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Basic info you need to know about Palestine and Israel.


  • 1.


  • South Africa?

3. 4. Desmond Tutu, Nobel Peace Prize 1984 If you change the names, the description of what is happening in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank would be a description of what is happening inSouth Africa. Protesting the Taking of land Do you think of this man? 5. When Israel does occupy this territory deepwithin the West Bank, and connects the 200-or-so settlements with each other, with a road, and then prohibits the Palestinians from using that road, or in many cases even crossing the road, this perpetrates even worse instances of apartness, or apartheid, than we witnessed even in South Africa." Jimmy Carter, Nobel Peace Prize 2002 6. In 1973, the UN General Assembly adopted the International Convention on the Suppression and Punishment of the Crime of Apartheid, a crime against humanity.The word Apartheid means separation., Apartheid is defined by the UN asa system of institutionalized racial segregation and discrimination for the purpose of establishing and maintaining domination by one racial group over another and systematically oppressing themby: creating ghettos; land confiscation; bans on freedom of movement, speech assemblies and mixed marriages; illegal arrest and detention. 7. . injustice and gross human rights violations were being perpetrated in Palestine. In the same period the UN took a strong stand against apartheid; .which helped to bring an end to this iniquitous system. But we know too well that our freedom is incomplete without the freedom of the Palestinians." Nobel Peace Prize 1993 Above: Guard tower Hebron 8.

  • Palestinians are ghettoized on 12% of their original land.
  • Apartheidis where citizens are given citizenship in a small isolated canton so they have no rights in the country as a whole.
  • The West Bank is divided up into 70 isolated cantons with no physical movement between them without Israeli permission.
  • This disposition is reminiscent of Apartheid in South Africa, which set aside 13% of the land as "Bantustan" homelands for black South Africans.

Two systems: separate and unequal 9.

  • Economic strangulation and starvation
  • PovertyWest Bank 57% (79% in Gaza Strip)
  • 46 %dont have enough food to meet theirneeds 1Milllion live on less than 50 cents per/day
  • UN-OCAH,2008
  • Brutality of occupation
  • Between 2000-2008
  • Palestinians Killed by Israeli security forces 4792
  • Israelis killed by Palestinians 490
  • Palestinians killed during the course of a targeted killing386
  • BTselem

Apartheid meansthe entire political, legal and economic system is designed to enforce the privilege of one group over another.

  • Water resources stolen
  • The Israeli military authority controls virtually all the water in theWest Bank.73% of West Bank water is piped back to Israel.
  • Palestinians have access to only 17% of their own water andmust buy it fromIsrael at 4 times the price Israelis pay.

10. Children killed 2000-2008 Israeli39 Palestinian1200Just getting to schoolcan be a hardship 30% of Palestinian children in Gaza and the West bank are malnourished 50% are anemic.(UNICEF and USAID) 4000 Palestinian children have been arrested since the year 2000. They can be held 6 month without charge. Since 2000, 269 schools have been damaged as a result of shelling the Israeli Army 11. West Bank (5,600 km 2 ) (2,160 mi 2 ) Palestinian Built-up areas in the West Bank pop. 2,444,500 PCBS 2006 149 Israeli settlements, 96 outposts (1,006km 2 ) (71 mi 2 ) pop. 450,000 In 2006 (As of March 2007) Checkpoints Trenches Road gates Roadblocks Earthmounds Flying checkpoints Road barriers Please wait while slide is loading .The control matrix of Apartheid : bans on freedom of movement,so one population remains isolated with few rights Miles 0 10 5 12. From UN OCHAH2008 Bans on freedom of movement for Palestinians. No bans for Israelis.TOTAL(23 October 2007) 562 Earthmounds A mound of rubble, dirt and/or rocks used to obstruct vehicle access.211 Checkpoints A barrier manned by IDF and/or Border Police. 69 33.5 km Trenches A ditch used to prevent vehicle crossing.17 Road Gates A metal gate, often manned by IDF, used to control movement along roads.84 Roadblocks A series of 1 metre high concrete blocks used to obstruct vehicle access.67 Earth Walls A continuous wall or series of earth mounds used to restrict access.28 14.5km Partial Checkpoints An established checkpoint operating periodically.19 Road barriers Road barriers placed alongside major roadsprevent movement across the roads. 67 123.3km 13. Objection to the Barrier based on itsroute not the Barrier itself. The construction of the wall being built by Israel... in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, including in and around East Jerusalem... [is] contrary to international law. Israel is under obligation... to dismantle forthwith the structure... [and] make reparation for all damage caused... International Court of Justice advisory opinion, July 9, 2004 The wall fragments Palestinian communities : it separates families from their land, their livelihood, health care and schools.The wall also divides communities and families from each other.The wall does not fragment Israelisettlements; it is built in such a way to as to annex them to Israel proper. 14. Green Line West Bank Barrier Constructed Planned Palestinian Built-up Israeli Settlements Barrier Gates No Access for Palestinians Restricted Access for Palestinians Seasonal Access for Palestinians (As of Nov 2006) Please wait while slide is loading Please click here to activate optional layers Habla Tunnel Road 55 IKONOS imagery Jan 2004 Settlement expansion Jayyus Land Water wells Miles 0 2 1 55 Alfe Menashe Settlement 15. Areas A and B (Oslo Accords) 149 Israeli settlements, 96 outpost andland cultivated by Israelis Israeli military closed areas and 27 military bases Nature Reserves West Bank Barrier and Areas between the Barrier and the Green Line Roads primarily used b y the settlers Closures The effect of the closures Fragmentation of the West Bank Checkpoints Tunnels (As of March 2007) Please wait while slide is loading Miles 0 10 5 16.

