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  • JeopardySpeech ReligionAssemblyPress CasesQ $100Q $200Q $300Q $400Q $500Q $100Q $100Q $100Q $100Q $200Q $200Q $200Q $200Q $300Q $300Q $300Q $300Q $400Q $400Q $400Q $400Q $500Q $500Q $500Q $500Final Jeopardy

  • $100 Question from H1If you advocate Revolution you willbe punished for?

  • $100 Answer from H1Sedition

  • $200 Question from H1What is false speech?

  • $200 Answer from H1Defamatory Speech

  • $300 Question from H1What amendment is speech foundin?

  • $300 Answer from H1The 1st

  • $400 Question from H1What is a right labor unions have?

  • $400 Answer from H1To express Free Speech by picketing

  • $500 Question from H1The Supreme Court has said that PriorRestraint is permitted only when?

  • $500 Answer from H1National Security is at stake

  • $100 Question from H2What is a another name for a PrivateChristian School?

  • $100 Answer from H2Parochial School

  • $200 Question from H2What case deals with Parochial Schools?

  • $200 Answer from H2Everson vs. Board of Education

  • $300 Question from H2What is Jeffersons famous contribution toFreedom of Religion?

  • $300 Answer from H2The Wall of Seperation

  • $400 Question from H2What is the Establishment Clause?

  • $400 Answer from H2Government cannot establish a religion

  • $500 Question from H2What case declared Prayer in schools illegal?

  • $500 Answer from H2Engel vs. Vitale

  • $100 Question from H3How do we protect our rights in thisCountry?

  • $100 Answer from H3By Using them!

  • $200 Question from H3What did Cox vs. New Hampshire Require?

  • $200 Answer from H3Permits for Parades

  • $300 Question from H3Thornhill Vs Alabama gave peopleWhat protected right?

  • $300 Answer from H3The right to picket

  • $400 Question from H3Who won the 1998 Super Bowl?

  • $400 Answer from H3The Denver Broncos!

  • $500 Question from H3What movie won best picture this year?

  • $500 Answer from H3The Kings Speech

  • $100 Question from H4What regulates radio and television?

  • $100 Answer from H4The FCC

  • $200 Question from H4What did Turner Broadcasting vsFCC take away from cable operators?

  • $200 Answer from H4First Amendment Protection

  • $300 Question from H4Near vs. Minnesota limited Governments Power in what way?

  • $300 Answer from H4To limit press stories before they areprinted

  • $400 Question from H4What did Hustler Magazine do toJerry Farwell?

  • $400 Answer from H4Committed Libel against him

  • $500 Question from H4What was the result of Hustler Magazine vs. Farewell?

  • $500 Answer from H4Farwell lost since he was a Public figure

  • $100 Question from H5What two amendments were usedIn Dejonge v. Oregon?

  • $100 Answer from H51st and 14th

  • $200 Question from H5What other rights were granted to thePeople in Dejonge v. Oregon?

  • $200 Answer from H5The right to join Subversive Groups

  • $300 Question from H5This case required that you obtainA permit before you can have a parade

  • $300 Answer from H5Cox v. New Hampshire

  • $400 Question from H5This case ruled that public school Districts cannot let students lead stadiumPrayer at football games

  • $400 Answer from H5Santa Fe Independent S.D. v. Doe

  • $500 Question from H5What clause did the court useto justify its decision in Reynolds v. United States

  • $500 Answer from H5Establishment Clause

  • Final JeopardyWhat are the three parts of the Lemon Test,And why is it important to the Supreme Court?

  • Final Jeopardy AnswerIt can neither advance nor inhibit religionMust have a clear secular, nonreligious purposeIt must avoid excessive government entanglement with religion

    It is crucial to the court due to the fact that it givesThem a guideline with how to decide establishmentClause cases.


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