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<ul><li> 1. Blogging 101By the end of this session you willbe a published writer. If you want,that is.</li></ul> <p> 2. WHATS A BLOG?An online voice. A creative space.For you. Writing about anything.Often. 3. Anyone can blog.Its not tricky.You need an email address, anidea and access to a computer. 4. Bloggers blog about anything.The trick is: they keep writing. Alittle, often. 5. Dr. Who 6. Croft Life 7. People out there readblogs. Everyone hassomething to say. 8. Cooking 9. Philosophy 10. Eurovision 11. Being a mum 12. Living out of a car 13. Writing 14. Poetry 15. I THANK YOU.AND I CANT WAITTO READ YOURPUBLISHED WORK.</p>