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  • Oct. 2015

    Inspiring Acts of Leadership That Inspired Leaders of TodayFrom the minds of innovative CEOs across the country, we discover what and who it was that inspired them to chase success.

  • Anna Maria ChavezCEO of the Girl Scouts of America, Chavez leads an organization of over 2.8 million girls. Operating on a platform of inclusivity and diversity since its inception 103 years ago, the organization is making strides in a modern world, openly accepting transgendered members.

  • Who inspired her?

  • I may be a bit biasedBefore women had the right to vote in this country, Juliette [Gordon Low, founder of the Girl

    Scouts Movement] had a vision of a movement that would be exclusively for girls, and through her dedication, dynamism, and tenacity, she inspired others to make her vision a reality.

    Anna M. Chavez

  • Juliette Gordon LowFounder of the Girl Scouts Movement

  • Karen KaplanCEO of Hill Holliday, one of the biggest advertising agencies in the world, Karen Kaplan got her start at the company nearly three decades ago as a secretary with abysmal typing skills. Now the head of accounts like Bank of America and Dunkin Donuts, Kaplan is truly a story of hard work turning into great success.

  • But what inspires her?

  • Pope Francis willingness to challenge tradition and bring humility and discussion back to Catholicism.

    Karen Kaplan

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