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  • JeopardyShapesRecent DataStuff More Stuff Q $100Q $200Q $300Q $400Q $500Q $100Q $100Q $100Q $100Q $200Q $200Q $200Q $200Q $300Q $300Q $300Q $300Q $400Q $400Q $400Q $400Q $500Q $500Q $500Q $500Final Jeopardy

  • $100 Question from H1

    The lengths of two sides of a triangle are 5 cm and 8 cm. What can you conclude about the maximum length of the third side of the triangle?

  • $100 Answer from H1The maximum length of the third side must be less than 13 cm

  • $200 Question from H1Which best describes the cross sectionformed as the plane passes through the cube?

  • $200 Answer from H1


  • $300 Question from H1Suppose a plane passes through the center of a square pyramid perpendicular to the base. Which two-dimensional figure is formed?

  • $300 Answer from H1


  • $400 Question from H1The lengths of two sides of a triangle measure 8 feet and 14 feet. What is the largest whole number value that the third side could measure?

  • $400 Answer from H1

    21 feet

  • $500 Question from H1Which lists the side lengths in order from shortest to longest?

  • $500 Answer from H1d, e, f

  • $100 Question from H2Jamika wanted to determine whether 7th grade boys or girls can swim faster. She decided to do an experiment where she randomly selected 9 boys and 9 girls to swim one lap. She recorded the time, in seconds, of each swimmer and then plotted the results of her survey. How do themeans compare?

  • $100 Answer from H2the means are the same

  • $200 Question from H2

    A piece of rope 50.24 inches long will enclose a circular childs wading pool. What is the diameter of the pool?

  • $200 Answer from H2What is 16 inches

  • $300 Question from H2The length of a rectangle is 15 and its width is w. The perimeter of the rectangle is, at most, 50. What inequality can be used to find the longest possible width?

  • $300 Answer from H2

    30 + 2w 50

  • $400 Question from H2How much fencing would need to enclose a circular pond with diameter 12.5 feet?

  • $400 Answer from H239.25 feet

  • $500 Question from H2The advertised size of a pizza is the diameter of the pizza. What is the area of the crust of a 15-inch pizza?

  • $500 Answer from H2177 square inches

  • $100 Question from H3According to the survey described, what was the population of the survey? A recent online survey of 5000 teenagersfrom across the U.S. shows 2 out of 3 teenagers participate in after school activities.

  • $100 Answer from H3teenagers across the U.S

  • $200 Question from H3A sample of seventh and eighth grade students were asked how many minutes they spent online last night. The results were recorded in the box-and-whisker plotsshown. What can you concludeabout the variation on timespent online?

  • $200 Answer from H3Eighth grade students have more variation in the amount of time spent online last night.

  • $300 Question from H3Suppose a toothpaste company wants to calculate how many times teens brush their teeth each week. They decide to conduct a survey of a random sample of 1000 teens aged 1318 from across the U.S. What is thesample size?

  • $300 Answer from H31000

  • $400 Question from H3Dr. Pulos wants to determine which year-end celebration to choose for the students. He wants student input, so he needs to choose a sample of 20 students from the school. What can bea random sample?

  • $400 Answer from H3Give every student a number and select 20 numbers from a box without looking.

  • $500 Question from H3Kris is staining 30 wooden rectangular fence pieces. The fence pieces are different sizes, and Kris wants to determine the approximate number of square feet of paint she will need. She decides to take a sample of 4 fence pieces and calculate the mean of the areas instead of calculating the area of each fence piece. What can be said about this problem?

  • $500 Answer from H3The mean area of the 4 fence pieces multiplied by 30 would be similar to the total area.

  • $100 Question from H4What can be used to show the differences in variation for two populations that have equivalent measures of center?

  • $100 Answer from H4mean absolute variation

  • $200 Question from H4Two sets of data are graphed on the line plot What observation can you make about the two data sets?

  • $200 Answer from H4Both have the same spread

  • $300 Question from H4

    This figure represents line segments painted on a parking lot to create parking spaces.Write and equation can be used to show that these line segments are parallel?

  • $300 Answer from H4

    w + 118 = 180

  • $400 Question from H4The stem-and-leaf plot shows how many pages a random sample of boys and girls read each week. What is the median for each data set?

  • $400 Answer from H4The median for boys is 75 and the median for girls is 79.

  • $500 Question from H4What is the measure of the supplement of CAB ?

  • $500 Answer from H4132

  • $100 Question from H5How many decimal places does an irrational number have?

  • $100 Answer from H5infinite

  • $200 Question from H5If CDA is congruent to ABC, what are the coordinates of D ?

  • $200 Answer from H5(2,1)

  • $300 Question from H5Triangle ABC is a transformation of triangle ABC. What can you conclude about this transformation?

  • $300 Answer from H5reflection

  • $400 Question from H5Julia wants to calculate the mean age of the 200 people attending the Saturday matinee at the movie theater. She selects 4 attendees at random and calculates the mean of their ages. What can you conclude about Julias results

  • $400 Answer from H5The sample size is too small to give a reliable conclusion

  • $500 Question from H5George gathered samples for the average monthly precipitation, in inches, for two cities and recorded the results in the box-and-whisker plots shown.What conclusion canyou make?

  • $500 Answer from H5The amount of precipitation in City B is more spread out than in City A.

  • Final JeopardyThe rectangle shown below has length 20 meters and width 10 meters.

    If four triangles are removed from the rectangle as shown, what will be the area of the remaining figure?

  • Final Jeopardy Answer

    168 m2


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