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<ul><li><p>Inspiring ExcellenceInspiring Excellence, now and for the future.</p><p>BEREA CITY SCHOOL DISTRICT</p><p>Berea CitySchool District</p><p>Inspiring Excellence</p><p>Berea City School District: Berea Brook Park Middleburg Heights</p></li><li><p>Berea City School District achieves Ohio Award for Excellence (OAE) Patterned after the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award, the Ohio Award for Excellence recognizes high performing organizations in the state of Ohio. The Berea District underwent a rigorous investigation and examination, conducted by a team of the OAE board of more than 200 examiners experienced professionals in the key sectors of government, education, healthcare, business, and non-profit organizations. The District is one of only twelve K-12 public school districts in Ohio to receive this recognition. For additional information, go to</p><p>ExceptionalExceptionaleducation</p><p>A school district that delivers an</p><p>Extensive online reference services are available in our school libraries.</p><p>Midpark teacher Paul Kelly provides computer lab support to build student skills.</p><p>The V-TEAM tapes an episode of The Loft for BCS-TV, the school districts 24/7 cable television station.</p><p>Students in Roselle Orlandos </p><p>kindergarten class at </p><p>Brookview Elementary work </p><p>hard, but also have fun along </p><p>the way.</p><p>Local attorney Neal Jamison presents a scholarship on behalf of the Educational Community Foundation.</p><p>Think Globally... Educate LocallyTo assure that students in the schools of Berea, Brook Park and Middleburg Heights maintain their ability to compete in an increasingly global society, the District has developed a focused Vision statement, a Mission statement, and Goals:</p><p>OUR VISION:To Inspire Excellence</p><p>OUR MISSION:To help students achieve dreams they never imagined possible</p><p>OUR GOALS:Accelerate Student AchievementFund the FuturePromote Excellence with One Voice</p><p>Residents of the Berea City School District should be assured that we are working together to provide the very best education possible for our children our future.</p><p>ExceptionalExceptionalBerea City</p><p>School District</p><p>Inspiring ExcellenceThe Berea City School District achieved an EXCELLENT rating on the 2005-2006 report card </p><p>by the Ohio Department of Education. Furthermore, the Performance Index of our District has steadily increased over the past four years, meaning that our students are achieving at higher and higher levels each year... through inspired excellence.</p></li><li><p>Band</p><p>have a tremendous opportunity to impact the lives of our children. What we teach, in the classroom and by example, creates the foundation for future learning and lifelong achievement.</p><p>We recognize that to meet our obligations to students and parents, the District must continually improve to keep pace with educational and employment demands of an increasingly sophisticated, mobile, and technical society. In this race, the Berea City School District is leading the way.</p><p>Although we function according to a district-wide Strategic Plan, individual schools are given considerable autonomy in developing learning programs that meet the particular needs of their students. This empowerment approach allows students to benefit from the special interests and talents of individual teachers, going beyond the scope of a regular curriculum. Learning is enriched, and children are the beneficiaries.</p><p>Come and visit our schools. And, of course, we welcome any questions you may have about education within the Berea City School District.</p><p>ReflectionsReflections on the future</p><p>Berea Schools named among Top 100 for Music Education in the USAThe Berea City School District has consistently ranked in the Top 100 school districts in the nation for music education. For additional information, go to</p><p>ReflectionsReflectionsOn the future...</p><p>ACCOUNTABILITY District has won the Certificate of </p><p>Excellence in Financial Reporting for 15 consecutive years.</p><p> Berea City School District is one of only fifty government entities in Ohio (less than five are school districts) to publish a Popular Annual Financial Report.</p><p> District won the Award for Outstanding Achievement in Popular Annual Financial Reporting (highest recognition possible) three times.</p><p> District earned five Distinguished Budget Awards.</p><p> Treasurer earned the States Auditors Award for three consecutive years.</p><p>Midpark High School Marching Band leads </p><p>the crowd cheering on the team.</p><p>Brookpark Memorial Elementary students work and learn in their </p><p>courtyard learning lab.</p><p>Berea High Schools Pride of Berea Marching Band performs at halftime.</p><p>Midpark vs. Berea in the annual Grindstone Game.</p><p>We, as teachers, administrators and support staff,</p><p>High school students compare mass and elasticity properties of everyday objects.