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An introduction to the Blackboard Collaborate online web conferencing system being offered at Vancouver Island University.


  • 1.Introduction to CollaborateOnline Meeting RoomsPrepared by: Michael Paskevicius Learning Technologies Application DeveloperCentre for Innovation and Excellence in Learning Vancouver Island University

2. Introducing Blackboard Collaborate Blackboard Collaborate is a web-based video andaudio conferencing system which allows real-time communication between instructors andstudents Similar in operation to Skype and GoogleHangouts however Collaborate is: Hosted in Canada Integrated with VIU user accounts Integrated with Desire2Learn and your class lists 3. Communicating in the CollaborateEnvironmentYour ears and mouth Sennheiser SC260 headset | CC Logitech USB desktop microphone | CCMacbook Pro | CC Your eyes IMG_2289 | CC 4. Audio and Video PanelOne speaker at a time, controlled by the moderator.Consider the metaphor of the talking stick.Whoever holds the talking stick has within there handsthe power of words. Only they can speak while holdingthe stick, and the other council members must remainsilent.1Push to talk when themicrophone is freeDo not forget to press the button again when finished to release the mic1 5. Roles in the meetingModerator Moderators have access to all BlackboardCollaborate features, including the ability to grantModerator status to Participants. The person conductinga session, such as the instructor, is generally theModerator.Participant Participants have restricted access toBlackboard Collaborate features. Students are typicallyParticipants, although Moderators can grant ParticipantsModerator status as well as individual privileges such asspeaking and whiteboard access. 6. Protocol for online meetings Just like in the classroom, protocol for how weinteract with each other should be madeexplicit If you would like to ask a question please clickthe hand icon in the participants panel Please indicate if you are away with the awaybutton 7. Title bar Welcome to Collaborate!Menu barAudio and video panelCollaboration toolbar Talkbutton ParticipantspanelChat panel 8. Participant interaction Indicate you Respond to a have steppedYes/No away question Apply global Use torestrictions expressemotionsApplyindividual restrictions Raise your handto request the microphone 9. Raising your hand and giving feedback 10. Launching the Audio Setup Wizard 11. Audio: Who is talking? 12. Using video 13. The chat windowOne can also send a private chat to anyparticipant in the room by right-clicking theusers name in the participants list and selectingSend a private chat 14. Whiteboard The whiteboard is also used as the space to share presentations via the load content button 15. Application sharing Allows you to share an application on yourdesktop with participants 16. Web tours Allows you to share a website with participants orallow participants to share websites with thegroup 17. Saving session artifacts File Save Chat (text file) File Save Participants list (text file) File Save Quiz (If applicable) File Save Session plan (If applicable) File Save Whiteboard (Save as PDF orPNG) 18. Recording the session Use screen recording software CamStudio (Free and open source for Windowsonly, no post production editing) Active Presenter (Free for Windows only, withpost production editing) Camtasia Studio ($299 one time license PC/Mac) 19. Launching a Collaborate RoomOnline Rooms tool now available in D2LDEMOSupport document: D2L_Accessing_Collaborate.pdf 20. Collaborate Meeting Invitation Weekly discussionFrom: learnsupport@viu.caYou have been invited to attend an online Collaborate meeting: WeeklydiscussionThe meeting is scheduled for the following date and time:Starts: 3/12/2013 10:15:00 AM Canada - VancouverEnds: 3/12/2013 11:15:00 AM Canada - VancouverSession Link: may join the session 15 prior to the start time.To join the meeting, click on the appropriate link above.Ensure your computer has a microphone and speakers to enablespeaking and listening during the meeting 21. Discussion How do you imagine using Collaborate in yourcourses? What questions or concerns do you have? Not using D2L? Please get in touch with me toarrange a room 22. For more help Blackboard On-Demand Learning Resources Moderators Guide 23. Prepared by: Michael Paskevicius Learning Technologies Application Developer Centre for Innovation and Excellence in Learning Follow me: Blog: Presentations: work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.5 Canada License. To view a copy of this license, visit