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  • 1. The impact of the NBN on student housing Student Housing Forum Sydney Harbour Marriott 22 August 2013
  • 3. What is the NBN?
  • 4. When will it be built The first (in red finished 16 Sept 2011) and second (in green started 8 July 2010 ) release sites of the NBN rollout.
  • 5. NBN rollout map
  • 6. NBN rollout map
  • 7. NBN alternatives under ALP and Coalition
  • 8. NBN alternatives under ALP and Coalition
  • 9. What will services cost on the NBN?
  • 10. What will services cost in the long-term?
  • 11. Commercial considerations
  • 12. Is installation disruptive? How RSPs and wholesalers connect to the NBN
  • 13. Benefits and challenges to ISPs Benefit: Extended reach to remote areas to compete with Telstra Benefit: Level playing field in terms of wholesale costs Benefit: Faster services in existing black spot and under-serviced broadband areas Challenge: Fixed minimum wholesale input costs (high) Challenge: Telstra benefits financially from NBN migration and has mobile network as well Challenge: anti cherry picking legislation
  • 14. Benefit: greatly improved broadband infrastructure in some markets Benefit: the end of the digital divide Benefit: NBN infrastructure deployed to brownfield sites at no cost Challenge: possible disruption during installation and active NBN hardware will take up space and power in each room Challenge: limited control over content, impacting church based colleges or universities Challenge: greenfield cabling costs Benefits & challenges to student housing providers
  • 15. Benefits to student residents
  • 16. In Summary
  • 17. Questions? Presented by: Jason Ashton CEO BigAir Group Limited jason@bigair.net.au