</p><p>Berea CitySchool District</p><p>Inspiring Excellence</p></li><li><p>Teachers</p><p>TeachersTeachers</p><p>Art Educator of the Year Award to Berea High School teacherYoung Audiences of Greater Cleveland honored Jim Bycznski with the 2005 Art Educator of the Year award. He teaches traditional art and design classes, but it is his Visual FX course for which he is particularly known. The course, the only one of its kind in the United States, simulates a special effects workshop in the film industry, including full-motion graphics and animations for projects from full-length films to commercials for a Cleveland-based production company (</p><p>Teachers Educational programs that prepare children for the future. Berea City School District provides a curriculum that meets the needs of ALL students. Basic skills, computer classes, fine arts, interdisciplinary studies, advanced placement classes, and college credit courses are all incorporated into our instructional program. Test scores reflect high student achievement - of which we are justifiably proud.</p><p>In cooperation with Baldwin-Wallace College, new Cohort Groups are making a difference in helping our teachers improve classroom instruction through research and collaboration. The college also participates in our comprehensive Teacher Evaluation program, which provides an extensive mentoring program for new teachers and serves as a model for ongoing professional development for all teachers. We are proud to be in the forefront in the preparation and continued development of our staff.</p><p>Highly Qualified TeachersFederal (No Child Left Behind) and Ohio Department of Education legislation has instituted new, higher teaching standards to be implemented by all public school districts. For the 2006-2007 school year, all of our teachers will need to achieve Highly Qualified Teacher status in order for our school system to be in full compliance with both federal and state requirements. All of our staff members, support staff, and administrators are committed to making a real difference in the lives of children to help each child reach his/her full potential.</p><p>I was born in Berea, went to Berea High, live in Berea, and now teach music at Berea High School. Music has important roles in society, including leisure, intrinsic rewards, business, and industry. Music instills a feeling of pride in all people. Jeff Fudale, Berea High School </p><p>I believe that all students, regardless of race, ethnicity, socio-economic status, religious belief, or academic ability, are entitled to a quality education. Educators provide the patience, kindness, and time necessary to nurture each and every one of them. Lori Gulley, Ford Middle School </p><p>I became a teacher because I wanted my students to discover the same love of lifelong learning that was instilled in me by my 7th grade math teacher. The National Certification process allowed me to ensure that everything benefits my students and furthers their learning. When my students complete a task they never dreamed they could complete successfully, those smiles are what I live for as a teacher.Heidi Hlas, Roehm Middle School,National Board Certified Teacher </p><p>As a teacher, I hope to make a difference but differences in attitude, enthusiasm, and caring are not easily measured. Making intangible positive differences that is one of the most beautiful aspects of teaching.Len Muni, Midpark High School </p><p>In Math their Way, the author states that if children cannot learn from the way we teach, we must teach the way that they learn. Children need a climate of safety, tolerance, and acceptance so that they can actively explore, discover, and share knowledge. Its great to be part of a profession where magic happens on a daily basis.Roselle Orlando, Brookview Elementary School </p><p>My philosophy of teaching is to help my students reach their fullest potential. I want my elementary classroom to be a place where students feel safe, feel welcome, yet challenged. I strive to make sure that if a child has a weakness in an area, we work together to strengthen it. Matt Petrus, Parknoll Elementary School </p><p>My teaching philosophy developed as a result of my own educational experience. My students know that they are getting my best, and that they are expected to give their best.LaVerne Shay Thomas, Riveredge Elementary School,National Board Certified Teacher</p><p>Our district is a statewide leader in the number of National Board Certified teachers. The National Board for Professional Teaching Standards is an independent, nonprofit, nonpartisan organization whose mission is to advance the quality of teaching and learning.</p><p>National Board certification measures a teachers practice against high and rigorous standards. The process is an extensive series of performance-based assessments, including a series of written exercises that probe the depth of their subject-matter knowledge, as well as their understanding of how to teach those subjects to their students.</p><p>Kristine Arnold leads her primary class at Big Creek Elementary to create a model of the world, labeling areas of water and land forms.</p><p>Midpark students enjoy art from past generations at the Alumni Art Wall.</p><p>Berea CitySchool District</p><p>Inspiring Excellence Midpark High School teacher Scott Piesen </p><p>underscores the importance of math in todays global economy.</p></li><li><p>Facility Highlights State-of-the-art Library/ Media Centers in all schools.