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Apartheid in South Africa

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8th grade global studies presentation about apartheid in South Africa


  • 1. Apartheid in South Africa

2. Colonization:

  • Settling in another country & taking it over politically and economically.

3. What is Apartheid?

  • System of racial segregation in South Africa.
  • Lasted from 1948-1994
  • Created to keep economical and political power with people of English descent/heritage

4. Four Groups

  • White (not discriminated against)
  • Black
  • Colored(mixed race, Malayan)
  • Asian (Pakistanis and Indians)
  • * Family members often in different groups

5. Purpose and Impact

  • Black people (75% of the population) sent to homelands (like U.S. Indian reservations)

6. Purpose, cont

  • Prevented non-white people from having the right to vote or hold political office
  • Education, medical care, & other services were segregated. Blackoption was usually inferior in quality and care

7. Homeland System

  • Once apartheid was implemented, blacks wouldnt be citizens of South Africa; only to their Homeland
  • Between 1960s-1980s, 600,000 people were forced to move to their Homeland

8. Rules 9. Rules, cont 10. Ending of Apartheid

  • In 1980s white government saw the need for change
    • Due to violence, protests, and pressure from the rest of the world
  • Feb 13, 1989 President F.W. de Klerk ends apartheid

11. Nelson Mandela

  • Protested Apartheid
  • In Jail from 1963-1990 for protesting
  • April 24, 1994-1999 President of South Africa
  • 1993 won Nobel Peace Prize