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  • 1. Rebecca Waldo EDTE 350

2. Blackboard Collaborate (formerly Elluminate) is an online conferencing tool available in Blackboard. The session is set up by an instructor, presenter or other moderator and students/participants can log in through Blackboard, dial-in, or access the session via URL link. 3. Once logged in, the participant can communicate with the moderator and/or other participants via type-chat, microphone, and video. The session can be recorded and viewed in a variety of formats after the session for anyone that couldnt attend the live version. 4. The program opens to a window like the one above. Everything is laid out in plain view. As the moderator, you have access to more tools and presentation options. 5. Their website has many tutorials and videos: http:// www.blackboard.com/Platforms/Collaborate/Services/On-D The following is a video tutorial for Blackboard Collaborate participants: http:// www.brainshark.com/blackboardinc/vu?pi=zGLzYw5XBz35 6. For the most part, Blackboard Collaborate is used at colleges using the Blackboard LMS. Instructors use the program for weekly meetings, study sessions, and individual tutoring. 7. For tutoring and general Q&A sessions, most moderators use the main screen. There are options to load PowerPoint Presentations, view documents, and even open up web pages. The moderator can withhold options from participants during these times. 8. I have used it in lecture settings for online courses, presenting to students and clarifying difficult topics. In addition, I have used the program to run professional development sessions for remote instructors.This collaboration connects people who may normally feel isolated. 9. Blackboard Collaborate is an extremely useful tool in distance learning. It connects faculty to faculty, students to faculty and students to students. The program has become increasingly intuitive, which is great for adult learners who may have trouble with new technology. 10. The biggest weakness, that I have seen, is the programs large bandwidth needs. This causes many people to become disconnected during the sessions. The need to download each individual session can also cause problems. Not having the right version of Firefox or Java can also hinder the process. 11. Even with some of the technology issues, I think this program is invaluable to distance learning. 6 out of 7 of our instructors use the program for weekly lectures. Once our students are counseled on troubleshooting, there are rarely repeat issues. 12. Blackboards On-Demand website: http://www.blackboard.com/Platforms/Collab orate/Services/On-Demand-Learning- Center/Web- Conferencing.aspx#documentation Blackboard training video: http://www.brainshark.com/blackboardinc/vu ?pi=zGLzYw5XBz35Sgz0 Image from one of my sessions.


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