  • Even the former Prime Minister of Israel. Ehud Olmert.said failure of the peace process will sink Israel in aSouth Africa apartheid struggle.

"If the day comes when the two-state solution collapses, and we face a South African-style struggle for equal voting rights (also for the Palestinians in the territories), then, as soon as that happens, the State of Israel is finished," Prime Minister Ehud Olmert toldHaaretz . November 29, 2007 Who is this Man? 17. Palestinian child in Raffaafter home bull dozed in 2002.B Tselem 2007, EastJerusalem Two Systems Separate and UnequalPalestinianvillages and towns facecollective punishment in the form of bulldozing family houses, extended 24 hour curfews, road closures, military raids, violence and harassment.Israeli settlers faceno suchcollective punishment . T here have been over 18,000 house demolitions in the Occupied Territories, including East Jerusalem, since 1967.There has been no widespread destruction of Jewish Israeli homes. 18. Two Systems Separate and UnequalItem trees In 2001, IsraeliDefense Minister Shaul Mofazdeclared,The D-9 is a strategic weapon 19. The permit system for the Closed Zone is administered in an arbitrary andhumiliating mannerThis system,whichsubjects Palestinian freedom of movementto the whim of the Occupying Power, creates anger, anxiety andhumiliation among the population.(UNHCHR)Palestiniansfacewidespreadcurfews. For example, in2002 through 2003 there were more than 500 days of curfew in Hebron. It wouldbe lifted every few days for two or three hours so people could get food. There was one stretch of over 180 consecutive days .Israelisetters facenosuchcurfews . In Hebron separate sidewalks exist for Israelis and Palestinians. 20. Settler throwing stones atPalestinians during olive harvest. Israeli soldiers are prohibitedfrom Intervening . While Palestinians live under brutal occupation with water shortages, Israeli settler live in luxury right next door.Settlement of Ariel outsideJerusalem Palestinians are underMilitary Law .They face the constant threat of arrest and detention without charge and can be held indefinitely. They have no right to representation or trial. Israelis living in illegal settlements on Palestinian land have all the privileges of IsraeliCivil Law . As citizens of Israel, they can vote, seek redress in court, and have freedom of speech and assembly. Huwara check point 21.

  • Palestiniansareprohibited from using the extensive
  • network of settler onlyhighwaysthat connect the
  • settlements to Israel.

Map of Israeli only roadsand how they connect thesettlements to Israel proper. Palestinian cars from the OPT have green license plates. Israeli cars have yellow license platesand can passright through check points. 22.

  • Palestinian workers employed in settlement industrial
  • zonesreceiveonly thesweatshop-like minimum wage
  • mandated by Jordanian law in 1967. In the settlements,
  • Israeli workers receive all the rights and benefits of Israeli employment law including amuch largerminimum-wage

Areil settlement industrial zone.There are currently seven industrial zones in the west bank all located on illegally confiscated land. Separatingthe people from their land. 23.

  • Apartheid was all about land. Apartheid was about keeping the best parts of