jfk assassination lone gunman or conspiracy. john fitzgerald kennedy elected in 1960 35th president...

Download JFK Assassination Lone Gunman or Conspiracy. John Fitzgerald Kennedy Elected in 1960 35th President of U.S. 1st Catholic President Served in WWII Authorized

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  • JFK AssassinationLone Gunman or Conspiracy

  • John Fitzgerald KennedyElected in 196035th President of U.S.1st Catholic PresidentServed in WWIIAuthorized the invasion of Cuba (Bay of Pigs) and sent consultants to VietnamAppointed RFK as Attorney General

  • Lee Harvey OswaldAssassinFormer MarineWorked at the Dallas Book DepositoryPossible Communist and friend of CubaTried to defect to USSRMarried Russian womanPossible CIA operative

  • Jack RubyKilled Lee Harvey OswaldNight Club OwnerPossible Mafia tiesDied two years after shooting from cancer

  • John ConnallyGovernor of TexasWas in the front seat of the car with his wife, JFK and Jackie were in the back seatWas wounded in the assassinationRetained bullet fragments until death

  • Jim GarrisonNew Orleans District AttorneyOnly person to prosecute an individual in the assassination of JFKMain Character in Oliver Stone movie JFK

  • Earl WarrenChief Justice of the Supreme CourtPut in charge of the committee to investigate the JFK assassinationFinal 26 volume report is known as the Warren Commission Report (WCR)

  • Warren Commission ScenarioLee Harvey Oswald acted aloneHe shot three times at the president from the Book DepositoryThe first shot missedThe second shot was the Magic BulletThe third shot was the fatal JFK shot

  • Presidential Caravan

  • Magic Bullet

  • Path of the Magic Bullet

  • Path of BulletBullet also makes a turn according to the WCRWhole scenario is dependant on the fact that both JFK and Connally are facing forwardPossible incorrect assumption

  • Connallys InjuriesBullet entered back below the shoulderPossibly hit a rib and exited chestBullet went through the right wrist (X-ray)Became lodged in his thigh

  • Kennedys InjuriesSecond Bullet passes through his neck, exiting below the knot of his tie and then entering ConnallyThird bullet passes through the skull (photo)

  • House Select Committee on AssassinationFormed in 1977 and completed in 1978Investigated the Kennedy and MLK assassinationsThe HSCA concluded that, while President Kennedy had probably been assassinated as a result of a conspiracy, involving another gunman firing from the "grassy knoll", in front and to the right of the President, the fatal shot, based on all the physical evidence reviewed, had been fired, as stated in the WCR , by Lee Harvey Oswald, firing from the "sniper's nest."

  • Conspiracy TheoriesKilling of Oswald left many unanswered questionsMany believed that there was a conspiracy to kill the president instead of a lone gunmanThe WCR created as many questions as it answered

  • Conspiracy QuestionsCould Oswald shoot three times, accurately in under one minute?Was there another gunman on the grassy knoll?Was Oswald even involved in the assassination or was he just a patsy?Did Jack Ruby act alone or was he under orders from the mafia to dispose of LHO?Could the Magic Bullet have injured both Kennedy and Connally?Was there a cover up by the Government to keep the identity of the real assassins secret?

  • Who Wanted to Kill JFKCastro - Kennedy had tried to kill him as well as over throw the communist govt.Mafia - RFK was putting the heat on organized crimeFBI - JFK wanted to get rid of HooverCIA/Military - JFK did not want to escalate the US involvement in VietnamConservatives - JFK was seen as being weak against the growing communist aggressors and pushing Civil Rights

    **RFK younger brother, NY senator ****************


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