAor both. All working together. Possible? Yes, given it is well known that the CIA worked with the mob to try to kill Castro, and many of the politicians of the day had mob-ties. But, as always, where is the proof? Whenever you would ask one of [the hawkers] for something concrete, for something a little bit better (a question such as, Well, how do you know for sure?), they quickly fumble through the $20 pamphlet they are trying to sell you and point to a random picture and start going off on something else, or twist it in a way thatyou think they are answeringyour question. Be sure, they do indeed have an answer for everything. They are good at what they do. One theorist even went so far as tosay it was JFKs own father who initially started the talks of getting him killed, since his son would not honor any of the favors he promised to mob-boss friends. And again, as I said earlier, the witnesswho I talked to, who actuallymade the most convincing push, lost me when he suggested it was Ladybird Johnson who ordered the assassination.One purported theorysays a shooter hid in a storm drain and fired from the gutter under the street. One says that Oswald wasnt a shooter at all, and there were two shooters (one on each end) of the sixth floor of the School Book Depository. Another says Oswald was one of the shooters, but of course wasnt alone. A fourth one said that officer J.D Tippit was in on the plot as a member of the mob, and was sent out to kill Oswald by his home, but because Oswald got scared after realizing he was the fall-guy, killed Tippet instead. The man with the umbrella? He was signaling the death squad to get ready. In any event, they were all covered up in a synchronized effort between the CIA and the FBIs director J. Edgar Hoover.

The Day of the Assassination

A Warm ReceptionHas breakfast at the Chamber of Commerce in Fort Worth earlier that morningGiven warm reception, presented with cowboy hat as a jokeOn a campaign fundraising tour of Texas and also trying to boost his popularity thereThis unintentionally aids in his assassinationFlies to Love Field in Dallas where he is to take a Motorcade route to the Trade Mart for a luncheonLyndon Johnson is two cars behindCrowd is cheering him on. Seconds before he is killed, Mrs. Connally remarks to him, Mr. President, you cant say they dont love you here in Dallas.

Initial Reaction to Shots FiredSecret Service men in the car can be seen looking towards TSBDOther witnesses, including those in the motorcade also react by looking to the front right of Kennedys limoGov. Connally stated in a 1988 interview that he felt the shots came from the front right, as did Sen. Ralph YarbroughAs Connally is shot, he cries out, My God, theyre gonna kill us all.Mrs. Kennedys reactions as heard by John Connally:My God. Ive got his brain in my hand.Theyve murdered my husband.

Trauma Room 1Kennedy rushed to Parkland hospitalMost experts agreed he was dead before the car even reached the underpass, but they try to resuscitate him Pronounced dead at 1 p.m. at Mrs. Kennedys insistence even though he died much earlier because he had not yet been administered the last rights There is an argument in the trauma room over where the autopsy will be taken place and who will conduct itDallas doctors and police argue it is a local crime and their jurisdiction while federal agents argue he is to be moved to WashingtonKennedys head is wrapped in a cloth and his body placed in a casket for transport

Early Stages of InvestigationPolice seal of TSBD within 90 seconds and make their way upstairsThey find three shell casings by the window sill and a worn, rusty WWII-era Mannlicher-Carnano rifle Early testing finds no fingerprints

Tippit and the Texas Theater50 minutes later, Dallas police officer J.D Tippit is gunned down in a Fort Worth neighborhoodMoments later a man acting suspiciously is seen sneaking into the Texas Theater without paying for a ticketPolice arrive at theater and Oswald is pointed out in the crowdWhen confronted he punches an officer, pulls a pistol, but is then subdued and acts as if nothing happenedOne arresting officer described him as a cool individual

The Mysterious Interrogation of OswaldDuring all his interviews and interrogation, nothing is ever recordedOswald claims he was in the 2nd floor lunchroom at the time of the assassinationThis cannot be fully corroborated but he was seen there shortly before AND after the assassination. At no time did he seem nervous or out of breath (from running down 4 flights of stairs)Has 2 IDs on him when arrested: his own and one for Alex HidellPolice publicly parade him in front of TV cameras and state he is without a doubt the assassinClaims he was not charged with that in his first TV interview

Death of OswaldBy that Sunday, Oswald is to be transferred to the more secure county jailIt is made public to the press when he is to be movedJack Ruby sneaks in to the basement and the rest is historyIt is possible that there would have been no thoughts of conspiracy without Oswalds murder

Jack RubyDallas nightclub owner with ties to the mafiaMakes several calls to high profile mafia leaders in the weeks before the assassinationStudying Ruby is difficult because there is so much exaggeration, misinformation, and lies surrounding his mob connections that it is nearly impossible to determine just how powerful he wasInitially claims he killed Oswald to spare Mrs. Kennedy the trial: That son of a bitch killed my president.Following his arrest, he grew increasingly nervous until he found as Oswald died. Then he was calmHe later changes his story, requesting protection in Washington and saying there were powerful forces at work that would see to his death if he was not moved to Washington

Medical Discrepancies

From the front or rear?Dallas doctors agreed they felt it looked like the exit wounds were in the BACK of the head and neck/back area since that is where the damage wasDr. Paul Peters: the right back part of the brain and tissue was missingWere autopsy photos faked to show head intact?Scores of witnesses report they saw the back of the presidents head blasted outDr. Robert McClellan: 25% of the brain was missing. The rest of it practically leaked out. Brain could not be sectioned for testing to show where the bullet came from.

Drs. Clark and Perry:Gaping wound in back of head.Entrance wound in neck.Dr. Crenshaw:Entrance wound in throat.-Picture taken after trachea examinationDr. Evalea Glanges (outside the hospital)Bullet hole in windshield, looked frontalCharles Taylor Jr. (Secret Service)Small bullet hole in windshield, frontal entry

Paul OConnor (medical orderly):Throat wound was believed to be entrance woundPicture published was taken after tracheostomy examinationPenalty of court martial for revealing what he saw

16 doctors have testified thatthey never saw this photograph taken

THIS was the photo they remember being taken

Studio rendition

The Bethesda AutopsyIn Dallas, the driver for the funeral home placed the body in an ornamental bronze casket. The head was wrapped in a clothWhen it arrives at Bethesda, it is in a plain shipping casket and also a body bagTop pathologists not called to cond


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