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  • Climb the hillClimb the hillBear the painThat was left behindFeel the breezeTouching your faceAnd dry the tears of your eyes

    Nothing remind from the past And look ahead from the top

    Climb the hillHell meet you and speak with you

    Climb the hillTo see the horizonBecause God is thereLike flame hes comeTo help youAnd give you the answersTo the problems that distress you

    He knows it and he knows youAnd your heart he understands

    And your eyes he makes them stare

    Climb the hill

  • Atila GomesAtila GomesVo c a l s

  • Breno RodriguesBreno RodriguesKe y b oa r d s

  • Going with the WindHow good, feel this Seems to be talking to Brings good things, only good things, This is the wind, which is talk to you

    Sometimes it can be discrete But the times can be devastating Their strength and immense, nothing can hold you Nothing at all, try not to lose time and

    Shows where in the mountains and be above all You can even hear it as if talking When you are not angry with it comes the peace So you travel, to a distant place

    A place where you have witnessed, that of the best, And never can return, he has this power,

    Going with the wind Only him and nobody else, you just feel it. And you will see that and not lie.

    Something wonderful new, hard to explain. He will not hurt you just to talk. You can ask him to take you anywhere He will do it immediately with all pleasure.

    Leaving you in the highest, least of all And of all, nothing to worry about it It brings you back safely, And you do not pay anything for it.

    Sometimes it can be discrete But sometimes can be devastating Their strength and immense, nothing can hold you Nothing at all, try not to lose is time. That and the wind.

  • IndecisionI cant understand the reasonWhy you come to me and sayThat you cant understandWhat he meansAbout you need to chooseAnd need to understand

    The decision depends on youIts up to you

    Which way you want to travelBut you must to understandThe sacrifice that was madeFor me and for you

    You must to understand the sacrificeThe blood that was shedFor us he was crucifiedFor us he gave his life

    And walked like a lamb walks Forwards the slaughterhouse He spokeHe loved us, onlyAnd for us, gave his life.


  • Crying WorldDisasters

    And whats going on eatelyMillions of people dying

    Most of them because of Mother NatureWith its wonderful phenomena

    And, sometimes, devastating

    People hideHaving nowhere to goThe only thing is pray

    And hope things to calm downBut, sometimes, thats not the way out

    Is it warning?Many say so

    That its the end of timesAnd mankind will be endangered

    Millions of people die unable to do somethingThe world tries to help someway

    But thats not enoughFor the people who grieve for losing their families

    Or because they got homeless

    From far away were cheeringFor that to be over soon

    And giving strength for the familyAnd that peace comes to reign over the world

    Crying World

  • Fbio MoraesFabio MoraesG u i ta r s

  • AshtonIn the darkness of the night in a long roadTwo people approach each otherWalking side by side, towards a cityThat attracts attention, because of its noise

    A small city that seems to be greatSeveral mysteries will take place thereOne of the worst battles is going to be engagedAngels and devils will struggle

    Evil burns you, disturbs youAnd leads your life to destructionBut you dont know how to com-bat themThe whole city is subjugated

    But, resolute angels are standing at attentionWith their shinning swords, they are waitingFor the right time to attackSuddenly, huge wings spread, swords shine

    Ashton The battle begins, the strongest shall survivePeople pray to get rid of the evilThis is only the beginning of what is about to comeYou wont be able to see it, but well let you knowWhats going to happen, in this small city called


  • My AngelWho are you?Someone with an angels face Who brings peace when is aroundAll the problems seem to disappears

    This is all so weirdYou came as if you want nothingAnd lights may wayGiving me strength to fight

    When Im down, yourre by my sideWhen Im happy, yourre by my sideAlways protecting meAnd ready for whatever is takes

    Are you an angel?If so, show me yours wingsThese huge pretty wingsThat a wells me when Im lonely

    Only you have the powerFor all this and much moreIf I could be like youWe wouldnt be here anymore

    My Angel Wed be flying nowFree, with no problemLaughing and jokingLike when we were children

    One day Ill have wingsAnd, only then, Ill be able to fly with youTo a place where theres only peaceMy Angel...

  • Gilvan SantosGilvan SantosD rum s

  • Lado a Lado(Portuguese Lyrics)

    No corao a vontade de encontrar Na mente a vontade de estarLado a lado com vocEu quero estar

    No corao desperta o desejoDe sonhar com um lugarOnde jamais pude estar Pois se voc pode me levarA sonhar o desejo queVem do corao

    Quero estar sempre com vocQuero encontrar-me sempre com vocEstar ao seu ladoPor toda minha vida

    Lado a Lado

    Vagner SouzaVagner SouzaB a s s

  • Why Life?Why life?Not always we get what we wantWhen we get its too late We suffer; go through that have no explanationIs it worth?To get up one day and find outYou wont be here one day?

    We get things sometimesWith a lot sacrificeWorking day by dayLoving close peopleWhy all this?

    There are so good people here?And theyre leaving so soonSome leave earlyNot even having the chance to be born

    But it ends up betterThis world is so cruelHumanity is endingWhy?Why life?

    Why Life? The war, the violence, the stupidityLook control of everythingIt could be so differentIt people were awakeWhy?Why life?

    We hope someday everything changesAs quickly as possibleSo that life will have a meaning

  • Why Life ?Why Life?1. Climbing the Hill

    2. Going with the Wind3. Indecision

    4. Crying World5. Ashton

    6. My Angel7. Lado a Lado (Portuguese Lyrics)

    8. Why Life?

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    And our profiles and the following social medias:Orkut: ashton Why Life

  • Ashton is:Atila Gomes - Vocals

    Breno Rodrigues - keyboardsFabio Moraes - Guitars

    Vagner Souza - BassGilvan Santos - Drums

    All songs are composed by Ashton

    Recorded By FStudio - 2009.

    Ashton thanks:First of all, we thank to God, that is our most

    important inspiration. To all people that helped to turn this project a reality. Special thanks to our

    family, our friends, The FStudio equip, Fernando Laruccia (graphic Designer). Thanks at all!!

    All Rights reserved. Ashton 2010.