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This is a motivational presentation to the audience of a school I will work with one day describing a little about Differentiation in classrooms.


<ul><li> 1. Support We support an education system that isinnovative to teaching and educating. We use methods of DifferentiatedInstruction that are designed to optimizelearning through curriculum standardsand the NEED to meet the uniquenessof every student.</li></ul> <p> 2. Differentiated Classrooms We here at your school understand thatno two students are the same. We aredifferent in our own ways. We are different in styles of learning. We are different in a multitude ofintelligences. We are different in our interests. We are different in our expressions ofknowledge. We are different and we can try toaccommodate. 3. Differentiated Classrooms Times have changed from what theyused to be even a decade ago and it isup to use, educators to change with thetimes. Our teachers have been trained tounderstand that this is a new world andwith a new situation we have to adapt toa world where we all can succeed. Teachers will be working with ourstudents to help them learn material inan interesting way that will be viable inreal-world situations. 4. Differentiated Instruction Differentiated Instruction is a researchedtopic that influences the use of alternativeinstructional strategies that can be used tomotivate students and work with their uniquestyles of learning while still adhering tostandardized curriculum. Teachers have to be trained to manipulatetheir teaching strategies to incorporate thesemethods of differentiated instruction but asresearch provides it will be effective to thelearning process. 5. Differentiated Instruction In order to succeed in an ever changingfield of education so does the type ofinstruction that is used. Teachers will utilize different methods ofteaching in order to gain the interest ofstudents in various ways that are alsolinked to real-world scenarios that areapplicable to the world they will beventuring into after they go their ownway. 6. Differentiated InstructionalTypes Collaboration Collaboration allows students to work with one anotherand share ideas. It offers them the opportunity to workwith a team and give insight to each others work andideas. Technology A multitude of technological applications and hardwarewill give students the opportunity to work with what theylive with on a day to day basis and learn skills that willlead them to a better future. New Ideas Teachers will use a variety of projects that are stimulatingfor all students that are innovative and may have neverbeen seen before. 7. Learning in a Safe Place We encourage students to work with oneanother to see that people think and actdifferently. We do this to encourage studentsto see what we see in them, uniqueness.When students are aware of others and theirstrengths they work well with each other andoften avoid the used of negative actionstowards others. Teachers will provide a safeenvironment for our future to succeed andlearn. 8. Thank YouThank you for reading a little about us. We hope to see you soon and your efforts to help your child succeed in our school.</p>