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  • Unit 18 New Zealand

  • WinfieldWinfieldWinfieldDolphin Island

  • ListeningDolphin IslandWinfield Mount AshtonAshton CreekTurnpike Epson

  • Winfield Turnpike Epsonforestsless than 100 km80 kmmore thannowhere

  • Fill in the blanks:1 Winfiled lies ___ the _____________ coast.2 Epson lies ___ the _________ coast. It lies __________ the islands that lie ____ the eastern coast, about half way _____ the eastern coast of Dolphin Island.3 The town of Ashton Creek lies ___ the north, where the river flows _____ the sea.4 A range of mountains runs along the _________ coast.onsouthwesternoneasternoppositeoffalonginintowestern

  • 5 Seven small islands of different sizes lie ____ the _________ coast.6 The ___________ part of the island is covered by forest.7 There is a _______________ that runs ________ the mountains and the forest, from Winfield on the _____________ coast to Turnpike __ the ________ of the island.8 There is a railway line runs in an almost horizontal line from __________ in the centre of the island to _______ on the eastern coast.offeasternsouthernrailway linebetweensouthwesterninmiddleTurnpikeEpson

  • New Zealands flagMap of New ZealandNorthIslandSouth IslandNational bird------ kiwi Maori

  • Wellington, New Zealand Capital of New Zealand, wraps around Port Nicholson on Cook Strait, which separates the countrys two main islands. Its busy seaport and rail terminus link the city to the rest of the country and to its international trading partners.

  • Auckland, New Zealands largest city, is an important seaport and naval base, as well as the home port for a large fishing fleet.

  • Christchurch, the largest city on New Zealands South Island, is an important transportation, manufacturing, and education center. Several institutions of higher learning are located here.

  • Queenstown

    Queenstown, pictured here, is on the interior of South Island. But it is North Island thatcontains most of New Zealands population.

  • The Canterbury Plains form the largest lowland area in New Zealand. Located on the South Island east of the Southern Alps, the plains provide fertile land for farming and livestock grazing.

  • Mount Taranaki, also called Mount Egmont, is a solitary peak rising in the extreme west of North Island. The extinct volcano stands 2518 m (8261 ft) high and is one of a number of volcanoes on the island.

  • Maori Warrior The Maori were the First settlers of New Zealand.Maori society on the islands eventually became organized into tribes, andwarfare between groups may have been frequent.

  • True or false statements:( )1.New Zealand is surrounded by the Pacific Ocean to the south and east.( )2.Wellington and Auckland lie on the South Island of New Zealand while Christchurch and Queenstown on the North Island.( )3.It rains hardly in New Zealand all through a year.( )4.Many cities in New Zealand lie on a bay and have a natural deep harbor.( )5.The kiwi, which only lives in New Zealand and cannot fly, is called its national bird.( )6.Autearoa, meaning land of the long white cloud, was called about 1000 years ago by the British.( )7.The Maori were the earliest people to this land.( )8.Captain Cook possessed the islands around 1421. FnorthFNorthSouthFa lotTTFMaori.TF1769.

  • Main idea of each paragraph & Questions:Para 1.Geographical feature and citiesGeography(1) Whats the location of NZ?Qs:(2) Whatre the waters in relation to NZ? How many cities are there mentioned in this paragraph?Para 2.Climate / weather Climate(1) Whats the main type of climate ?(2) What are the seasons like? Qs:Para 3.The landscapes we can see in NZ(1) What is the landscape like in NZ?NatureQs:

  • (2) Where can we see volcanoes and hot springs?(3) Whats NZs national bird? Para 4.Qs:The history of New Zealand History(2) What was NZ called 1000 years ago?(3) What did they bring into NZ when they settled ?(4) Who has ever been related to NZ besides the Chinese captain Zheng?(5) Which day is still considered as a national holiday in NZ today? GeographyClimateNatureHistory(1) Who were the earliest settlers?

  • Fill in the blanks according to the text:New Zealand is an island that lies o____ the east of Aus-tralia.It is made up of _____ large islands.It has a mildsea climate,while the north is s__________.The ocean and seas s__________ the islands are deep blue.It has anatural l_________ with green hills and mountains.The______ Island is famous for an area of hot springs.Someof this heat near the earths s_______ is used to makeelectricity.The most famous animal l______ there called_____ is its national bird.The ______ is the earliest peo-ple to come to New Zealand.They mainly settled in NorthIsland.Captain James Cook took p________of the islandsin _____.The Maori signed an a_________ with the newsettlers. The day is still celebrated as its ________ Day.Its on the ______ of February every year.fftwoubtropicalurroundingandscapeNorthurfaceivingKiwiMaoriossession1769greementNationalsixth

  • Please retell the text according to the clues below:Geography island, eastern coast of Australia, two islands, Climate mild sea, subtropical, Dec to Feb, June to AugNature the ocean and seas sand beaches natural landscape Hot springs, kiwiHistory Maori, Aotearoa Abel Tasman, 1642 James Cook, 1769 agreement, Feb 6th, National Day

  • What do the words in bold refer to?It which whichthese settlers

    it New Zealandhot springssome 3,500 kilometres Europeans/ British settlersEnglandPost-reading

  • 1. Multiple choices:1)Which of the following refers to New Zealand? It is made up of four parts Wales, England, Scotland and Northern Ireland.B.It consists of four parts Hokkaido, Kyushu, Honshu and Shikoku.C. There are two parts in it North Island and South Island.D. It is made up of three islands, including Bali Island.2)What does the words these settlers in Para 4 refers to? A.Englishmen B. Europeans C.Americans D.Polynesians

  • 3)Whats the Chinese for the word hot spring in the text? B. C. D. 4)Which of the statements is NOT TRUE? A. Maldives lies off the eastern coast of the Indian Ocean.B. Guangdong lies to the southeast of Hunan.C. East Tibet lies Sichuang Province.D. The East China Sea lies to the east of Zhejiang Province.5)Which of the following words is of the same root as surround?A. discover B.natural C.possession D.landscape

  • Useful sentences:New Zealand is an island that lies off the eastern coast of Australia. Other important cities are Auckland in the north, Christchurch on the South Island and Queenstown, further to the south.

  • New Zealand is surrounded by the Pacific Ocean to the north and east, and the Tasman Sea to the south and west.

    It is about the same size as Japan. = It is as large as Japan.

    New Zealand is surrounded by

  • The ocean and seas surrounding the island are deep blue and many of New Zealands cities lie on a bay and have a natural deep harbor. New Zealand, ____________ by the ocean and seas, is very beautiful.It is some 3,500 kilometers from Polynesia to New Zealand, which they travelled in narrow boats.

    which surround the island()surroundedsome 3,500 kilometres

  • Today there are still many people in New Zealand who call England the home country , although it is a place where most of them have never been .who: many people in New Zealandwhere: to it (=England)


  • Writing:

    Use what has been learnt from the text to write a short profile of Jiangsu Province, using the chartbelow:Paragraph 1 Location and geography 2 Climate, population and culture 3 History in the last 50 years 4 The topic of your choice ---- Jiangsu Today