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  • 1. -Eleanor Roosevelt

2. How to checkwhether you aregoing on right path? 3. No matter how hardthe past, you canalways begin again- Budhha 4. Does poverty bother you? 5. CAN SUCCESS BE ACHIEVED ONLYBY DOING HARD TASKS? 6. I think a simple rule of business is, ifyou do the things that are EASIERfirst, then you can actually make a lotof progress.Mark Zuckerberg 7. If you think How can I build up myown empire as I dont have ENOUGHPOWER! think again.. 8. Some people always giveexcuses.Look at this person 9. Stephen HawkingThe famous Scientist who has no control on his nerves. 10. Do you have any excusesnow?.... 11. How much you think , can awomen employee draw salary?... 12. She draws a salary of Rs.1,61,57,814.00/-She is Chanda Kocchar MD and CEO of ICICI bank 13. What matters to you- Richness orsatisfaction of doing somethingnew? 14. Being the richest man in thecemetery doesnt matter to me.Going to bed at night saying wevedone something wonderful, thatswhat matters to me. -Steve Jobs 15. Have a nice time ahead