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Blackboard Collaborate Ultra

Blackboard Collaborate UltraRich Berg, Senior Instructional DesignerLearning Technology ServicesUniversity of Wisconsin-Stout

What is Blackboard Collaborate Ultra?Web conferencing toolIntegrated with Learn@UW-Stout (D2L)Browser-based (no Java issues)Live/real-time communicationShow PowerPoints, other filesCan be recorded and played back

What is Recommended Browser?Google Chrome is the recommended browser

How Might I Use Ultra for My Courses?Online office hoursClass meetingsGuest speakers/lecturersStudent work groupsStudent presentationsDepartment meetingsOther ideas?

What well do in this sessionSet up a session in a courseNavigate the interfaceQ & A time

Find Collaborate UltraEnter courseGo to Other Tools menu

Create a SessionClick on Plus (+) or Create Session

Name the SessionGive a descriptive name

Choose the DurationSet the start date and timeYou can set the duration:To end on a certain date and timeTo have no endTo repeat daily, weekly, or monthly

Decide on Early Entry

Not always importantUsed mainly for one-offs

Determine Guest AccessWhich role participants will have on entryGuest link (for those not enrolled in course

Session SettingsRecordingModerator permissionsWhat participants can do

Navigating the InterfaceEntering a SessionMain toolbarCollaborate panelSession menu

Enter a SessionGo to Collaborate UltraClick on name of session

Main ToolbarMy SettingsPresent/AwayMicrophoneWebcamRaise hand

My (your) SettingsTwo ways to get thereAdd photoAudio and video settingsNotification settingsSession Settings

Enter from main toolbarEnter from Collaborate panel

Audio and Video SettingsSet up camera and microphoneUse phone for audio*Adjust microphone levelAdjust speaker level

Notification SettingsVisual and Auditory notificationsSession/breakout group entry/exitPosting of chat messageClosed Captioning availability*Raised hand

Session SettingsShow only moderator profile picsParticipant permissionsShare audioShare videoPost chat messagesDraw on whiteboards and files

Collaborate PanelChatParticipantsShare ContentMy Settings (already covered)

My SettingsParticipantsChatShare ContentClose

Chat ToolUsed for sending text messagesMessages seen by everyone*No 1-to-1 chatsEmoticons can be added

Participants ListShows who is in sessionPromotion/demotion of rolesChecking of network connectionsRemove participants from session

Share ContentUse whiteboardShare applicationsShow filesConduct pollsCreate/use breakout groups

Session MenuStart/stop recordingUse phone for audioLeave session