</p><p> Swimming pools at each high school.</p><p> Auditoriums (1000-seat) at each high school and middle school.</p><p> A planetarium.</p><p> Large sports complexes at each high school, plus athletic trainers. Elevated walking/jogging tracks open for community use.</p><p> Low student lunch prices for hot meals; on-site preparation.</p><p> A wide range of facilities for school programs, sports, and city recreation.</p><p> Outdoor learning labs at elementary schools.</p><p> Preschool and child care facilities... and more.</p><p>Learning EnvironmentLearning Environments</p><p>Learning EnvironmentsLearning EnvironmentsFacility highlights</p><p>The renovated library at Berea High won the Impact on Learning Award from SCHOOL PLANNING &amp; MANAGEMENT magazine and the Council of Educational Facility Planners.</p><p>Berea CitySchool District</p><p>Inspiring Excellence</p></li><li><p>Special EnvironmentSpecial Environment</p><p>District Highlights 2006 7600 students</p><p> 450 teachers</p><p> Student/Teacher ratio: 19:1</p><p> 12 schools: - 7 elementary schools (grades K-5) - 2 middle schools (grades 6-8) - 2 high schools (grades 9-12) - 1 special needs school on the campus of the Berea Childrens Home</p><p> Over 700 students enrolled in Gifted Services programs</p><p> Widespread involvement of parents and other community members in the </p><p> decision-making process</p><p> Week-long outdoor education program for middle school students (Camp Mi-Bro-Be)</p><p> Extensive co-curricular and extra-curricular programs</p><p> Summer programs for all grade levels, including a summer camp </p><p>enrichment program</p><p> Extensive preschool and extended child care program</p><p> A full spectrum of services for children with special needs</p><p> Drop-out prevention program</p><p> Video Lab winner of numerous Telly awards</p><p> Virtual Learning Academy</p><p> On-site Cleveland Scholarship Program advisor</p><p> Post-secondary option program for secondary studentsAn elementary student </p><p>describes her project at a Science Fair.</p><p>Learning EnvironmentsLearning EnvironmentsSpecial Programs</p><p>In addition to the extensive number of athletic and co-curricular programs, the District has many special programs and activities that enhance each childs learning experience. Gifted Services Computer labs in ALL schools District Arts Festival</p><p> All-Class Field Trips: Playhouse Square Cleveland Orchestra Cleveland Museum of Art Service learning opportunities at all levels</p><p> Art integration program, in collaboration with Playhouse Square and the Kennedy Center</p><p> Robotics Teams (national competition) at both high schools</p><p> Student-to-student mentoring programs Freshman Mentoring, Project Support</p><p> Integrated Senior Seminar at both high schools language arts and social studies</p><p> Nearly 100 Junior Achievement classes taught K-12 each year</p><p> District hosted Ohio High School Speech League State Competition two of the last six years; </p><p>hosted Power of the Pen regional competitions</p><p> Dozens of our teachers and staff have been selected to serve on statewide educational committees curriculum assessment standards, lesson study, etc.</p><p> District consistently receives grants from local and state foundations for innovative programs</p><p> Students receive more that $4 million in scholarships each year</p><p> Partnership for Advanced Studies (PAS) program for business excellence A variety of multi-age options for students</p><p> An Educational Community Foundation that provides scholarships and grants to students and staff</p><p> District Orchestra Festival</p><p> All-City Choir</p><p> All-City Band</p><p> Artists-in-the-Schools programHealth aide Sherri Montifel is part of a unique collaborative with Southwest General Health Center, which provides outstanding nursing services to our students on a daily basis.</p><p>Brookview Elementary students enjoy recess on their new playground.</p><p>Volunteers from the community bring Junior Achievement programs to K-12 classrooms. Don Auble leads 5th graders through assembly line, unit, and batch production methods.</p><p>The math wall reinforces learning of basic skill concepts and calculations.</p><p>Robotics Workshop</p><p>Berea CitySchool District</p><p>Inspiring Excellence</p></li><li><p>Baldwin-Wallace College offers more than 50 majors. Over 4000 students are enrolled in undergraduate and graduate programs.</p><p>Baldwin-Wallace College Conservatory of Music</p><p>We believe we must all work together for the benefit of our children and our community. In the Berea City School District, were committed to promoting partnerships with all aspects of our community.</p><p>We have an energetic Business Advisory Council, which contributes the interests, knowledge, expertise, and resources of the business community for the benefit of the District. An all-encompassing Volunteer Council provides the opportunity to share community ideas and resources with the schools. We maintain active cooperation with the city governments and recreation departments of the cities in the District, as well as Baldwin-Wallace College, Southwest General Health Center, NASA Glenn...</p></li></ul>


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