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  • JeopardyGeography

    HistoryCivicsEconomics History MysteryQ $100Q $200Q $300Q $400Q $500Q $100Q $100Q $100Q $100Q $200Q $200Q $200Q $200Q $300Q $300Q $300Q $300Q $400Q $400Q $400Q $400Q $500Q $500Q $500Q $500Final Jeopardy

  • $100 Question from G1What are the 5 regions of Virginia?

  • $100 Answer from G1Coastal Plain (or Tidewater), Piedmont, Blue Ridge Mountains, Valley and Ridge, and Appalachian Plateau

  • $200 Question from G1What Native American language was spoken in the Appalachian Plateau?

  • $200 Answer from G1Cherokee spoke Iroquoian in the Appalachian Plateau

  • $300 Question from G1What is the major product of the Coastal Plain?

  • $300 Answer from G1Seafood

  • $400 Question from G1What is the Fall line?

  • $400 Answer from G1The natural border between the Coastal Plain, or Tidewater, and the Piedmont regions, where waterfalls prevent further travel on the river.

  • $500 Question from G1Why did people settle along the rivers?

  • $500 Answer from G1Each river was a source of food and provided a pathway for exploration and settlement

  • $100 Question from H2Where did the Scotch Irish and Germans settle in Virginia?

  • $100 Answer from H2The Shenandoah Valley

  • $200 Question from H2Who was the Father of the Constitution?

  • $200 Answer from H2James Madison

  • $300 Question from H2What did abolitionists do?

  • $300 Answer from H2They campaigned to end slavery

  • $400 Question from H2What happened because of the disagreement between the eastern and western counties of Virginia at the start of the Civil War?

  • $400 Answer from H2The western counties broke away and formed West Virginia

  • $500 Question from H2What were the Jim Crow laws?

  • $500 Answer from H2They were laws that established segregation and reinforced prejudices held by whites.

  • $100 Question from C3Who wrote the Declaration of Independence?

  • $100 Answer from C3Thomas Jefferson

  • $200 Question from C3What document did George Mason write?

  • $200 Answer from C3Virginia Declaration of Rights

  • $300 Question from C3What were the documents that gave the Virginia Company the right to establish a settlement and gave the colonists English rights.

  • $300 Answer from C3The Charters

  • $400 Question from C3What document is based on the Virginia Declaration of Rights?

  • $400 Answer from C3The Bill of Rights of the Constitution of the United States of America

  • $500 Question from C3What ideas did the Virginia Statutes for Religious Freedom express?

  • $500 Answer from C3That all people should be free to worship as they please.

  • $100 Question from E4What did the Virginia Colony depend on for wealth?

  • $100 Answer from E4Agriculture

  • $200 Question from E4What means the trading or exchanging of goods and services without the use of money?

  • $200 Answer from E4Barter

  • $300 Question from E4What did farmers and others use to buy things with before their crops were ready?

  • $300 Answer from E4Credit

  • $400 Question from E4In what region of Virginia is the Federal and State government an important industry?

  • $400 Answer from E4Piedmont

  • $500 Question from E4Why was Virginia established?

  • $500 Answer from E4As an economic venture

  • $100 Question from HM5Who was the Commander of the Confederate Army of Northern Virginia?

  • $100 Answer from HM5Robert E. Lee

  • $200 Question from HM5How did the Revolutionary War end?

  • $200 Answer from HM5The English surrendered at Yorktown.

  • $300 Question from HM5Who wrote the Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom?

  • $300 Answer from HM5Thomas Jefferson

  • $400 Question from HM5What was the first major clash of the Civil War?

  • $400 Answer from HM5The first Battle of Bull Run (or Manassas

  • $500 Question from HM5What were two measures taken to resolve some of the problems in Virginia after the Civil War?

  • $500 Answer from HM5The establishment of the Freedmens Bureau and sharecropping.

  • Final JeopardyWhat areas of Virginia began to grow after World War II due to computer technology?

  • Final Jeopardy AnswerNorthern Virginia and the Tidewater region


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